Chelsea Maria


Breakout Author, Chelsea Maria, is rebirthing the idea of love for the millennial generation. Armed with a desire to define the union of reality, faith, and love Chelsea Maria writes relatable stories that challenge society’s warped view of love. With a clearly defined purpose, Chelsea puts her passion and talents to use for the betterment of the generation.

Since the impressionable age of 15, this Florida-native has been piercing pages with her vivid imagination. She’s penned countless narratives that perfectly fuse devotion and romance. Now, with an arsenal of love-inspiring chronicles, she is claiming her spot in the world of fiction. Bringing a new wave to the industry and reshaping the twisted perceptions.

Tasked with changing the narrative, Chelsea gives it her all. With no abandon, she pens the stories of her heart and the hearts of her readers fervently. Using her God-given talent, she employs wit and artistry that not only make all hearts swoon but also plant seeds of conviction and force reflection of her readers. Every addition to her growing catalog is penned with the purpose to revive the faith in love. Allow yourself to step into the realm of love, faith, reality, and all that in between.

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