Since making his first appearance in the rap duo Fame & Fortune, Keyan “FAME” Martin consistently found himself under the scrutiny of celebrity gossip. His personal life was dissected for public consumption at every turn. Without feeling compelled to address rumors, Keyan navigated life with an unyielding confidence, shrouded in a steel armor. That was until a chance encounter on a random night out with an unexpected acquaintance weakened his armor, thrusting them into another tidal wave of rumors.

Following a heated online feud with a label mate, Emory “HEAVEN” Thomas aimed to gracefully return to the limelight. However, as she reintroduced herself with new music, she unexpectedly becomes the focal point of public attention, now linked as Fame’s latest romantic interest. A seemingly innocent invitation sets her world into a frenzy, putting her relationship with the notorious heartbreaker under intense inspection.

When interest in their relationship draws the attention needed to advance her career, Emory and Keyan agree to fake date for a year. Initially, the agreement appeared straightforward, given their complex histories that deemed them unsuitable for love. Then, suddenly, during their shared quiet moments and confidences, adhering to the terms of their arrangement became challenging. Soon, the obstacles that once prevented them from being together became insignificant.

Will Emory and Keyan call it quits before their agreement unravels explosively, or will they submit to the emotional consequences of their choices?


New Release Spotlight – The Other Side of Fame: A Fake Dating Romance, by D. Rose

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