Meet Tosha who was once a beautiful woman who lost sight of herself trying to keep a man. Not just any man her man Lavell. Broken spirits, Bruised and broken hiding from her friends and family all the black eyes, busted lips, and tears. Tosha knows she is worth more than handbags, Jewels, and shoes but the real question is will she leave Lavell or will she stay. Will Tosha let the abuse continue or will she finally stand up for herself and let Lavell know she will not be his punching bag any longer. Even though Tosha have friends who don’t know the half they just stuck on Lavell being the man and the things he could do for Tosha. Will Tosha get out in time or will she die trying you know what they say what goes on in the dark will finally come to the light lets just hope Tosha see the light or maybe her real knight and shining armor will rescue her and show her what she is really worth. Hold on to your seats while Tosha and Lavell take you on a roller coaster of hurt, confusion, pain and broken spirits.

Message From The Author: No type of Abuse is ever ok, not Domestic, Physical, Emotional, Mental or Sexual Abuse. This could happen to any one man or woman speak up don’t be afraid get help talk to someone but never stay and take the abuse because you think its love don’t confuse love with Abuse.

Book Spotlight – Carrying The Weight Of The World On My Shoulders, by Tiffany Gilbert

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