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Love On Repeat by D. Rose

Yael Carey and Royal Walker were content with their lives. After years of late nights and periods of self-doubt, their careers were finally on track and they were doing what they loved.

They had the perfect lives, right?

They thought having successful careers was everything until they met each other.

Their love for music brought them together. The love they shared became the soundtrack to their lives.

Will the love they shared be enough to keep them together when life threw unexpected curveballs in the forms of probing mothers and unrelenting exes?


Monopoly (Wild Thoughts Baecation Series Book 3) by M.T. Dixon

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… or does it?

Raquel heads to Sin City for business and pleasure, but the pleasure she expected to have on her trip turns into a different rendezvous that takes her on a journey around the world.

Shaun didn’t have to look for what he wanted. It always came to him. Unexpectedly, a weekend trip turns into more than what he bargained for.

Two strangers. Two cities. One sinful weekend.


In the Midst of Chaos by Dandridge Monroe

What can you find in a back alley flooded by sirens and flashing lights? With confusion marring your every interaction, your adrenaline rushing, and every move of your muscles perceived as a crime? What can you find when your last name, your skin color, and your appearance makes you the person who always fits the description? In that alley, when chaos and pain surround you, in the midst of it, maybe you can find love.


Hart Signed, Sealed, Delivered by K.O. McGee

Sienna Knox has been forced to come to terms with a failed relationship. However, she refuses to crumble, opting to remain focused on her career. Flying solo, she experiences elevation. However, when a longtime friend puts his bid in for lover, her heart takes center stage once again.  

Josh Hart has partnered with his brother to take their family-owned business to the next level. Although his efforts have been rewarded with progress, it’s not the same for his love life. Getting his childhood friend to see him as more, has its challenges. Once he finally makes some headway, tragedy strikes, leaving their friendship blurrier than before. Will love be enough to seal their bond? Or will the sound of heavy hearts drown out what could’ve been?


W.I.P.: Work In Progress by Ashantay Keys

Vanity Keys takes pride in her job as an editor. As hard as she works, she plays even harder. But one drunken night of pole dancing, lands her lips on a sexy random man.

Mystic Preston is a bestselling author. His writing covers a multitude of genres including his secret identity as an erotica writer. However, a chance meeting with a clumsy kisser causes him to slow down and show her his technique, all the while falling under her spell. 

Will Mystic and Vanity be each other’s greatest works in progress? Or will they fan out the flames and focus on their careers?


Savage Fever : Episode One: Drops of Fire by Phoenix Ash

A Savage is what she is. Through and through. From the yielding of her pink pearl Glock to her sensual fetishes, Danielle “Drop” Savage beasts her way through the city in which she grew up in. The youngest of the Savage family syndicate, baby girl is ranked as top shooter and there isn’t a whisper of her name that doesn’t cause shadows to stir. 

Backed up by her older brother and childhood friend, she moves how she chooses, reckless or calculated, depending on her mood. It’s her world to dominate. However, when her father’s health declines, and an evasive enemy’s guns are suddenly bold enough to rise against her, Drop has to not only remind the city why they fear her, but she finds herself facing her biggest fear as well – falling in love. 


State of Solace: A Winchester/Anapos Series by L.J. Bowen

“I’m sorry, but you’re fired.”

Zyla Sinclair doesn’t believe in bad luck. However, life had a knack for throwing curveballs her way and she doesn’t know how many times she can get up after being knocked down. Given her current situation, she must find a way to deal with the trifecta of unexpected dilemmas.

An angel on Earth in the form of Hamilton Winchester comes to Zyla’s aid at the right moment. He shows her there are still decent, honest, good men in the world from his gracious proposition. Getting over a shocking betrayal, Hamilton knows a lost soul when he sees one and believes helping Zyla might put the pieces of his life back together. 

While dealing with family, work and other issues, Zyla and Hamilton find comfort, trust and hope with each other. Will they be able to trust and heal again after dealing with ex-lovers, drama and a transparent attraction?


Juliet Vance by Shannon Pitts

Juliet Vance is too smart for fate.

With just a bit of cajoling and finagling, Juliet finds herself on the arm of THE most forbidden man in all of Boston. And, in the process, creates an arch enemy for herself whom she is quite unprepared for. 


Fuel My Fire by A.S. Wilson

Everything changed the day of the crash. When Sariah Eubank’s car went up in flames, her career in racing was destroyed with it. Having retreated to Bristol, Tennessee, Sariah’s going about piecing together a new life for herself when Prince enters her sister’s bake shop. He still has what she’s wanted all her life—a career in racing—and he’s determined to find out why she gave it all up. Their connection is volatile, but neither of them is inclined to pump their brakes. Together, their beliefs, ideals, and passions are put in question. Will they survive their explosive love, or will it all turn to ash?


