He was her rainbow after the rain.

Faith Wilson was an entrepreneur who was self-directed, self-sufficient, and independent. She didn’t need a man or anyone to help her fulfill her goals. Faith was prepared to fulfill them all by herself.

Drake Johnston was a security guard for the St. Clair family. He took his job seriously. He took family seriously. Drake was committed to fulfilling his responsibilities and duties.

Their paths originally collided, then they recollided again, unearthing feelings that could set them on a path to their destiny. An unexpected encounter set Faith on a divergent course, one that caused her to collide with postpartum depression, and she didn’t know whether she could recover from it or not. Tests and trials tried her resolve, but Drake helped her to come out on the other side. He helped her to find love within herself and with him.


New Release Spotlight – Drake: Book 5 of the Flex Series, by Celeste Granger

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