Nadia Sanders is in Jamaica preparing for the most spectacular event of her life. Gia is there to make sure nothing spoils her best friend’s big day. But that was not to be when Keith White is offended by what Nadia says. It ruins what is supposed to be.
Business brings Nadia and Marcel Baptiste into the same boardroom. Marcel likes what he sees on and off paper and is convinced Nadia can keep her end of the bargain for the business side. However, what he’s more interested in is if she can handle him on the romantic side. Even though she is drawn to him, Nadia is not in a hurry to meet Marcel’s love requirements, but there is no denying he does more than his due diligence to make sure she meets him halfway.
Nadia pushes and Marcel pulls being forced to stand his ground. Can Nadia handle a man who refuses to be anything less than a real man no matter how hard she pushes? Find out what’s really in store for these two as they take us on an interesting journey of heartbreak, disappointment, and love. **This book contains a rape scene. If you do not like this element in a romance read, this is not the book for you.**


Book Spotlight – Cautiously, by J. Shanee Byers

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