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Check out these new Black Romance releases from June 17th-23rd.

Heat Of The Moment (Evermore Series Book 1) by BriAnn Danae

Fueled by her impulsive desire to create a memorable night, Sovanna approaches the finest man in the club. Boldly, she introduces herself to Zahir, confident he won’t reject her… and he doesn’t. Instead, he exceeds her expectations, making it clear that a mere one-night stand was just the beginning for them and the least she could’ve asked for. With Zahir, Sovanna realizes that she means much more to him than a fleeting, passionate encounter.

Please note: Heat Of The Moment is book 1 in the Evermore series and does not include a cliffhanger.


Lilith by Alexandria House


He’s excruciatingly handsome, and well, fine as hell.

He’s also my captor.

He won’t take his eyes off me.

He won’t let me go.

All I can do is hope he’ll let me live.


She’s beautiful, but she doesn’t understand me.

She doesn’t seem to grasp that things have to be this way.

She has to be mine.

And if she isn’t mine?

Well, she will die.

Lilith is a dark erotic romance with elements of suspense.


Rook: Barron Family Saga by ML Bash

Rook Barron, the youngest son of the Barron family, is led by his temper and need for respect before anything else.

When it’s his turn to accept a marriage planned by his eldest brother, Rook is skeptical about fulfilling his duties despite tradition.

When his temper causes mayhem in the life of a woman who has everything riding on a marriage, he quickly sees it as an opportunity to solve several issues at once, but their alliance may become the biggest issue of all as they navigate their newfound intertwined lives and their family’s expectations.


The Other Side of Fame: A Fake Dating Romance by D. Rose

Since making his first appearance in the rap duo Fame & Fortune, Keyan “FAME” Martin consistently found himself under the scrutiny of celebrity gossip. His personal life was dissected for public consumption at every turn. Without feeling compelled to address rumors, Keyan navigated life with an unyielding confidence, shrouded in a steel armor. That was until a chance encounter on a random night out with an unexpected acquaintance weakened his armor, thrusting them into another tidal wave of rumors.

Following a heated online feud with a label mate, Emory “HEAVEN” Thomas aimed to gracefully return to the limelight. However, as she reintroduced herself with new music, she unexpectedly becomes the focal point of public attention, now linked as Fame’s latest romantic interest. A seemingly innocent invitation sets her world into a frenzy, putting her relationship with the notorious heartbreaker under intense inspection.

When interest in their relationship draws the attention needed to advance her career, Emory and Keyan agree to fake date for a year. Initially, the agreement appeared straightforward, given their complex histories that deemed them unsuitable for love. Then, suddenly, during their shared quiet moments and confidences, adhering to the terms of their arrangement became challenging. Soon, the obstacles that once prevented them from being together became insignificant.

Will Emory and Keyan call it quits before their agreement unravels explosively, or will they submit to the emotional consequences of their choices?


Jaiden, The King Who Got Me: The Evans Brothers Book 3 (The Evans Family 4) by Miss Jenesequa

A relationship is the last thing she wants right now. For her, business comes first and mixing business with pleasure is something she vowed to never do.

In his mind, relationships are just not built for men like him. But when fate aligns his paths with hers, all the walls he’s had built up around his heart come crashing down.

Things between them were only supposed to be professional. But what happens when they realize that keeping things strictly professional just isn’t nearly enough?

Jaiden, The King Who Got Me is the fourth book in The Evans Family series, and the third story in The Evans Brothers series.


The Unhinged Best Man: A Novella by M. Monique

When crushes fall…

Boston Kelly is a married man who thought divorce was never a way out. He’s committed to making his marriage work no matter the circumstances. What happens when the wife he has done everything for betrays him?

Nikki McCorvey is engaged to be married to the love of her life. Or so she thinks. When Nikki is betrayed by her man she rushes to the one place where she knows she’ll find peace.

Crushes are sometimes stubborn. However, once the door is open, all bets are off.


