The last in the Just a Taste series…

When you go viral, what do you do?

Everything was closing in on Denny.

Her focus should have been on healing and adapting to a life away from her ex-boyfriend. What she wasn’t expecting was an explosive moment with her ex to hit the internet. All she could do was ride out the storm. Part of her (… okay, it’s the horny part) wanted to ride it out with, on top of, and underneath Hugh. But, after he shared his past life with her, she’s conflicted.

Hugh’s past and present were colliding.

All he’d ever had was work and his Grams… but, now, he had Denny. He was going to give her all of him until he couldn’t tell where his body stopped and hers started. He’d made a promise to give her everything, and it was a promise he intended to keep. But the cord tethering Hugh to his new life was beginning to fray, and the worlds that he’d worked to separate were beginning to merge.

Through the chaos, one thing seemed certain: Denise and Hugh were Insatiable.


Pre-Order Spotlight – Insatiable: A Best Friends to Lovers Spicy Romance (Just a Taste Book 3), by Ayla Cox

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