Sexual attraction drives the thrill of not getting caught and this is evident while Desiree Edwards is delayed at LAX with Derrik Carter. Desiree realizes instantly that running into him is no mistake. The moment they shared a long passionate kiss, thoughts of her marriage and friendships leave her mind.

Forbidden love is only the beginning of her story…

Desiree has to be discreet about her sexual innuendos as she is married to Jamal – a handsome successful doctor who needs discretion of his own. Jamal is involved in a love triangle that does not include Desiree.

The plot thickens of entanglement when Desiree runs into her former lover, Troy Harris. The confidence she built of being over him no longer exists when he blatantly reminds her that her heart still belongs to him.

As she struggles to discover her real true love, Desiree’s emotions cause her to take right and wrong turns that lead her down an unexpected path.

Will Desiree learn that no one wins when infidelity, lies and betrayal are in the mix? What will it take for her to realize that sometimes one is enough…or is it?


Book Spotlight – One Ain’t Enough, by Mo Flames

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