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Check out these new Black Romance releases from June 24th-30th.

I Need It (The Henderson Family Saga Book 21) by Monica Walters

Christian Henderson knows what it’s like to be heartbroken, but he also knows what it’s like to be single and mingling without a care in the world. However, his time has run out on the single life, and he’s ready to settle down. Although he’s the middle son of his parents, he’s the only one that hasn’t found the woman his soul craves. He’s established in his career as part owner of an A/C repair business, and thanks to being a Henderson, his bag is set. There is nothing left to do but start a family. After the relationship he thought was the one fails, he’s even more determined to find the right one. When he meets Mya, time stands still. Immediately, his heart is off to the races.

Mya Ceasar is really fed up with relationships. Giving a man her all, time and time again, has proven to be a bust, and she feels she’s struck out on love. Even with as young as she is, she believes it’s just not in the cards for her, and she focuses on living her best life, indulging in temporary fulfillment. Deep down, she craves love and affection, but she doesn’t trust anyone to provide it unconditionally. As an independent romance author, she chooses to live every day like it’s her last and hopes that love will eventually find her. A chance encounter with Christian proves to be the saving grace her heart desperately needs.

Christian is a man who knows what he wants, and he sees it when he meets Mya. Convincing Mya of that is more difficult than he thought it would be. Her past trauma is speaking loudly, and she isn’t easily persuaded when it comes to matters of the heart. Will Christian have the patience to endure the wait, or will he move on like Mya never existed?


Intrigued by Danger (The Danger Family Book 3) by Endiya Carter

Declan Danger has always gone along to get along, keeping his twenty-year relationship afloat. But his world flips upside down when his girlfriend insists on opening their relationship. In the midst of spiraling, he encounters the alluring Mistress Elle.


Free Agent: Connecticut Kings 10 by Christina C. Jones

For Rori Mitchell, delulu is decidedly not the solulu.

Getting her lick back is.

What starts as chance encounter at a sporting event ends up being a perfect distraction from the chaos of a broken heart. Instead of throwing herself into work, she throws herself – for good or bad – into Tatum Wilder.

An offensive tackle for the Connecticut Kings, Tatum is used to high-stakes games and intense scrutiny. On the field, he’s a powerhouse; off the field, he’s a country boy with gentleman tendencies… and a propensity toward knowing the right thing to say at all times.


Most of the time.

Their connection?

Immediate and undeniable.


They can deny it.

After all, with Rori on the heels of heartbreak, a relationship could be a disaster.

Free Agency might be a position of power.

Or maybe just a crutch.


Kenderella: Once Upon A Politician (Greenbrook Lovers Book 4) by Danielle Brooks

Once upon a time, Kennedy Ellis had a chance collision with the handsome bachelor Mayor Jameson Belafonte on Valentine’s Day. The night was magical, and sparks were lit, but at the end of the night, it seemed that was it. However, Mayor Belafonte’s team was on a mission to clean up his reputation as a playboy to make him more in favor of the public for his pursuit of Governor of Greenbrook, and he set his eyes on Kennedy as his fake girlfriend. Will this love story stay faux or turn into a serendipitous fairytale?


Innocent Intent by K.C. Mills

When a wife becomes the prime suspect in her husband’s murder, this criminal psychologist must forget everything she thought she knew in order to clear her name in this debut psychological thriller, perfect for fans of Shanora Williams’ The Wife Before.

Cassidy Evans is the blueprint. As a Criminal Psychologist, Cassidy is a savant. She spent years solving groundbreaking cases by shifting through the minds and behaviors of those driven by the darkness that controls them. After years of dedicated field work, Cassidy decides to retire and share her expertise of killers’ mentalities as a novelist.

As a published author, she’s now happily married and spends most of her time traveling the world and sharing with others how to understand the twisted minds that drive bad behaviors. Unfortunately, with all of the knowledge that Cassidy is armed with, she somehow overlooks the lies of the person closest to her. When she tags along to a crime scene with and old colleague, Cassidy is shocked to discover that the victim is her husband. If that’s not enough to send her world spiraling, she also finds out that the identity of the murdered victim, doesn’t match the name on their marriage license.