Shift Change (On the Clock Series Book 3) by Shae Sanders

Cash Nixon works the third shift at Billingsley-Davis. It’s gritty, dirty, hands-on work but he loves it. He’s good with his hands. Tonight, he’s on his way in when he spots her. She’s beautiful, but very out of place in her black dress and stiletto heels. Who is she, and why is she here? 

Adriana Tucker is normally out the door at five on the dot but she stayed late tonight to finish up a project. She’s finally on her way out when she sees him. He’s the most handsome man she’s ever seen, even in his dirty coveralls. Is he staring at me?

They both read the situation clearly: they’re from two different worlds and it would never work. But what they don’t know, yet, is that they have something in common: they both like to get dirty…

***This is Book 3 in the On the Clock series of erotic standalones. Can be read in any order.***

*Note: THIS IS NOT A TRADITIONAL ROMANCE and may not end the way you expect.


Second Shot : A Billionaire Sweet Romance (Afro Luv Bite) by Unoma Nwankwor

Theirs is a love like no other, it deserves a lifetime of chances.

Hakeem Richardson
One night with the boys and I make the biggest mistake of my life.
Let’s take things slow… I mean, how was I to take care of her?
We did have a plan, but memories from the past caused me to panic.
Before I could retract my statement, she fell off the face of the earth.
Seven years later, I’m where I want to be, but my heart holds a void.
Until I walk in on another deal…
I see it in her eyes, she thinks she’s getting away, but I demand a second chance. Our love deserves another chance.

Mariama Niang
He asked and I obliged.
I gave him my heart without hesitation.
We had the two most glorious years of my life.
With one statement, he jerked me out of our fairytale and left me with a broken heart.
Now, he wants a second chance
One I can’t afford to give,
At least not until I reveal who lies between us
Once the truth is out, I doubt he’ll want his second chance
So until then…my heart remains with me.

This is the second book in the Billionaire Pact series. It was formerly titled His Second Chance.
Book One is Vegas Nights. They are stand alones but to get the full experience, I advise you read in order.


The Wrong Decision (A Louisiana Love Book 2) by Danyelle Scroggins

Kane Jackson Booth is in love with Veronica Kimbrel and neither of them desire to venture into forbidden territories but things are becoming a bit more heated than either of them can handle. So in making what she feels is a right suggestion, Kane makes a wrong decision that could cost them their forever after.

Right when things are shaking and seemingly cracking, Selena is in need of help and Veronica uses this opportunity to leave Kane and all of their problems behind her. She soon finds out that running away doesn’t always solve the problem, or make things right but in the school of love, making

The Wrong Decision because of someone else’s wrong decisioncan bring love to a breaking point and destroy what God has plans to put together.

Now, that Veronica is heading home, she has to face the facts that she’s just as bad as Kane. But what she does not know is, Kane has come face to face with his own facts and is preparing a surprise that will altar their very lives, and at the same time bring joy and healing to their hearts.

Jasmine is now Jasmine Kimbrel, the wife of Vance Kimbrel but her Jessica Booth is making the right choice with repairing the breach completely between she and Jasper Sr. 

Will this be another Booth surprise to remember? Or will The Wrong Decision ruin their chances at being the one big happy family everyone respects?


A Winning Season (Wickham Falls Weddings Book 10) by Rochelle Alers

Sliding home…for a lifetime

The girl next door…

Or a grand slam love?

Baseball ace Sutton Reed’s returned home triumphant after years in the majors. When he moves next door to a troubled young man, he’s determined to help—for the boy’s sake and for the boy’s gorgeous older sister, Zoey Allen. After sacrificing everything to keep her family together, Zoey has no time for romance…even with a hometown hero. But will this unlikely combo be the home run love story they all deserve?


The Maverick’s Baby Arrangement (Montana Mavericks: What Happened to Beatrix? Book 3) by Kathy Douglass

He’ll do anything for his child’s sake…


Wealthy workaholic rancher Daniel Dubois has everything money can buy, but it’s not enough. If he can’t convince authorities he’s worthy, he will soon lose custody of his orphaned baby niece. Event planner Brittany Brandt rejects Daniel’s marriage of convenience until little Hailey wins her over. Soon they are a cozy family of three—and Daniel’s biggest problem is guarding his heart against his make-believe bride…


Trust Fund Fiancé (Texas Cattleman’s Club: Rags to Riches Book 4) by Naima Simone

An intriguing proposal
mixes romance and finance…

His friend needs a fiancé to claim a fortune.

