Kiki D’Neise


I am a New York City girl living in Florida. I started my first manuscript Wait for Me over seven years ago. Since then the book has evolved into a series containing six full length novels under the name Vision Records.

I am an educator by day and a self-published writer by night, but I feel like I’ve been a writer since I was a child, writing poetry and then short romances since my teenage years. I studied American and African literature in college and graduated with a degree in English Literature.

I write diverse contemporary Haitian-American romances that also deal with the joys and growing pains associated with growing up in a Haitian family.

In addition to my upbringing, my work as an educator has also informed my work as a writer. I like to write characters with dark pasts, and strong personalities, who are often times dealing with emotional, physical, and psychological disorders, but who ultimately rise above their challenges to be with the ones they love.

I am a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, but I think I’d have to be in this field, right? My hope is that my stories and characters inspire readers to find and fight for their forever loves.

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