Robbed of so many other things along with my heart, I settled for the safety of my chrysalis, with the hopes that one day I’d be freed from its darkness. One day I’d be transformed into something beautiful. One day I’d grow wings and fly.

Considerable time had passed since I last dreamt of my daughter or wife. Though I’d always miss them dearly, I considered myself healed from the pain of their loss. I was able to journey through life and embrace that their presence was a gift for the short time they lived. I was able to still see the positive from the remnants of love they left behind.

It had taken me time to get there, but I was glad to be in the space. Now I wished it for someone else. A love song for Paisley Deveaux, the upbeat kind that spoke of healthy love in relationships. The kind that made your heart sing and your spirit dance. I wanted that for her. Paisley yearned for it. Though she’d hidden her deepest desires beneath an invisible obstruction, I saw straight through it. I saw her.


Book Spotlight – A Love Song for Paisley Deveaux, by Rae Anderson

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