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Check out these new Black Romance releases from July 1st-7th.

Captured Beauty: A Dark Fairytale Retelling by Tay Mo’Nae

She was only supposed to be the holder for an unpaid debt.
When I laid eyes on her, I never expected her to become my sweetest obsession

When I was taken I didn’t think I would fall for my captor
He’s a beast to everyone else, but to me he’s so much more.

What they both learn is it takes a real beauty to fall for a beast.


Chosen by a Vampire: A Dark Paranormal Romance by Wynta Tyme

Dare was so deliciously otherworldly…

Tempo Bondeaux thought she led a normal life. She worked closely with children with autism, did Pilates, and had wonderful friends and family. It was the usual routine until the teacher in her class fell ill and in walked the substitute. He was deliciously otherworldly like the fantasy romances she read until he spoke to her telepathically. From that initial moment, her world was turned upside down. How did she find herself cuffed to his bed for pleasure and running away from danger?

After a two-year nap, I finally found my bride…

Dare lived in bliss for seventeen years before an enemy surfaced and took away what he loved most. He searched high and low until his mission brought him to a small elementary school in the inner city. Finding what was taken was easy. The hard part—making her fall in love with him and battling the two human men that desire her as well, but one of those human men isn’t like the other. In this dark romance, blood will be shed, magic will be thrown, and bondage sex is showcased like a jewelry display. Who will Tempo choose? The principal that eats her like a sundae, the police officer who pines after her, or Dare, the creature of the night that makes her perform like a bad girl?


Spark: A Sexy Holiday Short by Té Russ

She’s all about tradition.

He’s all about the future.

Now, they have to work together.

Despite their differences, neither can deny the spark.


Allison (LMAO Book 3) by Sabrina B. Scales

Four women.

Four stories.

One passion…

to make you laugh!

Hey, People, 

I’m Allison Jennette Jones, the ‘A’ in LMAO. 

Come and join me on my journey to the Edge Control Tour. It’s about to be a sold-out show! 

Don’t pile into those seats too fast, though, y’all. My story is full of more drama than the blogs can keep up with. If that’s your lane, then come on in and bring a glass of champagne for throwing. If it’s not, don’t say I didn’t warn you. There’s a protective plastic bag underneath your seat.

Being a boss in every way possible, I didn’t step onto the comedy scene for fortune or fame. I’d already accumulated both before my twenty-fifth birthday, and now, at the ripe old age of thirty, this new comedic endeavor was about something else. 

Something new. 

Something personal.

Something therapeutic. 

Not many people feel comfortable speaking on their fears, but we all have them, no matter how strong we appear. I had a fear of losing myself in all the things I’d accomplished. And even more, I feared losing myself to the people I let in. It was sometimes difficult to weed out the good from the bad. I struggled with that the most when it came to romantic relationships, especially with my on-again-off-again boyfriend, Mario, who didn’t need to ride my coattail for fame since his professional basketball career provided plenty of popularity. I questioned many things about the man who’d had my heart since we were kids, but I never once questioned his love for me. His choices were questionable, but his heart was always there, even when I caught him with a half-naked stripper on his lap.

Anyway, I know it seems extreme to seek therapy on stage when I could just as easily sit on the sofa and binge-watch episodes of Martin. But extreme is my middle name. Everyone who knows me knows it, and my connection to the art of making people laugh is so natural it almost feels like it was passed down genetically. Given my vague family history, it could very well have been. There’s only one way to find out how this goes, and you’re already here, so you might as well stay! 

Grab your tickets and enjoy this comedic exhibition of drama, hilarity, and maybe a few secrets.

Again, I’m Allison Jennette Jones, the ‘A’ in LMAO!


Sugar-Coated Kisses by Lady Marie

One night can change your life…

Masquerade night with Sugared and Spiced.

It’s the perfect excuse to step out of your comfort zone. At least that’s what Arthur’s friends keep telling him, but it’s a lot easier said than done. He’s always seen himself as a “traditional relationship” type of man so this is uncharted territory. He’s skeptical. Who wouldn’t be?

Enter Trinity. The moment they cross paths, it’s clear there’s no escaping each other’s orbit. A few flirty messages, a cherry flavored kiss, and a touch of sugar is all it takes for them to know that things will never be the same.

And one person can turn your world upside down.


Mega Man by Mel Dau

Megatron Loric Manfield is the definition of perfect imperfection. He knows who he is and whose he is. He not scared to love; he just knows that when it comes along, he wants it to be God sent. When the right woman comes along, he will fall in line to receive his favor.

Ruth Lindsay Gordon is saved, sheltered, and suffocated. Being a preacher’s kid is never easy and even harder when the preacher sometimes reverences himself more than the God he claims to serve. Desperately, she wants to be released from the hold that is her father, so she prays for God to send her Boaz.

