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Check out these new Black Romance releases from June 10th-16th.

Curvy Girl Summer by Danielle Allen

Bridget Jones’s Diary meets Survival of the Thickest in Danielle Allen’s CURVY GIRL SUMMER, a smoking-hot, hilarious novel about the perils of online dating.

“There’s got to be an easier way than dating. I want the shortcut. I just want to find my person and start our lives together.”
After a one-night stand with her clingy ex, Aaliyah James has an epiphany: this ain’t it. She knows what she wants, and she’s ready to move past casual hookups, flings, and situationships.

But for her family, the clock is ticking—after all, she’s almost thirty. And when they imply that her personality (and her body) might be too big to land a man, she lets them know they’ve gone too far—and her (nonexistent) man loves her curves, thank you very much. Now, she has seven weeks to find the perfect boyfriend to rub in their faces at the big, fancy birthday celebration she’s been planning. 

After her first blind date goes wrong, charming local bartender Ahmad Williamson consoles her with a drink and some playful banter. Aaliyah takes him up on his suggestion to use a dating app—but the more she sees of his warm, funny, and easygoing nature, the less she wants to check her DMs. Will her next swipe bring her closer to true love—or is her real match closer than she thinks?


Take Me Away by Kami

Icelynn and Dash thought they would never see each other again after a chance encounter forced the two strangers together. One weekend was all they planned for, but life has a way of realigning fate.

Dash Everly aka D-Roc, to his fans, is living his dreams. Growing up in the projects wasn’t easy, but the scars of his past fueled his drive for success. It’s all falling into place, but something’s missing. Some unexpected news leads him back to the woman who left a mark on his heart all those years ago. He’s determined to stake his claim regardless of her circumstances. 

Icelynn McGreggor’s engaged to be married, but it’s not the fairy tale she imagined. Her desire to please her father causes her to put her desires on the backburner. When faced with an ultimatum, she must choose between what her family wants and what her heart needs. 

Family obligations have the potential to drive a wedge between them. Will they be able to overcome and choose love, or will they leave the past in the past?


Tangled Ambitions by Riley Baxter

In Tangled Ambitions, we follow the journey of Zilani, a woman who found family in her best friend’s embrace. But when she was young, forbidden desires arose, leading Zilani to cross a line with her best friend’s brother, Mekhi. 

Years later, Zilani’s relentless pursuit of her dream to own a salon propels her far from home. Yet, destiny intervenes when she returns for her best friend’s pre-wedding activities, finding herself drawn to Mekhi once more. Mekhi surprises Zilani with an unexpected offer.

Will Zilani risk her heart and accept Mekhi’s generosity, or will the ghosts of their shared history prove too haunting to overcome? Tangled Ambitions is a story of love, loyalty, and second chances that will captivate readers until the end.


One and Done by Frederick Smith

One night of passion and possibly one more chance at love…

Determined, motivated, goal-driven, and eternally single, Dr. Taylor James is an accomplished university administrator in San Francisco determined to get his campus successfully through an upcoming accreditation process. The process could set him up for his ultimate career goal–to be one of the only Black and openly queer university presidents in the US. Taylor gives himself just one day a week to have fun and let loose with friends–a one and done Sunday Funday brunch in the Castro District.

Dustin McMillan is a consultant and project manager who reluctantly returns to the Bay Area, his hometown, for an assignment. The first in his family to finish college, earn a healthy six-figure income, and have choice and agency in his life’s direction, Dustin is fearful that returning home could mean falling back into roles that he’d thought he’d resolved by moving miles away…and equally fearful of falling back into bed with one sexy and toxic ex-boyfriend who still lingers in his memories.

One chance encounter. One night of passion. Will Taylor and Dustin leave it at one and done?


Love, Undercover: A Secret Enemies with Benefits Novel (Martin Brothers Book 3) by Nina High

Drummond Martin
As the family playboy, love has never been on my radar. Women come and go at my whim, but Porsche and her bad attitude have always been in my sights. I have an NBA team to worry about, especially with our young troublemaker in the news for reasons other than his amazing gameplay. I don’t have time for relationships, but a situtationship with mean ass Porsche, I can do.

