Friendship Matters is a timeless and refreshing story of three women who share bond that is so strong and relatable, you’ll feel an instant connection.

Saisha is a sassy real estate agent with a gift for cooking, but who’s still carrying a torch for an old love. Euniqé is a psychotherapist and a mom who’s struggling to allow herself to find happiness after the death of her husband. Kandace dreamed of being an interior designer, but she’s more of a shopaholic who is struggling between an unhappy marriage and the luxuries that it conveys. Despite their differences, these three women profess a fierce loyalty to each other, and they’re bonded by an unbreakable friendship that has lasted over 20 years. Together, they will navigate the ups and downs of finding love and happiness. They will share grief, laughter, music, gossip, and a characteristic banter that makes this not only a meaningful but also a fun read.


Book Spotlight – Friendship Matters, by Rona D. Drinkard

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