Only a vampire can love you forever…

Complacent in her relationships with the opposite sex, Kharynn Lewis spent her days as a flight attendant unknowingly looking for something more. After numerous flings with married men, she longs for the man currently sharing her bed to make good on the promises moaned to her in the heat of passion. Realizing too late she’d never be more than Charles’s plaything; she begins to reevaluate her priorities in love and life.

As the head of Bello Enterprises, Vasilios Bello is a charismatic genius who everyone has eyes for, including Cyndi, his personal secretary. Women trip over their feet to be seen on the arm of this corporate shark. Unknown to anyone, including his closest advisor, Vasilios has a deep, dark secret that he’s forced to remain vigilant and keep under wraps. Mythical creatures only existed in the fairy tales told to children to keep them afraid at night. 

Thrown together while avoiding a potential tragedy, Kharynn can’t deny her attraction for the chocolate Olympian who saved her life. In his eyes, Vasilios saw Kharynn as the ultimate temptation: beautiful, voluptuous and inviting. Realizing that their attractions were reciprocated, Kharynn and Vasilios engage in a hypnotic love affair. But once Cyndi and Charles discover their betrayal, will their unpredictable temperaments tear these two lovers apart? He vowed to protect her from harm. She vowed to be his forever. Will their impossible love story be a match made in eternity? 


Book Spotlight – Fascinated By A Billionaire-A Vampire’s Tale, by Fatima Munroe

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