There’s a new release coming soon from Alexandria House, and we have the cover!

NBA star Polo Logan is known for his on-court prowess and his off-court philandering, Kendra Doll is the main woman in his life and although their past bonds them together, it also may be what tears them apart.

He’s ready to make a change and truly commit to her, but is it too late?


We heard you can expect this one to drop sometime this Spring! But in the mean time, be sure to follow Alexandria House on social media for updates!

Cover Reveal – Flagrant, by Alexandria House


  1. Omigawd 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥now this “tease”! And more impatiently waiting for the “drop”. 😩. Every since the “Paul” sneak peek/tease on Book+Main I’ve been “mad” waiting for the release. C’mon we need a Flagrant Foul ASAP! 💯

    • And I know the book is called “Flagrant”…I’m just ready to read about all the flagrant fouls Paul will commit! 🥵

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