Jamaal The IT Guy by Kasha Thompson

Some workplace crushes make you want to clock in on your day off.

Winnie Chambers finds herself three months deep into a job she despises at a company she adores. Enduring a boss who oscillates between passive aggressive and outright rude, she feels more like a glorified errand runner than the executive assistant she was hired to be. Her only solace lies in her interactions with the fine IT guy, who she relies on to help with her perpetually malfunctioning laptop.

Jamaal Singleton’s workdays follow a routine: staff meeting at ten, lunch with his work bestie, Risha at noon, and afternoons spent in his cubicle finishing up projects. But since Winnie Chambers arrived, Jamaal’s predictable work routine has been turned on its head. He now spends his days hoping she encounters an IT issue that requires his assistance, strategically wandering the office for a chance to catch a glimpse of her. He fantasizes about her smiling in his direction or confessing her feelings for him on a random Tuesday. At night, Jamaal finds himself drafting list of pros and cons about asking Winnie out on a date and the likelihood of success.

Both Winnie and Jamaal arrive at work each day with the same thought in mind … a chance encounter in the elevators that leads to locked eyes and a passionate make-out session between the second and eighth floors. While they navigate their careers, they also must grapple with how to win over the other’s heart.


Now Boarding to Love: An Instalove Romance by Monae Nicole

After a traumatic heartbreak, Avani finds herself at a crossroads while she dedicates her life to her work. Encouraged by her friends, she takes a leap of faith and goes on a solo vacation. Little does she know, this journey will lead her to Dallas, a man whose own heartache has left him questioning love after finding his ex-fiancée cheating.

From the moment their eyes meet, there’s an undeniable spark between Avani and Dallas. As they spend their vacation getting to know each other, their walls crumble, and they find solace in each other’s company. With each passing day, their connection deepens, and they discover that they share not only pain but also dreams, hopes, and a longing for true love.

But as their time together draws to a close, Avani and Dallas have to confront the reality of their lives outside of this magical vacation bubble. Can they overcome their past heartbreaks and pursue a future together?

Join Avani and Dallas on a journey of healing. Will they rewrite their love stories, or will they let their pasts define their futures?


A Soulful Love Story 2 by Pamela Campbell

Morgan and Kobe’s marriage is put to the test in the sequel to A Soulful Love Story. When someone from Kobe’s past returns and drops a bombshell, it could destroy his relationship with the love of his life, Morgan.

While Morgan is dealing with a devastating loss, she’s blindsided when confronted about her husband’s past. She must decide if she wants to stay married to Kobe or end it.

This is a story about love, loss, and fighting to keep their marriage together. Morgan and Kobe will find out if their love and bond are strong enough to survive adversity. A Soulful Love Story 2 is a beautiful story about love conquering all.


Sleepless in Altan by Jamiya Taylor

As Zora arrives in Altan for a work trip, the only thing on her mind was exactly what she was there for–work. After all of her meetings are canceled due to a family scandal, Zora is left alone in an unknown city with a return flight scheduled for four days later. At the advice of her brother, Zora decides to use her time for fun, turning work into a vacation.

Miles has been in Altan his whole life, born and raised. As a renowned photographer, it’s rare that he met out of towners that caught and kept his interest. A workaholic in his own right, his friends have urged him to live more than he’s been living because he’s only getting older.

While out for coffee, Miles runs into Zora–literally–and offers to pay her back for messing up the start of her day. A chance encounter and a spilled hot beverage will carry these two strangers on a journey that exceeds forever in only four days.


