Growing in the Gray centers around Krista Clark’s once upper-middle-class family as their economic downfall threatens to impact her college choice. This is the last thing she needs as she navigates a new city, works to ditch her lame high school label, and tries to figure out what she wants from a guy who can’t seem to give her a clear signal to save his life.

Just when she thinks she has it all figured out by choosing to go to Chicago and starting her life over; it doesn’t take long to figure out that not everything goes as planned.

Embarking on adult life isn’t black and white, and her anxiety spikes as doubt weighs on her mind. She second-guesses leaving home for a taste of big city glamour, and even the most minute daily choices. She needs more than her moral compass to get her through the twists and turns growing up throws her way.


Book Spotlight – Growing in the Gray, by Christian Cook

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