There’s a new release coming this May from Renée A. Moses, and we have the cover!

Lyric Phillips is ready for love. For the first time ever, she believes that something worth having may exist for her. She always did what made her feel good with no cares for anything else until it caught up and bit her. She ultimately changed her mindset, vowed celibacy, and tossed her bad habits. When the new Lyric falls in love again, her past trickles in with an agenda. 

Elijah Grant is a youth pastor for his father’s church. He loves working with the kids but being their pastor was not his calling. After mishaps from his past, he fell in line to get back into his father’s good graces. Now, he’s ready to step down and move on. Breaking the news to his family may mean more trouble than it’s worth.


Again, you can be looking out for this to drop in May! And be sure to follow Renée A. Moses on social media for updates!

Also, check out Books 1-3 of Renée’s Harris Sisters Series here.

Cover Reveal – Not Good Enough For You, by Renée A. Moses

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