Everything Spice (SHE iS series Book 3) by Marlee Rae

It takes two sparks to ignite a flame…
Lois and Todd, both independent and irresistibly seductive, have been flirting and tempting each other for months. As the eldest siblings in their families, they are used to taking charge and protecting those they love. Lois’ fiery independence and sensual allure, paired with Todd’s unwavering determination and masculine confidence, create the perfect storm for a sizzling romance. When Todd faces an unexpected family emergency, Lois provides the support he desperately needs. However, when tensions stirred by former lovers rise, testing their budding relationship how will Lois balance her successful SHE-iS spice shoppe, family, deceased husband’s memory, former lovers, and Todd? How will Todd juggle his work life, family, former lover, and Lois?


temple by Grey Huffington

note: temple is a novelette 

He was light and he was life. He was possibility and he was unproblematic. He was headstrong and he was harmless. He was risky and he was ready. 

Ready to love me out loud. 

Ready to adore me without shame. 

Ready to bring me peace and joy and happiness.

Ready to fill my heart with all the beautiful things his was overflowing with. 

Ready to conquer my mind and whisper sweet nothings in my ear. 

Ready to praise the ground I walk on. 

Ready to worship my body like the temple it is.


My Only Fan by Morgan Rose

“I’ll call you my favorite name for you, Heartbeat. I swear if you let me, I’ll show you why you’re the reason why mine beats.”

Kelaya Harper knows two things when it comes to Hezekiah Perez.
One, she loves him.
Two, they can never be together.

They are from two different worlds and blending them will be a tragic misstep.
Hezekiah knows his heart belongs only to Kelaya and will do anything to prove that they are meant to be.

Just when he thinks they are finally locked in, everything implodes and he fears his life will never exist with the love and balance he craves.


Rebirth of Slick: Secrets, Lies, and Betrayal by Torryn Santana

In the world of the music industry, where fame and success go hand in hand with secrets and deception, Slick Reed and Aria ‘Urban Bliss’ Urbane find themselves in a web of blackmail and deceit.

Urban Bliss is a rising star with a captivating voice, and Slick Reed is a powerful record label executive. Their worlds come together when Ariareceives an anonymous letter threatening to expose her deepest secret from a past she ran from long ago. Desperate to protect her career, she reluctantly agrees to enter a fake relationship with Slick Reed.

Although it started out fake, they discover unexpected passion and question if they can find true love among the secrets.


Dough Dreams by Shay Davis

Chasing your dreams is never easy. 

Jade put her dreams on hold for love once and it was a mistake she vows to never repeat. It’s time for her to enter her boss era. The only thing that remains on Jade’s mind is building her net worth and looking good while doing it. If it’s not about the next big business deal, then it doesn’t belong in Jade’s world. 

Growing up in Philly, Tate knew there were few paths for him to take. He could follow after his brother and friends, getting sucked into the streets, or he could work hard and find another escape route. Tate eventually finds his way, choosing to work tirelessly at chasing and achieving his dreams. Yet, even with a humble mindset and a go hard grind ethic, he finds himself in a situation where things begin to disintegrate before his eyes. He’s not built to be quitter, so Tate is prepared to do any and everything before he gives up the one thing he loves. 

Jade and Tate both choose business over pleasure, but when the waters get murky, seemingly easy decisions suddenly become difficult. Dreams can come true and dreams can change. But what happens when the mind and the heart aren’t on the same page?


All The Smoke by T’Lyn

Solomon Tate lives by one rule, loyalty over everything and leads by example. Solomon takes care of his people and all he expects in return is for everyone on his team to remain solid. Anyone who refuses to show loyalty no longer earns his favor, family is not exempt.

Kaori Randall embraces one concept. Love and be loved. She is raised by parents and grandparents who are the example of happy healthy relationships. Kaori has high expectations when it came to her own personal happiness which makes the fail of her own love life a huge disappointment.

Instead of allowing herself to wallow in disappointment, Kaori refocuses her efforts into school and work. She hasn’t given up on love but refuses to set herself up for to fail, however, an encounter with a man who defies the exception of everything she believes she wants and deserves once again has Kaori hopeful.

Her heart begins to explore the idea that she just might find her one. Unfortunately the risk feels greater than the reward because she’s not positive she’ll remain standing through all the chaos and destruction once the Smoke clears.


