Henry and Clara’s love story is nothing short of extraordinary. It all began decades earlier at a Halloween party and from that moment on, they’ve been inseparable. One day, their world is shaken by a devastating diagnosis: Alzheimer’s disease. As cherished memories gradually slip away, they find themselves desperately clinging to the life they’ve worked so hard to create. Amidst these challenges, Henry stumbles upon whispers of a phenomenon that promises to restore lost memories. How far will he go to preserve the world he and Clara have built?

Meanwhile, in a parallel struggle, we meet Anya, a devoted daughter determined to care for her own ailing father. As the firstborn, the weight of responsibility for her father’s care in the wake of her mother’s untimely passing falls squarely on her shoulders. Balancing her own dreams with the demanding role of caregiver becomes an increasingly uphill battle, especially when her siblings, Deven and Drusilla, offer little assistance. As their father’s health continues to decline, the overwhelming feeling of trying to juggle it all threatens to permanently damage Anya’s relationship with her siblings. Her resilience and patience are pushed to the limit, inching her closer and closer to her breaking point.

In this poignant narrative, an intricate tapestry of forgiveness and the fragility of familial connections unfolds, providing an intimate glimpse into the profound impact of Alzheimer’s disease on those diagnosed and the loved ones who surround them.


Book Spotlight – The Memory Concierge, by Lauren W. Roach

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