Things quickly escalate when Cassidy becomes the main suspect. Not knowing the man she is married to is the least of Cassidy’s problems. Everyone believes she is a murderer, and none more than the lead detective on the case¾Nathanial Davis. He is determined to find the truth while proving to the world that Cassidy isn’t who she claims to be. In doing so, he decides to keep Cassidy close while digging through her past to uncover all of her untold truths.

While she’s hiding secrets that could totally destroy the world she spent years building, Cassidy learns that things are never what they seem. With such an intricate familiarity of seeing through lies, how is it that Cassidy is happily married to a man who she loves and adores, but doesn’t truly know? Suddenly, losing her career is far less important than maintaining her freedom. In the end, she may lose both.


Parachutes: Book Two: The Glide by Takerra Allen

Tahli and Vin fell in love one summer and their story began.
Through personal growth, love guided them. Watered by kisses, battered by storms, petals died off and grew again. Bent, twisted, and strengthened through adversities as love often faces…as one, they flourished.
The flower turns to a garden, the garden grows a tree.
But what happens when rot sneaks into the roots? When mistakes of your past threaten your future?
Taking the fall in Book One left us suspended in air in three intervals of time.
Let’s join them in their parachute and see how far love can carry us. This go, let’s see if we survive the glide.
Parachutes: Book Two is the second part of a three-book series.


You’re My Safety Net: A Damsel in Distress Romance by Mycah Edwards

The day he stumbled on a damsel in distress, neither of them realized how much their lives were about to change. In the blink of an eye, destiny leads two strangers down the path of returning home to a place they’ve never been in this lifetime. The moment they enter one another’s orbit there is no escape. An invisible tether connects them to each other, and nothing or no one has the power to break it except for their fears, insecurities, and doubts that soul mates truly exist.

In this life, there are many things to run from, but the pull they feel in their guts is not one of them. During your exploration of this slow burn romance you will pulse, itch, and beg to be saved by a knight in shining armor who comes into your life to remove every source of distress in your life and takes you for everything you have to give, because what he offers in return is so much more than you ever fathomed you could have.


We’re Up by Shanel

Cordell is the star baseball player on his team, but he’s got more to offer than just talent on the field. Handsome, smart and charismatic, all the ladies love him…some more than others. 

Kali is a track star runner. She cannot be beat, but even with her speed and potential, college was something she thought she would never get a chance to experience. Starting her freshman year in one of only two schools to accept her, she’s laser focused on running and her classes. 

When Cordell and Kali cross paths, the chemistry is undeniable. It’s immediate and almost too perfect. Kali wants to keep her distance, trying desperately to avoid any distractions, but Cordell likes what he sees and wants what he wants. 

However, obstacles and roadblocks seem to come from all different sides. Will they be able to explore the possibility of getting closer, or is time not on their side?


When You Least Expect It : Harmony in the HeartBeat by Tramaine A McCrary

In the heart of a bustling city, beneath the soft glow of dim lights and the melodic hum of a piano, two souls are about to collide in a way that will change their lives forever.
Trey, a successful yet lonely man, steps into a cozy downtown bar, seeking solace from his past heartaches. The warmth of the ambiance and the soothing music begins to ease his weary spirit. Little does he know; his life is about to take a thrilling turn.
Tina, a driven and independent woman, walks into the same bar, yearning for a break from her demanding life. Her past disappointments in love have left her longing for a genuine connection. When her eyes meet Trey’s from across the room, sparks fly, igniting a flame neither of them can ignore.
Their first conversation reveals shared passions for travel, music, and literature, and a bond begins to form. Trey plans an enchanting first date, filled with laughter, deep conversations, and a tender kiss under the city lights. As their connection deepens, daily text messages turn into playful, heartfelt exchanges, building anticipation for each meeting.
A surprise weekend getaway to a charming bed and breakfast brings them even closer, exploring both the local area and their newfound intimacy. Yet, as their love story unfolds, challenges arise. Tina’s career ambitions pull her away on a crucial business trip, testing the strength of their relationship. Misunderstandings and insecurities threaten to tear them apart, leading to their first major argument.
But love has a way of mending hearts. Through self-reflection and a heartfelt conversation, they overcome their fears, planning a future together. Meeting each other’s families, facing humorous and awkward moments, only strengthens their bond. Trey’s meticulous planning for the perfect proposal, with the help of friends and family, culminates in an emotional acceptance at the very bar where their story began.
As they navigate the excitement and stress of wedding planning, their love grows stronger. Their wedding day is a celebration of their journey, filled with joy, laughter, and emotional vows. A romantic honeymoon marks the beginning of their new life together, filled with dreams and future plans.
A year later, their love story continues, blossoming with new adventures and a promise of forever.
Harmony in the Heartbeat is a steamy, heartwarming romance that takes you on a journey of love, challenges, and the magic of true connection. Dive into this captivating tale and discover how two hearts, once lost, find their way to a harmonious and everlasting love.