Never Letting Go (Graceland Heights) by Connie Easton

Kenori is given an invitation that changes her life. Still with the mindset of being so carefree and unattached, she continues until it no longer gets her what she wants. As someone who thrives on not answering to anyone, she finds herself in a pool of confusion.
Don is and will always be a man that lives in his truth. He’s never been one to decline a challenge and getting Kenori was his most intriguing one. Never letting a woman too close, his walls fall, and he finds himself in the same pool of emotions as Kenori.
Two stubborn souls refuse to be a fool all to cause chaos and uncertainty. Neither one of them wanting to admit their true feelings, the distance between the two becomes longer than a walk across the street.


Walk With Me: A Black Romance Story by Jay R. Leonard

An unexpected encounter at the library leads to a passionate night between Marcus and
Rosalind. Despite their significant age difference, their chemistry is undeniable. As they
explore their desires, their connection deepens, leading to a life-changing decision. But will
society’s judgment tear them apart or will their love conquer all? A captivating tale of love
that defies expectations and proves that age is just a number. Don’t miss out on this
10,000-word short read that will take you on an emotional journey of unexpected love and
defying societal expectations.


Faking It For Summer: A Small Town, Marriage Pact, Fake Dating Romance (Men Of Legends Port) by Skye Winter

When a marriage pact goes wrong can my fake fiancé make things right?

Three Days. My childhood best friend showed up three days before that stupid marriage pact we made was supposed to be real with a whole fiancée and pity in his eyes. Now I have less than six hours to find a date for dinner and a boyfriend of my own.

Thankfully my insanely hot neighbor whom I haven’t been able to stop fantasizing about since he moved in is willing to help. What neither of us expected was to end up engaged by the end of the night.

Now the town believes we’re getting married, my old friend is pushing all the wrong buttons, and after the kiss Bradley laid on me at dinner my fantasies have skyrocketed. I’ve got to make this right, but when everything goes wrong will I lose Bradley forever or admit we were never faking it at all?

Faking It for Summer is a fake dating, boy next door, small town, swoony summer romance based in Legends Port, Maine. This book contains mature themes, with a guaranteed HEA or cliffhangers.


The Deadbeat: A Psychological Thriller (The Red Series) by Tanisha Stewart

A dangerous decision yanks two sisters out of the frying pan and lands them into the fire in this pulse pounding psychological thriller by the bestselling author of Everybody Ain’t Your Friend and The Quiet Ones series.

After losing their beloved mother to ovarian cancer, identical twin sisters Jessie and Belle Brown’s world is shattered to pieces. Their mother poured out her soul to help others, but in her time of need, the only ones who pitched in were strangers. Their deadbeat father refused to lift a finger in their direction.

Seething with rage over their father’s absence, coupled with pain and agony over their mother’s passing, the sisters need a place to channel their pain. Their selfish father seems to be the perfect target.

Will their plan to make him pay for his abandonment end in success? Or will it spark the beginning to the end of Jessie and Belle’s ruin?

A pulse-pounding drama full of twists and turns. This series starter is fast-paced, straight to the point, and packs a powerful punch that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

The Red Series is composed of self-contained stories – they can be read in any order.


Unthinkable by Malay Reneé

Kairi Jackson didn’t expect his introduction to fatherhood to be a traumatic experience. After watching the love of his life birth their child, that precious moment quickly changes from celebration to grief. As he awaits the fate of his child’s mother, Kairi takes a trip down memory lane, trying to understand why God brought him to this point. During his reflection of his past with Jonessa, he appreciates every moment he shared with her through the good and bad.

Creating and birthing life is supposed to be a blessing, but how can you embrace it when it looks to be a curse? On this journey of remembrance and appreciation of all things good and bad, can Kairi accept his final moments with Jonessa, or will hurt and regret torment him?


