Girl, Have You Read… is designed to get black authors, writing books centering black love, in front of the illustrious audience that is black readers. As an author, there are a couple of ways we can help you get your books into the hands of the people that are looking for it!

Having a Book Tour?

Do you have a new release you’d like us to share?

We are also completely open to sharing cover reveals, giveaways, author interviews, as well as guest posts by you!

You can use this link to submit that request.

We’re introducing a new exposure opportunity for authors who write books centering Black characters! GHYR Soundbites will be a short, audible pitch, from the author to interested audiences. You simply record an MP3 (can be done as simply as plugging in earbuds and using your cell phone) with a limit of two and a half minutes ( 2 minutes, 30 seconds) in length, telling us the who/what/when/where/why of you as an author, or a specific project of yours.

Who – either you or your character(s)

What – What you write, or what the book is about/blurb.

When – When/how long you’ve been writing, or when your book comes out.

Where – Where we can find your catalog, or where we can find the book to purchase

Why – Why Black romance is important to you/ Why readers should pick this book up.

If you’re a reader, and would like to leave an audible love note to the genre, you can use the exact same submission form!

You can use the link below to submit your soundbite!

Submit Your Soundbite Here