When a death in the family causes Sahara Baxter to uproot her life in Miami to move back home to Dawson, Mississippi, the world seems to be crashing at her feet. Being back in her hometown meant that Sahara would be reconnecting with people she thought she had left behind. In order to deal with all of it, Sahara goes out into the city one night to relieve some stress, only to have a one night stand with a handsome stranger, Leo St. Julien.

During a time of grief that weighed like concrete, Sahara finds out news she wouldn’t have thought to hear in her lifetime—she’s having a baby. Knowing nothing more than his name and relation to her cousin, Sahara is conflicted. She knows that the next step isn’t a decision to make on her own, even if the father is a man she didn’t know for more than 24 hours.

What will become of the two seemingly strangers that are parenting a child together? Will they make the best out of a bad situation? Or will there need to be an angel guiding them every step of the way?


New Release Spotlight – Angels on Cherry Hill, by Jamiya Taylor

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