Murder Between Neighbors (Write Club Mysteries) by Michelle Corbier

Everyone’s known some kind of bad neighbor: the loud, the rude, the nosy, or the accusatory. Unfortunately, Myaisha’s neighbor in suburban Greensboro, a hard-drinking man named Jared, is pretty much all four, even going so far as calling Animal Control on her beloved dog Boomer — all while ignoring the destruction of her fence at the hands of his own kids.

Then, Jared is found mysteriously dead. While rattled, Myaisha is not overly shocked or upset, considering his habits and the trouble he gave her. However, there’s only so much protection her detective friend Todd can offer her as the investigation loosely circles her as a potential suspect. Considering everything she has to lose — a successful medical practice, her relationship with her college-aged son Josiah, her hunky fireman boyfriend AJ — Myaisha uses what sleuthing skills she’s developed as a hobbyist mystery writer to try and uncover the darker, sleazier layers of neighborhood life around her.

The third in Michelle Corbier’s cozy “Write Club Mystery” series, Murder Between Neighbors is an eminently readable, highly entertaining who-dun-it that perfectly balances rich, relatable characters with a tense plot that twists elegantly toward a startling climax.


Drake: Book 5 of the Flex Series by Celeste Granger

He was her rainbow after the rain.

Faith Wilson was an entrepreneur who was self-directed, self-sufficient, and independent. She didn’t need a man or anyone to help her fulfill her goals. Faith was prepared to fulfill them all by herself.

Drake Johnston was a security guard for the St. Clair family. He took his job seriously. He took family seriously. Drake was committed to fulfilling his responsibilities and duties.

Their paths originally collided, then they recollided again, unearthing feelings that could set them on a path to their destiny. An unexpected encounter set Faith on a divergent course, one that caused her to collide with postpartum depression, and she didn’t know whether she could recover from it or not. Tests and trials tried her resolve, but Drake helped her to come out on the other side. He helped her to find love within herself and with him.


She Wants Your Husband: African American Dark Urban Fiction Billionaire Romance by Sheila Murdock

“Did you hear about the new woman in town?”

Mikena Rich was born with the right last name in more ways than one, and she uses it to the fullest.

Beautiful, slim, fierce in every way, shape, and form. She wins the all-around, hands down.

Women hold on to their men when she’s anywhere near them.
Her competition is next to none, and when she’s done with a man she’s done . . . .

Then she’s on to the next one.

And Kimiko Windsor is definitely on to her—as well as on to her husband—since she knows Mikena is definitely after her husband, the indominable billionaire Alister Windsor since after all, Mikena is the ex-wife of the much older retired multi-billionaire Willis Porter, who is on to her as well.

Mikena has not only brought herself to the land of men with outlandish amounts of wealth, bon vivant wives, and spoiled-to-no-ends children, she’s also brought a secret of all secrets, and puts the man who she’s after in more peril than ever . . . as well as the entire community of Savage Rivers since she ends up in a whirlwind of incidents that has the whole community on edge and blaming her. But when things unravel to a breaking point, she finds herself at the crossroads of humanity. But what she ends up finding out is beyond what she ever imagines.


You Stole My Heart (You Are My Everything: A College Friends-to-Lovers Lesbian Romance Series Book 3) by Tuesday Harper

Iyanna thinks a trip to Mexico is exactly what she needs to getaway from the stress of her business and unwind for the weekend. Unfortunately, things start going bad from the very beginning and only made worse when she realizes she’ll have to share a hotel room with Skylar.

Skylar hasn’t been shy about her feelings for Iyanna, but she’s more than willing to respect Iyanna’s request. This is a girls’ trip, not a couple trip. Iyanna just wants to relax, so Skylar backs off.

But, there’s something magical happening on the resort. The endless tequila shots definitely help, too. Away from the stresses of every day life, Skylar and Iyanna connect on a deeper level that tugs on their hearts in a way that neither of them expected.


Bound in the Arms of a Thug: Chop and Kendyl’s Love Story by K.L. Hall


I never understood Cy’s world. 