Porsche Brown
Drummond gets on every last nerve I have…always coming at me with some “Hey, Porsche!” I’m teaching and running a charity. Plus I have greats friends to spend my time with. I only need a man for one thing, and I get can get who I want, when I want. When the idea of a secret enemies with benefits situation comes up, I figure, why not? But as time goes on, Drummond starts to feel less and less like an enemy.


Barren (Grateful Hearts Book 1) by Faith Arceneaux 

After suffering a devastating loss, Nia finds herself alone.

She doesn’t feel God’s grace, or her husband’s love.

His unexplained late nights finally break her.

With the help of a good friend, she decides instead of giving up, she’ll surrender.

Barren is a story of redemption—a beautiful reminder that God is always near the broken-hearted.


Resurrecting Fate Two: A Billionaire Romance (Dre & Henny Book 2) by Talena Tillman

In the climax of book one, Andre delivers an unforeseen blow to Hennessy. Can he mend the rift he created? Can their fate be resurrected, or have the events of the past rendered reconciliation impossible?


A Love So Secure by C. Monet

When Misika ‘Salt’ Perry is unexpectedly thrust into the role of H.B.I.C her life becomes intertwined with long-time family bodyguard, Komante Legion. With each interaction Komante’s presence seems to grow more personal and his prominence rises to the surface.

Komante, a man of few words, has been a silent fixture in Salt’s life but never as closely as now. With his enigmatic nature and steadfast support, Salt discovers in Komante not just an ally and confidant, but the stirring of a deeper, more perilous emotion: love.

Their evolving relationship, marked by a growing intimacy and understanding, challenges the boundaries of their professional roles. But the comfort and ease Salt finds in Komante’s presence lead them both to question the rules they’ve always lived by.

However, when they finally abandon these rules, secrets and lies emerge, threatening to undermine the stability of what once seemed like an unshakeable bond. But can love truly conquer all, even when the very foundation of trust is shaken? Find out in A Love So Secure.


One Night of Fun by Jaylee Fields

Victor Marshall

Ever since Amanda Vaughn became my assistant at Marshall Financing Group, she’s filled my mind with thoughts I’ve never experienced before. And when my curiosity about these thoughts and feelings got the better of me, it landed me at the doorstep of Discretion. A Black-Owned kink playground that just happened to be a hotel. And somehow, I knew that my session would change my life forever. Maybe one of my clients would spot me and blackmail me for millions. Or soon, headline after headline would be in the media.

What I didn’t expect was for Madam to be Amanda.

This was gonna make for an odd Monday morning. Or maybe not?


Fair Trade: The Atlanta Demon Series by Unique

As a professional football player, Jrue should be living a life of luxury when he’s not on the field. Yet, he finds himself with the odds stacked against him. If it’s not his money hungry and resentful family members trying to dip in his pockets at every opportunity, it’s women coming at him from all angles, trying to attach themselves to Jrue. Tired and frustrated, Jrue finds himself being traded to Atlanta, his hometown, and he can only hope for some peace. Yet, his cup is looking half-empty instead of half-full. Fleeing one problem, only for several more to be waiting for him causes Jrue to experience a mental spiral. He tries to keep his head down, but the universe seems hell-bent on disrupting any chance at peace. 

Jream has never been the center of anyone’s universe. Not her mother’s – who’s suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s and other mental issues, not the man she can’t seem to escape – who think it’s his right to treat her like trash, and not the world who refuses to value Black women. Jream is tired of the terrible cards she’s always beendealt. A little bit of light between the stormy clouds is all Jream wants, but it feels so out of reach. When things get darker than ever before, Jream pushes herself up one last time to reach for that ray of sunshine. 

Jrue and Jream are two broken, and tortured souls. Entering one another’s orbit could be dangerous, causing everyone to be sucked into a black hole, or they may just have the luck of a shooting star on their side, making their life’s wishes of much more come true.


Lovely Rose Quartz: A Black Lesbian Romance (The Beautiful Gems Series) by Aricka Alexander

Tyler Christian and Avery Savoie are best friends…in love.

