Podcast Episode #21 – Black Love Matters

On today’s (short) episode, we talk about writing black romance in difficult times, and what it means to us. Also, a few special announcements! http://girlhaveyouread.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Girl-Have-You-Read-Episode-21-Black-Love-Matters.mp3

Podcast Episode #20 – Pimpin’ All Over the World

On today’s episode, we talk about One Breath Away, one of the books mentioned in this week’s new release list, plus some other notes on historical romance. Which, speaking of, you can look here for our growing list of black historical romance titles! Also, did you participate in the reading challenge?! If so, don’t forget to…

Podcast Episode #19 – Put Some Respeck On Self-Publishing’s Name

A short one today, since we’re (mostly Christina) ranting – and encouraging – about self-publishing. http://girlhaveyouread.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Girl-Have-You-Read-Episode-19-Put-Some-Respeck-on-Self-Publishings-Name.mp3  

Podcast Episode 18 – Been a Long Time

Self explanatory. But. In this episode, we talk about the #Summer16ReadingChallenge with Sistah Girls Book Club, being (or not) organized as an author, and the woes of stock photography. #PressPlay