He belonged to The Spades motorcycle club. To them, he went by Chop. 

He told me once he was the sergeant at arms. I’m not sure what that meant either. 

All I knew was I’d fallen hard, but I wouldn’t stick around as long as he put his MC before me. 

If life has taught me anything, it’s to leave before you get left. 

After I left town, I learned I was three months pregnant with his child.

Chop’s decisions had made it clear he wasn’t ready for a family, so I kept it from him. 

Four years later, I’m working hard to raise my son, who is the spitting image of his father. 

But Chop made his choice, and I made mine.

That is until some unexpected chaos forces me back into his arms. 

One look, and I can tell he wasn’t expecting to see me at his doorstep again. 

Neither was the half-naked woman in his living room. 


I never wanted to see Kendyl again after she left and took my heart with her. 

Now, she shows up on my doorstep with my son, asking for my help. 

As furious as I am, the bruises on her sweet brown skin have me seeing red. 

No one lays a hand on my girl.

I don’t want to have feelings for her again. I should hate her for what she did, but I can’t. 

She’s the mother of my seed, and the woman who’s always had the key to my heart. 

I can’t blame her for leaving how she did. 

But now that I know about my son, I’m never letting them go again.


Under Her Control by Allison Hobbs

The latest bold and captivating story by best-selling author, Allison Hobbs. In this shocking and twist-filled tale, a marriage is on the rocks and the unhappy couple resorts to scandalous methods to save their failing union.

William believes his marriage to beautiful, vivacious Sloane is solid until he loses his job. When his ample paycheck stops coming in Sloane quickly cuts off his bedroom privileges and threatens to leave if he doesn’t give in to her outrageous demands.
Practically overnight, William finds himself submitting to his wife’s every desire, doing anything he can to keep her happy. When he suggests that she sleep with other men—on a temporary basis—until he’s able to improve his lackluster performance in bed, Sloane eagerly takes him up on his offer.
But Sloane still isn’t satisfied and William soon realizes that she delights in pushing his boundaries and subjecting him to cruel and humiliating acts that prove his undying love and devotion to her.
William is shocked when his own secret urges gradually come to light, confusing him and giving Sloane even more power in their marriage.
Stripped of his masculinity, William discovers there are no limits to how far he’ll go to satisfy Sloane’s insatiable need to control him. His easy acceptance of a lifestyle that is based on total submission to an increasingly dominant wife could eventually take him down a dark path, causing him to lose the last vestiges of his self-respect and pride..


Ella Gets the D by Tanvier Peart

The end of my marriage was the beginning of my happily ever after.

What happens when you hear your husband putting dents in your mattress with another woman?

Leave and never look back!

Easier said than done when you’re a stay-at-home mom, share two kids with the no-good cheater, and have a savings account that laughs in your face on the daily.

I want out, so I agree to an outrageous separation agreement to avoid a courtroom showdown with a man standing on his wallet, waiting for me to fall. The mission is next to impossible, but I would rather attempt a full split on a hibachi grill after a Brazilian wax than stay in a marriage I should’ve ended years ago.

Morgan, my best friend, offers up a gorgeous townhouse her family owns to get me back on my feet. Eight months rent-free equals one step closer to Divorced AF.

We celebrate my new life with a night out. I didn’t expect moms gone wild at my divorce party, but one fruity cocktail led to me staying out past my bedtime and the steamiest dream with a man straight from my fantasies.

Every kiss, every caress, made me feel worshipped. Adored.

When Morgan offered me this Georgetown townhouse, she failed to mention that it belongs to her younger brother, one of DC’s most eligible bachelors. He’s very fine, not a dream, and back early from time away in London.

Now, we’re staring at each other, dumbfounded and turned on.

Ella Gets the D is a standalone divorce romantic comedy, perfect for lovers of cinnamon roll heroes, tired moms getting their groove back, tacos, and lots of spice (we kick the door wide open).


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up June 17th-23rd

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