Growing up together, Kierra Baker witnessed playboy Malik Ellis before he became the man he is today. A lawyer now and freshly divorced, Malik is the last thing on Kierra’s mind as she tries to venture through this new route of life. But after he appears at her surprise birthday party, one thing leads to another and soon, Malik is fighting hard to prove that he’s not the man she thinks she knows. Guarded and convinced that all love produces is pain, Kierra isn’t going for it and wants no parts. Will he be able to break down the walls that have been so securely put up?

Malik never claimed to be perfect and after a really bad breakup leaves him heartbroken, casual hookups became his thing just to feel something. So when things take an unexpected turn with Kierra, he’s not surprised that he wants her. What surprises him is how far he’s willing to go to secure her spot in his life. But will the strong, handsome Malik fight enough to win his ultimate prize?


Book Spotlight – Worth the Wait: A Novella, by B. Moni

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