Do you believe in destiny? The kind that starts with what if?

It’s a question that’s been hanging on Charlie’s mind since the night that he met the woman of his dreams—Gloria.

Compelled to speak to her, Charlie finds himself spellbound and compromised, a prelude to the beginning of a salacious love story that leaves him questioning if their chance meeting was predestined.

The only problem is, he’s married.

Detective Charles Bensley, a civil servant, keeping the streets of Argale safe for all, is a southern gentleman and a hopeless romantic. A devoted dad and a loving, supportive, and loyal husband…

…that is until that fateful night when he encounters the irresistible, Gloria Gatlin.

The beautiful, straightforward, accomplished Assistant State’s Attorney is a lover of the arts that finds beauty in everything that surrounds her. A self-preservationist at heart, Gloria embraces the single life and prefers to be unattached, finding love and all that comes with it unappealing.

What starts out as an illicit affair with an inevitable end soon turns into a clandestine romance with no end in sight.

From sexy rendezvouses and taboo trysts to falling hopelessly for Gloria, The Paramour, Charlie ultimately learns just how many twists and turns destiny’s joyride can have.

And when the truth is uncovered, will Charlie say goodbye to Gloria and return to the life he lived before destiny intervened? Or does the universe have an altogether different plan in mind?

Really… How do clandestine romances end? Can a forbidden love have a happy ending?


Book Spotlight – The Paramour, by V. Kay Martin

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