Victoria is a nursing student who meet’s the man of her dreams, a doctor name Rashard. It seemed like the perfect love story, after a beautiful wedding Victoria finds out she’s pregnant. A few months later she’s in a horrible car crash that causes her miscarriage and leaves her in a deep depression. After constantly being rejected by his wife Rashard has an affair. When his mistress end’s up pregnant but later murdered, how will Rashard make it out of this tragedy. Can he survive the wrath of a woman scorned?
Victoria and Nikki have been best frenemies since middle school. A jealous Nikki always wanted what Victoria had and she spared no shame to get it. Victoria spent years planning the perfect revenge on Nikki, after she stole her first love. Once Nikki marries her dream lover, a guy named Tony who she thinks she stole from Victoria. Will Nikki live happily ever after or end up with a life sentence.
Victoria thinks she has fixed everyone who has wronged her. Her cheating husband has learned his lesson and her best friend not, is out of her life for good. Once Victoria lets her guard down, her slick husband unexpectedly turns her world back upside down to get even. Can the two lovers get back to their fairy tale love or was this a fatal attraction from the start.


Book Spotlight – Fatal Attraction: Till Death, by Vaiccia Hamilton

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