They say be careful what you pray for. You just might get more than what was anticipated. What happens when instead of sending Boaz, God sends a Mega Man?


Down South Bayou: A Black Sapphic Romance by Aricka Alexander

Life is flipped upside down for Cheyenne Haney when her fairytale-like relationship of 5 years suddenly ends the day her boyfriend finally proposes to her. She’s heartbroken and storms out of the apartment seeing nothing but red. She’s so distracted that she doesn’t see the car hurling toward her. Right before the worst outcome could happen, she’s pulled away just in time by a mysterious, yet gorgeous person who introduces themself as Harley.

Harley Dunn is every bit of cool, funny, and gorgeous. As a beloved member of the local WNBA team, the Baton Rouge Bayou it’s easy to see how outgoing she is. She loves to joke and have fun, but when it comes to relationships, she’s never had much luck. That is until she crosses paths with Cheyenne again at one of her basketball games.

After some mild flirting on both of their parts, Cheyenne and Harley begin a steamy friends-with-benefits relationship that was meant to be just that. However, when they start catching feelings for one another, things start to get a bit complicated. From annoying exes to traumatic past experiences to unwanted surprises, will their relationship be able to withstand the chaos? Or will their worst fears of heartbreak be reinforced?


The Billionaire’s Belle by B. Love

Cheyanne Taylor has seen and experienced the evil that comes from the love of money. She was born to parents who chased wealth and status more than they prioritized nurturing and loving her. Thankfully, her billionaire grandfather adopted her and provided the stable home she needed. After years of toxic relationships with men of wealth or who used her because of hers, Cheyanne decides to keep her identity hidden.

Chandler Jones is used to getting anything and anyone he wants—except Cheyanne. From the moment she started working as his executive assistant, she made it clear there would never be more between them than a professional relationship. The more he tries to impress her, the less his efforts mean to her. A trip out of the country becomes the perfect opportunity for Chandler to show Cheyanne just how much she means to him, and he hopes placing less of an emphasis on money and more on intentional actions and quality time will finally be the key to winning her heart.

When Cheyanne agrees to take things to the next level with Chandler, the truth of who she is comes to the surface, and the secret that she’s kept for years about her grandfather’s wealth unravels. Will Chandler prove he’s with her for her, or will he become yet another man who uses her to get closer to her grandfather and his empire?


The Pearl at Black Diamond Bay (Black Diamond Romance Book 3) by DL White

After raising her siblings, Kari Savoy is ready to begin living life, beginning with a new job at a luxurious beach side resort on picturesque Black Diamond. The only standing in the way of this new era? Her devastatingly handsome but uptight boss, Davis Scott.

Davis never mixes business with pleasure…anymore. Despite his efforts to resist a growing attraction to his new marketing and events manager, he finds himself in an unusual partnership to keep a failing resort afloat and learn to love again.

Pack for undeniable sparks, sweet moments, and a warm, sandy feeling in your heart. Take at trip to Black Diamond and indulge in a #beachyBlackRomance!

Content advisory: This novel depicts a family in the throes of parental loss, refers to drug use, the criminal justice system, and features adult language and situations, including vivid descriptions of consensual sex. If you are sensitive to any of these descriptors, please proceed with caution.


We Found Love In The End Zone by Author Shortee

Cameron Hill is the all-star quarterback for the Kansas City Outlawz. Despite having a successful life and unbelievable fame and fortune, he realizes nothing is greater than love. He wants a woman who will love him, not the lifestyle he can provide. Jaded by his experiences with gold diggers and opportunists, Cameron has almost given up hope. However, the day he met Sidney Smith changed everything.

Fresh out of an abusive relationship, Sidney is desperately trying to get her life back on track. Loving her new found freedom, she’s not looking for any entanglements. But she and Cameron hit it off almost immediately. As things heat up between the two, all hell breaks loose. Sidney’s ex decides he wants her back, and a manipulative woman from Cameron’s past plots on Sidney’s downfall.

Can Cameron and Sidney weather the storms unleashed by past mistakes? Find out if the two find love in the end zone.


Smokin’ Session by Kandis

After a series of bad heart breaks, Golden “GiGi” Gee has sworn off relationships. If “I’m here for a good time, not a long time” was a person, it would be her. Will a chance meeting with a handsome young stranger convince her to change her mind? The only thing Kazimir Sanders has on his mind is stacking money and building an empire.

Any time the thought of being in love crosses his mind, he shakes it off. Can he keep that same mentality when he cross paths with Golden? Or will she make him rethink everything he claims to not want? Find out when you flip through the pages of their story.