They’ve been inseparable since they first met when they were 9. Over the years, their friendship grew stronger, despite Tyler’s parents’ disapproval. Especially after they found out that Avery was a lesbian who unapologetically lived her truth. They’d often have sly comments to say about her and how her parents were raising her, but Tyler didn’t care. All she knew was that she liked Avery…even if it was in a way that her parents didn’t approve.

When they share a kiss one faithful night on Tyler’s 20th birthday, feelings that both of them have been pushing down try to fight their way out, but they’re both too scared to give in to them. Now, almost 6 years later, they decided that enough is enough.

This story follows these two friends as they finally decide to give love a chance. They realize that no matter what anyone says, they’re meant to be. With Avery by her side, as well as her brothers Maddox and Mathias, Tyler makes a choice to finally stop hiding from her parents. Even if that means they stop talking to her forever.

Join Tyler and Avery as they stand up for their right to love one another, explore their sexualities, and finally live the life they’ve always dreamed of.


A Cold Heart for Hire: The Zaddy Inc. Series by Olivia Wallace

Restaurant owner, Maximilian LeReux, was through with love. After losing his wife, he swore he would never give his heart to another woman.

But he was a red-blooded man with needs, so when Breaux St. Maartin approached him with a job offer to become a lover for hire, he’d thought he’d found the perfect solution. His needs could be taken care of without the emotional commitment, and as a bonus, he’d get paid for it.

However, things don’t always go as planned and sometimes love comes even when one tries to fight it. With clients vying for his attention and affection, his daughter pushing for a stepmom, and the unexpected happening in both his business and his personal life, will Max be able to keep the vow he made to himself, or will he give in to the possibility of a love that can melt his frostbitten heart?


Kindred (Soulmates Book 1) by Jay Quin

“Kindred spirits are like two souls that resonate with each other on a deeper level. They share a connection that transcends the physical world, like they’ve known each other for lifetimes. It’s like finding a piece of yourself in someone else.”

“I found a piece of myself in you, Angel.”

Jahari is torn between his passion for music and his life in the streets. Having recently been reunited with her sister after years apart, Ember feels like an outsider in her new family. Despite being surrounded by people, Jahari and Ember feel utterly alone until they find their missing pieces in each other. Is their bond unbreakable or will outside forces get in the way?

Find out when you read Kindred by Jay Quin (a Black romance novel).


Cayenne (Spice and Stone Book 2) by Brenda Barrett

Cayenne finds herself entangled in a web of confusion when she discovers her best friend’s co-worker, Dirk James, bears an uncanny resemblance to her teenage crush, Lance Cauldwell. Despite the striking similarity, Dirk seems to be oblivious to Cayenne’s existence and is more interested in her friend, Alex. 

Cayenne was left with a mystery; how could two people be so alike and why did she feel the same with Dirk as she did with Lance?


Blue Roses: Feel Good Christian Romance (Flower Series Book 4) by Tope Omotosho

Curvy girl, Odavwaro King has three dreams: proving herself to her affluent Christian adoptive family, finding her place among her boisterous cousins, and securing forever with her childhood crush. However, her confidence wanes when her crush gets engaged to her less-than-friendly cousin. To avoid potential humiliation, she reluctantly accepts help from an unexpected source: Nelson Banjo.


Nelson offers to pose as Odavwaro’s fake date, unaware that their long-standing platonic relationship would evolve into something more. As chemistry ignites, Nelson grapples with opening his heart to another woman after being hurt by a past love (Yellow Hibiscus).


As Odavwaro and Nelson explore their newfound attraction, the engagement falls apart, prompting Odavwaro’s crush to woo her, leading to family discord, betrayal, and a threat to their budding romance. For Nelson, it’s like reliving a painful past. With her deepest desires within reach, Odavwaro must make a difficult decision. 

“Blue Roses,” is a heartwarming Christian romance that delves into themes of faith, the power of choice and can be read as a standalone.


Truth Be Told (An Annalee Spain Mystery Book 3) by Patricia Raybon

Denver’s newest detective. A garden’s deadly secrets.