Priest and Satisa, The Wedding by Bre Shadae

A wedding is something every young girl dreams of. When you have a man like Priest, you can bet those dreams will become a reality. Priest and Satisa pledge their love for one another in front of all their family and friends in this short to cap their love story and introduce what comes next.

Please be advised this is a short story, and Priest, the full novel, should be read first.


A Rayne Storm in London by Urania

London Storm appears to have it all – a successful career, a loving family, and supportive friends. But beneath the surface, her life is haunted by a dark past and a traumatic childhood event that left her with fragmented memories and haunting nightmares. Determined to uncover the truth and break free from the grip of her past, London embarks on a journey of self-discovery that will challenge her sanity and unravel shocking secrets.

As London searches for answers, her love life becomes entangled in a complex web of emotions. Levi, the man she loves, finds himself torn between London and Angela, the mother of his godchild, who harbors a secret and obsessive desire for him. Angela’s relentless pursuit threatens to destroy their relationships and ignite a storm of manipulation and betrayal.

Meanwhile, Raielle and James find themselves caught in their own web of forbidden love and familial conflict. Raielle’s brother, Blue, holds a deep grudge against James, forbidding Raielle from being with him. Despite the risks, Raielle and James continue their secret romance, hoping their love will conquer all. But when Blue discovers their deception, the consequences are catastrophic, unleashing a tempest of emotions that threatens to tear them apart.

As the lives of London, Levi, Raielle, James, and their loved ones collide, unforeseen events and fatal choices send shockwaves through their promising futures. Each character must face their deepest fears and confront the aftermath of their actions. Will London unravel the truth about her past and find the closure she desperately seeks? Can Levi resist Angela’s manipulative charms and stay true to his love for London? Will Raielle and James’s love survive the storm of betrayal and family conflict?

A Rayne Storm in London” is a gripping tale of resilience, love, and the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity. In this emotionally charged story, the characters are pushed to their limits, forcing them to make life-altering decisions that will forever change the course of their lives. As the storm rages on, the stakes rise, leading to a climactic and unforgettable conclusion that will leave readers breathless.


Restored In You by D’Mesha

Divinity Knox never expects the devastation of losing the love of her life. Some wounds are impossible to heal but she learns to power through and rebuild.

Kaedenn Montgomery makes a decision to walk away from his one true love only to find himself miserable and unfulfilled. The one woman who gives his purpose is no longer open to sharing his world.

Divinity and Kaedenn both learn that the heart can find healing in the worst of circumstances. When they reconnect for a second chance at love secrets and tormented past prove to be a challenge in mending their shattered emotions. Their hearts can be restored if they are strong enough to let the past go and find purpose in new beginnings.


The Bitter Truth by Shanora Williams

An upstanding political candidate. A determined stalker. A shattering lost weekend. Now, when his worst secret comes calling, how far will one man’s elegant, all-too-devoted wife go to uncover the truth . . . or bury it?

For Jolene “Jo” Baker, the least she can do for her adoring husband, Dominic, is give unwavering support for his North Carolina gubernatorial run. He is not only the love of her life, he’s also helping her prove that she’s far more than just a pampered trophy wife. With huge crowds showing up at Dominic’s speeches and the polls consistently in his favor, she’s never been happier to stand proudly by his side . . .