But they both know it’s about more than money…

Ezekiel Holloway’s proposition could save his friend Reagan Sinclair’s inheritance and give her the freedom she craves. But when family scandals force Ezekiel to end their fake engagement, the heiress comes up with a counterproposal—and they elope to Vegas after all! Is there something more than mere convenience at stake here?


Resuscitation (The Code Black Book 1) by Reneé D. James

Resuscitation is the first book in Reneé D. James’s epic, romantic addictive trilogy, Code Black

Everyone clear! Charging! Shock! Resume compressions…

Dr. Nicole Greenway has it all. She has the high-end apparel, fancy car, the immaculate home, rewarding profession where she is the boss. But the only things that are missing is love—and sex. Actually she prefers not to get involved with anyone because she is already committed to her private practice.

Vincent Black, a busy, multi-billionaire entrepreneur, has gained attention even the negative kind. His best friend double-crosses him but even that is not a challenge for him—or so he thinks. Vincent is gorgeous, confident, sexy and seducing women has never been difficult …

Until he met her in his club.

But she had no interest in him because she was already in love—with her career.

Can he win her heart? Will he show her how love again? Will he resuscitate her?


Show Me Your Love by Mo Howard

Jahzara James can easily be defined as the “good girl”. She’s focused, driven, and sticking to her plan of graduating from Spelman College with hopes of one day becoming a high school English teacher who doubles as a best selling author. Her notoriously good decision making skills and follow-through fall painfully short, however, when it comes to Jahzara’s love life. That is, until the evening she hears the sandalwood scented voice of the handsome and street savvy Joshua Mann. 

Joshua Mann is a New York native, who relocated to Atlanta with hopes of starting fresh. Starting fresh from what he’s sure never to blatantly say, but even hints of his mysterious past don’t deter Jahzara from her desire to know him. On the other hand, Joshua never intended to relocate and fall in love, but he is quickly captivated by Jahzara’s beauty, wit, and intelligence which launches them into a passionate romance that was never truly meant to become. 

The first installment of Show Me Your Love calls to question, not only what can go wrong when we rush love, but what is bound to fall apart when we force things together.


Pain Mixed With You by Nyerra

For years, Desi’s heart resided in the hands of the infamous, Jamel King. Loving someone as prominent as Jamel was never easy; however, Desi did her best to stay by his side. But the more dominant he became in the streets of Akron, the more their relationship began to falter. When his infidelities become too much for her heart to handle, she decides that leaving him would be the best decision for her. She only wants to focus on her basketball career and obtaining her degree, with no more room for love in her heart. 

The toxicity that existed in her relationship had her never wanting to love again. That is until she crosses paths with the handsome basketball coach, Chris Cashton. Everything about Chris’ demeanor is alluring to Desi; so much to the point that she decides to let her guard down and test the waters with him. However, when Jamel discovers that Desi and Chris are secretly involved, things quickly take a turn for the worst.

A deadly turn, that is.

This is an urban fiction love story, full of jaw-dropping events that will have you on the edge of your seat.


Love On 5th Avenue (Shorties Book 1) by Asia Monique

You don’t find love; it finds you. It’s got a little to do with destiny, fate, and what’s written in the stars. Luna hadn’t believed her grandmother’s words until the moment Derrick ran into her right in the middle of 5th Avenue and looked into her eyes. She’d known right then that the stars had aligned in their favor.

*The Shorties Series is not a continuation of the same story. Shorties are standalone novelettes that have no middle or end, only a beginning. They are meant to hold you over in between Asia Monique releases. 


Sweet Lies Between Her Thighs by Ash Ley

Myami Cloud has been through it all, but she’s determined to keep standing. After her last relationship left her homeless, she worked multiple jobs to get back on her feet. The most lucrative being, OnlyFans, a web-based stage where she can seduce and entice without the burden of complicated emotions. However, a chance meeting with a stranger may have her touched in the most private places. 

Dayton Meyers is in town temporarily. A hustler by nature, he owns a legal gun and supply store, but secretly, he’s also the man to see when obtaining a gun license isn’t feasible. With money at his disposal, meeting women has never been difficult. Yet, when he meets a true vixen, friends with benefits may not be enough to feed his appetite. 

Will Myami and Dayton turn one night into forever? Or will secret lives rise to the surface and toss them both to the side?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up August 31st-September 6th

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