On a lovely June night in 1924, amateur detective Annalee Spain is mingling bravely at a high-class political fundraiser in the lush backyard garden of famed political fixer Cooper Coates, one of the wealthiest men in Denver’s Black neighborhood of Five Points. When Coates’s young daughter discovers a pretty stranger dead in her father’s garden shed, Annalee is thrust onto the baffling new case just as she’s reeling from another recent discovery—a handwritten letter, found buried in her own garden, that reveals the identity of her mother.

Not ready to face the truth about her hidden past, Annalee throws herself into solving the mystery of the young woman’s demise. With the help of her pastor boyfriend Jack Blake, her orphaned buddy Eddie, and her trustworthy church friends, Annalee follows the clues to three seemingly disconnected settings—a traveling carnival set up downtown, a Black civic club, and a prestigious white seminary on the outskirts of Denver. Intriguing advice also comes from a famous, real-life Denver visitor. But is Annalee on the right track or just running in circles, fleeing from conflicts racing in her heart?

In a taut, heart-gripping narrative driven by secrets, romance, and lies, Annalee must unravel a case with higher stakes than she imagined—one where answers about a lovely woman’s death point to truths and tensions still throbbing today.


Do What Godmother Says by L.S. Stratton

A modern-day writer and a Harlem Renaissance artist are connected by a painting with a deadly secret in this gripping dual-timeline gothic thriller.  
Shanice Pierce knows better than to heed bad omens. But she has a hard time ignoring the signs when she finds herself newly single and out of a job on the same seemingly cursed day.

Then, while cleaning out her grandmother’s house, Shanice comes across a painting she hasn’t seen in years. Drawn to the haunting portrait in a way she can’t explain, Shanice accepts her grandmother’s offer to keep the family heirloom.

She soon uncovers the story of the artist, a Harlem Renaissance painter named Estelle Johnson. The young woman was taken under wing by the wealthy art patron Maude Bachmann—or “Godmother” as she insisted her artists call her—and vanished shortly after Bachmann’s brutal murder a century ago.

As Shanice digs deeper, a paranoia that’s haunted her for years returns. She becomes convinced she’s being stalked, and that the deaths happening around her are connected to the staggering offer she turned down for the painting.

But the truth hiding in plain sight is even more shocking—and deadly—than Shanice could possibly have imagined . . .


Charming a King by Parker Jones

Savannah Salvatore is still reeling from her last failed relationship. After a failed situationship totally leaves her leery of dating altogether, a job offer from the hottest club in New York and its handsome owner have her rethinking her decision of staying single. She is settled in her new career as a content creator and isn’t sure she wants to take a chance on getting swept up in the world of Kingdom Enterprises.

Kingston Williams is the owner of Kingdom Enterprises, which is the home of several clubs throughout New York. Just a man from Harlem, he built his business from the ground up. A divorcee who is enjoying the single life has a chance encounter when Savannah is hired to host at his main location in Manhattan. He has lusted over her for a few years but never got the chance to be in her presence until now.

Upon their meeting he decides he must pursue her, but Savannah’s reluctance makes her even more intriguing. Will the King finally get his true Queen?


Saint Baptiste 2: the soul ties series by Miss. Candice

Saint Baptiste fell in love. That was never part of the plan. His relationship with Naoki was supposed to be purely physical. He never intended to feel anything for her, but from the moment they locked eyes four years ago, he felt something. At the time, he didn’t realize was that the feeling was love. Uncertain how to handle his emotions, he put up walls and tried to maintain control—the one thing he didn’t have with her. In focusing on his ego, he did the very thing he never wanted to do: ignored the ‘fragile’ label only he could see and mishandled her. By the time he was willing to embrace his feelings for her, he feared it might already be too late.

After years of untreated trauma, Naoki Childs finds herself trapped in a whirlwind of emotions. She’s stuck in a cycle, unable to dig herself out of the hole she’s in. The saddest part is that she can’t find a mask to hide behind; all her pain is on the surface. The remedies she once relied on no longer work, and she feels herself sinking deeper every day.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-up June 10th-16th

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