Our mission and motto is, #BlackLoveCenterStage.

What does that mean?

It means this is a space to put Black romance (books that exemplify #blacklove) in front of Black readers.

Our ultimate goal is to bring Black authors to the forefront – with a focus on romance – to show that we’re out here, and we’re writing, and reading, and our minds are open and ready! There is beauty in the specificity of our focus. It isn’t about excluding anyone, but about intentionality and deep love and appreciation for an under-represented category of literature and authors.

It’ll be all Black Love all the time around here – a focus we’ll never be pulled away from.

We’ll be recommending books, blogging, informing about new releases, participating in blog tours, podcasting, and much, much more!

So the next time your reading friends ask you: “Girl, have you read…?” your answer will be “Yes!”