Until she and Dominic start seeing the same, strangely ominous woman turning up all along the campaign trail. Until their tour starts becoming a nightmare of botched events, crucial missed information, and increasingly dangerous “accidents.” Suddenly Jo can’t get any answers from Dominic—or understand why he is acting so paranoid and terrified . . .

What Jo can do is start digging into his past—one she’s never really questioned beyond his perfect image and dazzling accomplishments. What results is an alarming series of events that leave her baffled: Good friends turn into enemies, truths are revealed to be lies, and all clues lead back to one secret, shattering weekend that changes Jo’s entire life. With her world splintering into pieces, can Jo risk trying to set things right? Or will hiding the bitter truth by any means necessary destroy her as well?


Burry The Hatchette: A Sordid South Tale (Sordid South Tales) by Aria Daze

“Andrea Hatchette, a woman after my own soulless void of a heart. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?”
Lots of women dream of moments like this. A calm evening. A party on the lake surrounded by her family and friends. A handsome, rich, educated man asking for their hand in marriage in the middle of a fancy-ass yacht with a big-ass ring. Except for Andrea. Marrying her lifelong enemy, Nathaniel Burry, is her worst nightmare. Still, she knows she has no other choice if she doesn’t want to be disowned and thrown from the company she helped build. She supposes there could be worse fates than marrying a billionaire. Right?

Meanwhile, Nat has a plan. Being forced to take a wife isn’t the picture of peace he had five years previous, but he’s willing to make the best of it with Andrea. After all, even villains deserve happy endings. Can these two find middle ground and make it work, or will they drown in a storm of their own creation?


Virgo’s Retrograde: A Hell Fire Valley Short by Phoenix Williams

For years, Virgo Brooks has loved Cleophous Bushae. After one too many rejections, Virgo finally breaks the bond that held them together. To save her sister, she offers herself up to the Gods for the second-ever Love Games. With demi-gods competing for her hand in marriage, Virgo vows to give the winner her loyalty but never her heart.

Cleophous Bushae has barely survived the death of two wives. Not wanting to deal with his grief, he’s locked his emotions away. Until Virgo. When a certain Goddess and her apples of discord trick him into traveling to The Realm of the Gods, Bushae finds himself competing for the woman he has rejected for years.

Welcome to The Realm of the Gods, where humans are only welcomed as pawns. When Bushae stumbles into a world he’s unfamiliar with, he will soon learn that the path to forgiveness is paved in blood, sweat, and tears. Will he be able to let go of the past or will this battle be his last?


Sailing with the Rancher: Opposites Attract Onyx Cruise Line Romance (Summer Seas Series Book 2) by T L Russ

Why is the reject from Cowboys are Us staring at me? I knew I shouldn’t have come on this ship.

I never wanted to go on a cruise, but that didn’t stop my business partner from purchasing the ticket. Now I am on what has to be the largest ship since the Titanic and I’ve somehow attracted the attention of one guy on board who thought cowboy boots and country belts are a good look for a Caribbean cruise. What’s worse is that Wade, my business partner, sent him to babysit me as I’m so sort of kid.

The man gets under my skin and makes me rethink everything. He also might be about the sexiest cowboy I’ve ever seen. Falling in love wasn’t the plan, but when a medical emergency forces me to face my feelings, I have to make a choice. Will I walk away or will I take a chance on this rancher and find out we might not be as different as I originally thought?

Sailing with the Rancher is a grumpy sunshine, opposites attract, workaholic, vacation, cruise ship, summer romance. As always, you can expect no cheating, open-door loving, and a happy ending for our lovely couple.


Marathon and Palisade by Embue

Wade McCray wasn’t looking for love. He’d been single for the past three years; perhaps it had been seeking him…

Yardane Germany had found solid ground after a painful divorce. She was content in thriving at her job, until things took a turn…

One invitation…two curious souls…destined for new adventures in their lives as Marathon and Palisade.


Silenced Witness (West Investigations Book 9) by K.D. Richards

She won’t quit until she gets justice.
He won’t stop until she’s safe.

