We have a very clear purpose here at GHYR: putting Black authors/characters in front of readers. One of the best ways to do that is via word-of-mouth recommendation: telling somebody about the book. One of the best ways to do that is via review!

Our site is centered around Black romance. That’s not to be exclusionary or discriminatory– it’s to fit a specific need/niche. Our focus is on putting a spotlight on Black relationships that is long overdue, so in order to be accepted for potential review, the primary relationship in the story should take place between two (or more 😉 ) Black characters.

The entire point of GHYR is to exemplify #blacklove. Our content will reflect that.

There are two ways that a review may appear on the GHYR site.

The reviewer may have purchased the book on their own, and wanted to review (or recommend) the book to the GHYR community or the review may have been requested by the author!

While we hope that our reviewers will love your book and want to rave about it, we can’t guarantee that will be case. With that said, we are not here to kill anybody’s dreams. We want the reviewer’s absolutely honest feedback, but if they don’t feel comfortable giving the book at least 3 stars, GHYR will not post the review. The idea here is that the reviewer is recommending the book, through us.

 If it’s an author-requested review, we can still anonymously pass their feedback to you, if they’d like to give it.

Obviously, they are still free to publicly post whatever reviews they want, but anything below 3 stars will not appear on the GHYR site, or be sanctioned by GHYR.

If the book does not fit into our set parameters (black author, black main characters), the reviewer may still wish to move forward, but it will not appear on the GHYR site, or be sanctioned by GHYR.

If you’re requesting a review, you’ll fill out the form located here, in FULL. Please don’t skip any sections! Once your request is submitted, we’ll (try to) match your book with an available AND appropriate reviewer(s), based on the information you gave us.

There is absolutely no monetary exchange for reviews.