Asha Bailey and Andreas ‘Heavy’ Adams are best friends. Both “players” at heart, neither Asha nor Heavy, trust in love and live lives that reflect as much. When Heavy takes an unannounced road trip away that keeps him out of Chicago for a week, Asha decides now is the time, if ever, to see what she has been missing since she has been so caught up running around the city with Heavy. Finally, giving one of her longtime admirers the time of day, Rodney “Rod” Williams, has Asha thinking and feeling ways she hasn’t thought or felt in a long time.

Back in Chicago, Heavy is focused on getting money and getting back to the grind, but things aren’t quite as sweet. Things are hot in the streets, and he and his homies seem to be on the receiving end. His best friend, Asha, has always been a big relief for his mental, and with the streets hot, that’s the exact relief he needs. Getting back in her amazing graces after being gone is the only problem he thinks he’s in for until Asha shows Heavy that she’s really feeling a man she’s dating. Asha has liked a man before, but this time it feels different, and now it’s inconvenient timing.

When an unimaginable tragedy happens in Heavy’s life, Asha is by his side like she’s known to be. After a fallout between the two of them, Heavy feels like he wants Asha back around him even more than ever. When Asha and Heavy come face to face, they’re faced with the reality of seeing their friendship in an entirely different space. When forced to confront each other feelings in another light, the decisions are left to Asha and Heavy. Will they open their eyes to see their “friendship” for something else? Or will they continue as best friends to not lose their friendship?


Book Spotlight – Fairytale Love With A Savage, by CeCe

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