Sparks In The Moment: Seduction in Red, White and Blue by Juri Hines

Kalyani, a woman scarred by heartbreak, encounters Aeson, a man who embodies
her every dream, but carries his own uncertainties. While Aeson is resolute in his
life’s direction and desires, he must confront his patience in waiting for Kalyani to
heal and trust again. As they navigate their kismet connection, will their paths align,
or will their individual journeys lead them in different directions? Follow them on a
poignant exploration of love, the enduring power to transcend past pain and
insecurities, and the courage to seize happiness.


Freedom is Mine: Seduction in Red, White and Blue by M.K. Seven

Freedom Waymon and Ifeanyi Bello are both on the path of healing, each carrying the weight of shattered hearts and lost love.

Freedom, a recent divorcee, is scarred by the emotional and mental abuse inflicted by her ex-husband. Her self-confidence is fragile, often overshadowed by her perceived flaws of her plus-size body. This vulnerability starkly contrasts with Ifeanyi’s strong, confident demeanor.

Ifeanyi, a widower, immerses himself in his work as an engineer to navigate his grief and fill the void left by his late wife. Despite his pain, he longs for the freedom to love again fully.

Determined to make her mark in the male-dominated construction industry, Freedom faces an uphill battle. On the other hand, Ifeanyi is convinced that Freedom is responsible for the unethical practices that led to his company’s misfortunes and views her with disdain. Their mutual animosity is unmistakable, and they seem destined to be eternal enemies.

But fate intervenes with a sudden storm that will challenge their beliefs. Will they weather the tempest together, becoming each other’s shelter, offering safety and hope, or will their brokenness keep them apart?


Now and Forever Free: Seduction in Red, White, and Blue by Subira Miles

Graham Ward, known as ‘G-Style,’ is a teen pop star turned grown and sexy R&B singer whose lyrics glorifying skinny women have landed him in trouble with the popular blogger ‘MsThickChickRevolutionary.’ The new Spinner Records CEO demands that G-Style fix his PR problem by appearing with a full-figured woman. Graham disagrees until he runs into the elusive Jasmine Myers, at an industry awards show. 

Actress Jasmine Myers is faithful to a fault, even when her professional basketball player fiancee is not. When his actions cause her career to crumble, Jasmine has finally had enough. She’s learned her lesson: no more celebrity relationships… or maybe just one.


Star-Spangled Swagger: Seduction in Red, White and Blue by Kamyra Harding

Amara, a determined professional from New York, finds herself at a crossroads in her career. As she prepares for the next phase of her life, she is suddenly faced with unexpected feelings for Jordan, a proud Atlantan who has always known what he wants – Amara.

After being apart for seven years, Amara and Jordan cross paths again during a 4th of July race in Atlanta. As they revisit old feelings of resentment and attraction, they realize that life can change in just one day. Will they abandon their plans and give in to their feelings? And even if they do, will the distance between New York and Atlanta keep them apart?


Ignited On The Fourth: Seduction In Red, White and Blue by Cadence James

In Ignited on the Fourth,” plus-size beauty Mila Sutton has transformed her life into the fairytale she always dreamed of, much like the romance novels she adores. With a thriving career and a loving circle of friends, the only thing missing is her soulmate.

Mila’s journey is full of unexpected twists and turns, teaching her that true love often appears in the most unforeseen places and at the most unexpected times. As the chapters of her life unfold, Mila must navigate the complexities of her emotions and relationships. Will she sabotage her dreams and relationships, or will she fight for the love and life she deserves?

Meanwhile, accomplished businessman JaCaryous “Bleu” Patrick returns to Cadence Hills, focused on his career and success. As he reconnects with his roots, Bleu must decide whether to embrace life’s surprises or risk missing out on a love that could change his life forever.

Ignited on the Fourth is a heartwarming tale of self-discovery, resilience, and the power of love to transform lives.


Smoldering Embers Still Burn: Seduction in Red, White, and Blue by Elle Robs

LaBella Moor had always played it safe until receiving life-altering news that shifted her path. Now, she is throwing caution to the wind and pursuing the person who has always held her heart, even if it’s just for one night.
Once a broken man, Chef Darren Boyd found his way to Moor, SC. He first encountered LaBella Moor, the woman he desired but felt unworthy of. Upon learning of Maryann’s pregnancy, he let go of his aspirations and provided his children with the family he never had.
As unexpected events unfold, LaBella and Darren find themselves at a crossroads, ready to pursue what they’ve both longed for – each other. Will one night be sufficient?


Made to Love Her: Romantic Suspense Novella (Moore Family Saga) by Michele Sims

Where love, betrayal, and mayhem collide in the most unexpected ways…
A romantic suspense novella from the award-winning author of the Moore Family Saga, Michele Sims.

