Drummond Martin
As the family playboy, love has never been on my radar. Women come and go at my whim, but Porsche and her bad attitude have always been in my sights. I have an NBA team to worry about, especially with our young troublemaker in the news for reasons other than his amazing gameplay. I don’t have time for relationships, but a situtationship with mean ass Porsche, I can do.

Porsche Brown
Drummond gets on every last nerve I have…always coming at me with some “Hey, Porsche!” I’m teaching and running a charity. Plus I have greats friends to spend my time with. I only need a man for one thing, and I get can get who I want, when I want. When the idea of a secret enemies with benefits situation comes up, I figure, why not? But as time goes on, Drummond starts to feel less and less like an enemy.


New Release Spotlight – Love, Undercover: A Secret Enemies with Benefits Novel (Martin Brothers Book 3), by Nina High

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