After her brother dies under a cloud of suspicion, Alexis Douglas will do whatever it takes to clear his name. Enlisting the help of TJ Roman proves a double-edged sword. Her brother’s onetime best friend, the ex-military PI can’t afford any missteps. Alexis’s safety is all that matters, despite the powerful attraction drawing them closer. Up against a killer desperate to keep the truth buried, TJ must step up his game before he and Alexis are both silenced forever.

From Harlequin Intrigue: Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served.


My Elusive Amish Sweetheart: A Cedar Creek Amish Prequel by Parker J. Cole

A woman burdened with a secret. A man haunted by loss. An Amish community where all is not as it appears.

When an unscrupulous thief depletes her film company’s funds, Tiana Morgan, a talented location scout and photographer, is compelled to secure a crucial filming location to save the project. The ideal spot lies within Cedar Creek, but the Amish community there strictly limits access to potential converts. Desperate, Tiana poses as a convert, risking everything for her company’s survival.

Unexpectedly, Tiana encounters Noah Giovanni, the younger brother of her estranged best friend. She learns of her friend’s untimely death—and the fact that Noah holds Tiana responsible.

Having sought refuge in the tranquility of Cedar Creek for the past four years, Noah finds his new life disrupted by Tiana’s sudden appearance. As old wounds reopen, he grapples with his feelings towards his sister’s former best friend.

Noah soon suspects Tiana is hiding something and is determined to find out what it is. Soon he’s forced to confront his past. As Noah digs deeper, Tiana dodges his probes, pushing him to question everything he believed. Can he handle the truth or will it be more than he could bear?

Note: This book ends on a cliffhanger, but does have an emotional satisfying ending.


A Summoned Husband by S.J. Stewart


A lot can happen after three… or four… or maybe five glasses of wine. Eden thought that after a night with the girls and far too much wine, all she would have to worry about was replacing the rug. Boy, was she wrong.

A few whispered words from an old book and she found herself married… to a demon. If only that was the worst of it. Her demon husband has baggage and now bound to the tall, dark, and obnoxiously handsome demon, Eden’s world is about to be thrown upside down.

Asmodeus doesn’t want a wife, least of all a mortal attached to a brood of women who keep trying to banish him back to the depths he’d happily go back to. Some spells can’t be undone. Some fates can’t be avoided and somehow he is going to figure out how to keep his mortal life alive as his sins come calling.


Guardian Defender by Jacquelin Thomas

Can a former US marshal
Protect an agent running for her life?

Not even leaving her old life behind can keep former Homeland Security agent Rylee Greenwood safe from the ruthless cartel hunting her. After a murder leaves her WITSEC identity compromised, Rylee joins forces with former US marshal Kaleb Stone. But uncovering evidence to take down a powerful enemy who’s always one step ahead plunges them into a deadly game that could cost them their lives…

From Harlequin Intrigue: Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served.


Tainted Liberties by L.R. Jackson

Two starkly contrasting families collide amidst disturbing revelations that threaten to shatter their beliefs and marital vows in this raw and reflective romantic drama in the vein of Donna Hill’s Confessions in B-Flat

Raised on red-blooded American traditionalism, Mark’s views on life are simple—the man leads, provides, and protects the household, and the family follows suit, no matter the cost. His refusal to part from his detrimental ways paired with his primitive ideologies drives an unknown wedge between him and those he cherishes. When he receives a series of devastating news, it could prove to be the catalyst for change that he doesn’t realize he needs.
Amy struggles to keep her family together as Mark’s behavior continues to spiral out of control. For years, she’s lived in the shadow of their marriage while trying to maintain an upstanding home and work-life balance. Soon, she finds herself immersed in a string of personal mishaps that may cause everything she’s tried to hold together to gradually slip between her fingers.
Sheldon has beaten all odds stacked against him. As a black man, he is Ivy League educated with a prominent career, a beautiful and equally educated wife, and adorable children. Their life is the epitome of the American dream fulfilled. For Sheldon, having everything you need doesn’t always equate to what you desire. Desires that could ruin all his accomplishments.
Eva has hopes and dreams that are buried under burping babies and wifely responsibilities. She loves her family but has lost herself in the process. In an effort to figure out her new normal, she becomes a woman her husband Sheldon doesn’t recognize. While trying to find her way back to herself, she risks losing the faith and family she holds dear.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up June 24th-30th

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