Tay Mo’Nae


Taylor Kirk is 24-year-old born and raised in Elyria, Ohio. She’s a college graduate having her Associates Degree in business management.

Taylor is the middle child and comes from a single motherhouse. When she’s not writing she is reading. Since the age of 11 Tay Mo’Nae has been an avid reader and has had dreams of possibly being as big as the authors she loves to read. She also enjoys baking and shopping in her spare time as well.

In August 2017 Taylor took a leap a faith and signed to a publishing company, Supreme Works Publication, to write books.

Her pen name, Tay Mo’Nae actually comes from her actual name Taylor Mone, Taylor has always enjoyed writing she was always told by her teachers and friends when she was younger, she had a gift for it and should pursue it later in life. She always used writing as a stress reliever or as something to take her mind off things. When she suddenly started posting short stories on Facebook groups, she was told, once again, she should pursue writing. Since then her writing career has taken off and she only hopes it continues to grow.

Taylor’s main goal is to continue to grow in her writing and make each book better than the previous one and eventually venture out to other genres, contemporary and mysteries.

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