Tap into your innermost sensual desires. Prepare for waves of exhilaration to sweep through your very core. As you journey through this provocative tale of love, deception, and romance, it will captivate your thoughts and stimulate your senses. If you are an adventure seeker, this takes you on a thrill ride of passionate dips, twists, and turns.
Niya and Will have weathered many storms and they have a love like no other. They have just renewed their vowels for their 30-year anniversary, and like a domino effect, yet another storm rises. When storms become ferocious, sometimes there’s no way of escaping the damage.
Some say love conquers all, and Niya and Will are in such a great space in their lives right now. They just built their dream home and they have several successful businesses; they are riding high in the clouds.
Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are, you just aren’t prepared for the tremendous amount of destruction a storm may cause. Can they rebuild, or has the foundation been shook beyond repair?


Book Spotlight – Quenched Thirst, by Maya

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