Are you ready for a breathtaking journey to Greece, where postcard-perfect scenery hides a dark underbelly of secrets, deception, and murder?

World-renowned jazz saxophonist Cade Moore and his band are back together for a whirlwind series of concerts during the Millennial Olympic Games. His wife, Lecia, dreams of lazy days and magical nights on the idyllic isles of Greece. What could go wrong in paradise?

A lot, it turns out.

As they set foot on the sun-drenched beaches and wander through ancient ruins, dark forces gather. What starts as a dream vacation quickly spirals into a nightmare of international intrigue. Loyalties are tested, and the couple finds themselves tangled in a web of lies that could change their lives forever.

Picture this… 
A romantic evening under the stars, suddenly shattered by a shocking revelation. The serene beauty of Greece becomes a backdrop for a thrilling game of cat and mouse. Cade and Lecia are plunged into a world where nothing is as it seems, and trust becomes a rare commodity.

Will their love be strong enough to withstand the storm? 
Or will the sins of the past drag them down into the depths of despair?

If you crave suspense, romance, and heart-pounding twists, this book is your next must-read. Buckle up for a story that will keep you turning pages into the night, desperately seeking the truth alongside Cade and Lecia. Don’t just read about adventure – live it with them.

Grab your copy now!


Jonesing For Love: Marina’s Motif by L. Osborne

From adolescence, Marina pined after Ekon, her childhood friend turned bodyguard. Out of respect for Marina’s late sister, Maya, Ekon bound himself to a promise that he holds sacred enough, to keep him from seeking the one thing his heart truly desires—her.

The emotional rollercoaster between Marina and Ekon quickly derails when a third-party steps into their comfortable twosome, threatening the dynamic between the could-be lovers. A modern-day Dwayne Wayne comes through and shows Marina what a man is supposed to be and how good things do not come to those who wait, but to those who take.
As the temperature rises between the trio of lovers, friendships are tested when the past becomes the present and an unexpected betrayal comes to light.

Fight or flight kicks in, and Marina’s uncertainty fills the space between her friends and family alike.
When old lies become new truths, Marina is forced to remove her rose-colored glasses and see the world for what it truly is. Will she remain in the safety of her chrysalis or emerge and learn to fly?

Deception and betrayal are on the horizon in L. Osborne’s debut release, of Jonesing For Love: Marina’s Motif.


Blood for Love: A Vampire Romance by Blake Moore

What if a certain pandemic was cured, not by vaccinations, but by the blood of vampires who we never knew existed until now?

Rae King is a reporter who navigates the chaotic world of tabloid journalism with ease even though she can’t navigate her personal life because of a past that won’t allow her to escape it. She does her best to be a good person, a good friend, and a good daughter most of all. She takes care of her father the same way he took care of her as she grew up without her mother around. Rae would do anything with her father, which is why she’s steered clear of vampires since the world found out they aren’t creatures of myth, but a blaring reality. Her father hates vampires, which is why so many problems arise when she meets the future Guardian of vampire kind, Asa Blackwell.

Asa Blackwell loathes humans. They are the bane of his existence, and he hates that vampires need them as a food source. But that’s what they are, and have been for the past ten years, since humans and vampires signed a treaty that united them by blood.

Asa’s feelings about humans are tested when he meets the gorgeous Rae King. Rae is not like any other human Asa has met, and that’s evident when he starts falling for her from the moment he first lays eyes on her. As much as he tries to fight his attraction to a human, he knows being with one is inevitable since every born vampire must find a human to partner with. Asa knows Rae is his human, and that’s why he’s willing to ignore the protocols of his position, and his duty as Guardian, to get to know the beautiful little human better.

Even while surrounded by tension between two species, judgments from those close to them, and assassination attempts on both their lives, Rae and Asa find a way to defy the odds stacked against them. But will those odds remain in their favor, or will the challenges in both their lives be too much for their love to endure? Blood For Love is the sultry and passionate love story of two souls united by blood whose love is meant to last for all of eternity.


They’re Not Strangers (Its A Vibe Book 2) by J.D. Southwell

Denice was enjoying a carefree life with her closest friends, thriving in her small business, and leaving her stress in the past. However, things took a turn when a road trip involving her friend led to unexpected revelations, bringing along people from her past!

Ayzo planned to reunite with his closest friend, Nicholas, after two years of being away. However, when Nicholas found himself in trouble, Ayzo immediately stepped in to assist. Little did he know that he would encounter the one woman who had occupied his thoughts for the last eight years.

As Ayzo and Denice embark on a journey to set aside their complicated history, they find themselves entangled in a special project. Navigating their past while striving to maintain a cordial relationship, they face the challenge of working together for the sake of their friends.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up July 1st-7th

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