Jillian Hart has reached her breaking point. Every moment of her day is seemingly consumed catering to her family’s needs and wants as a wife and mother of two. Her only source of solace is the day spa, where she works as a part-time esthetician. Even that is at risk of being taken away by Ivan Hart, Jillian’s demanding husband, and his unrealistic expectations. 

When her husband does the unthinkable, Jillian flees with her children to Colemanville, North Carolina to the home of her maternal grandmother, Nana Flo. At her lowest, Jillian must reassess her life and confront the choices that have derailed her dream of owning a day spa specializing in esthetician services. 

In Colemanville with Nana Flo’s help, Jillian discovers she and her great-grandmother, Iva Rae Coleman, are kindred spirits after learning intimate details about Iva’s life. With this revelation, she accepts that the crumbling of her marriage was unavoidable to propel her toward her destiny to carry on the Coleman family legacy. 

Join the journey of this wandering beauty to see if family secrets, scandals, and her husband’s determination to reconcile will hinder Jillian from fulfilling her destiny.


New Release Spotlight – Wandering Beauty, by Suzette Riddick

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