How many times have you searched the “African-American” section of the bookstore just to find the same familiar authors or the book you’ve already read a dozen times?

How many times have you searched the “African-American” categories on Amazon just to have your searches dominated by exactly what you’re not looking for?

We, too, have felt the struggle, and immediately knew we had to do something about it!

Just like that, was born!

Girl, Have You Read… is a site designed with a focus on a specific type of character – black ones.

Black main characters.

Folks that are black as hell, from all corners of the diaspora, and not just black women. This is a space to put black romance in front of readers. Books that exemplify #blacklove.

Our ultimate goal is to bring black authors to the forefront – with a focus on romance – to show that we’re out here, and we’re writing, and reading, and our minds are open and ready!

We’ll be recommending books, blogging, informing about new releases, participating in blog tours, podcasting, and much, much more!

So the next time your reading friends ask you: “Girl, have you read…?” your answer will be “Yes!”