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Sinfully Sweet Confessions: Black Lush (Naughty Season) by Sherelle Green

Nectario “Rio” Hood
When she asked me if I liked them thick, I didn’t know she was talking about an actual milkshake. I didn’t make it any better either when I went on a rant about how much I love cake. Now, she thinks I can’t hold a conversation that doesn’t revolve around food. I mean, I do like to eat. And if she lets me, I’ll show her exactly how I like my sweets.

Yet, she’s not picking up what I’m putting down, despite all my homeboy charm. All I need is one week to prove to her that while some dessert is best served cold, I like mine extra hot.The Hoods love celebrating, however, they don’t celebrate your average holidays. A kinky holiday is the only season they know and for these cousins, nothing naughty is off the table when they set their eyes on the right woman. Get ready! Naughty Season is upon us.


Lawe (The Domino Effect Book 2) by Grey Huffington


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of her.

Why you running from me?

The first question comes to mind each time she turns her back on me. 

Rigid and cool to the touch, her heart had ice around it. She’d put it in the deepest, darkest hole and dared anyone to try and fetch it. A man that appreciates a challenge took this one on head first. And, with little bruising, I retrieved it. The red, barely recognizable organ was lifeless. Day by day, I nurtured it, nurtured her, and eventually, it began to beat again. Not just for anyone, but for me. Its revival was life’s greatest reward. The victory didn’t last very long. My lack of experience with handling something so precious led me to make rookie mistakes, ones that cost me her heart and mine, too.


That’s what I believe him to be.

Who sent you after my heart?

It’s the question that plagued me each time he set out on my path.

His pockets were stuffed and his accounts were limitless, affording him luxuries that not everyone had when it came to me. He didn’t flinch at the notion that he had to pay to play. It enticed him. That was my type. He was my type. But, he knew no boundaries. His quest commenced the second our eyes met, my body hypnotizing him and everyone else in the room around us. Sadly, they were a blur. All I saw was him. Tenacity was his specialty. He was as confident as he was persistent, tireless in his efforts to retrieve the one part of me that I’d buried for safekeeping. And, once he had it in his grasp, like every other man I’d shamefully given it to, he crushed it.


Tethered Love by Kimberly Brown

Eliana Barlow has spent years longing to be a mother. With six miscarriages, she is finally blessed with a beautiful baby girl through the loss of her best friend Porchea. The loss of her husband in the line of duty only two years later proves to Eliana that life can be cruel. Dealing with heartbreak amid raising her daughter is no easy task, but Eliana manages to do it all with grace.

Malachi Devereaux has spent the bulk of his adult life longing for the one thing he’s never had, a child. Set to be married to the beautiful Ziva Shaw, he has hopes of finally fulfilling that dream. When a young girl shows up in his classroom claiming to be his daughter, Malachi’s entire world is changed in the blink of an eye.

The secrets of his former lover come to light the same time as revelations about his current fiancée. The realization that she will never accept his child forces Malachi to choose between two different kinds of love. The problem with Ziva is she isn’t willing to give him up so easily. The budding relationship with not only Malachi and his daughter but her mother pushes Ziva over an already fragile edge.

Find out what happens when getting everything you want collides with ugly truths and vengeful secrets.


The Road to Love (Sensual Shorts Series) by Shanicexlola

Rieka Turner needed a reason to believe in love again.

Who knew she’d unveil it after being left out of her family’s annual cabin trip?


All He Ever Needed by Tay Mo’Nae

Finishing her master’s degree was the only Indigo was worried about, when she decided to throw caution out the window and succumb to one night of passion she never expected the results following that night.

Silas was tired of being controlled and his parents trying to dictate his life. Relationships were never on his radar, enjoying the freedom being single gave him. The moment he learns he was about to become a father, his fight or flight senses kicks in and insecurities surface.

Two people who unknowably are more alike than they think, are thrown into a situation and forced to face it head on. Will they be able to come together and be parents?


The Young & Luxurious: Love & Fire by Lula White

LA lawyer. Leader. Power player.

After Prosecutor Korienne Haughton has spent years sacrificing marriage and a family, to be the epitome of black excellence, at last, she’s leaving the Los Angeles D.A.’s office.

And sweet, unhindered love with Easton Worthen awaits her. As well as her real dreams of starting a lifestyle brand empire.

But the last day Kori is set to head for bliss, the murder of an LAPD police officer brings rage and a firestorm from the courtroom into hers and Easton’s bed.

Now for the final time, Kori faces her toughest trial yet—what’s more important to her?

Excellence, or Easton?

Handsome, accomplished, and born into a wealthy family, Easton Worthen seems to have it all: Money, a thriving law practice, and at long last, the woman of his dreams.

Until scandal rocks the Worthen family, and East’s love for Kori is thrown into the middle.

He’s been delaying an inevitable showdown with his father for years. Now, with the city revolting against them, their family’s vast empire is on the line. Easton must finally face the most consequential choice of his life.

In the City of Angels, is Kori and Easton’s bond strong enough to ride through trial and tribulation on angels’ wings?


Falling in Deep with You by Wynta Tyme

The Mad Hatter of the South, Alcide, is on the hunt for his queen. More like he’s willing to jump through hoops to find her. During his scout for potential prospects, Alcide meets three beautiful women, and though all beautiful, they each have something different to offer. Any of the three are capable of keeping his attention for eternity, but alas, his need is only for one.

Luring the women to his kingdom with the help of his furry rabbit, Chase, Alcide must convince the women to contend for his heart. But only the most conniving of tricks and meticulous manipulation can win him over. When outside forces reveal they have an agenda of their own, The Wonder Realm journey the contestants embark on is sure to be one for the books.

Who will claim victory and marry the Mad Hatter of the South? Will Alcide get the love he most desires and be freed from his curse? Or will Alcide go madder in the absence of love?


Rehab by DeeAnn

Love after heartbreak. It’s not easy for everyone, especially when it starts an unhealthy addiction you hide from the world.

Months before her wedding day, Erana Pointer receives devastating news from her fiancé and uproots her life back home, not knowing that love was unexpectedly waiting for her there. She meets Austin “Four” Mims, and the connection is instant. The closer they get, the more Four begins to figure Erana out. The truth is right in front of him, but he refuses to acknowledge it until the unthinkable happens, leaving the pair to decide whether it’s best to grow with one another or give up. The attachment is there, but is it strong enough for them to work through?


Unbreak My Heart: A Harmony Heights Spin-Off Series (Life University Book 2) by Danielle Burton

Charlie’s world was turned upside down when her boyfriend was taken from her by the very people who are supposed to protect and serve. Grief and anger consumed her, and decided to uproot her life and start anew on the other side of the country. But the weight of her loss hangs heavy over her, leaving her feeling lost and alone in a new city.

In the midst of her struggles, she crosses paths with Santiago – a man whose kindness and compassion draw her in. He sees the strength and vulnerability within her, and he wants to be there for her in any way that he can. As her feelings for him grow stronger, Charlie finds herself plagued with guilt for even considering moving on from the past.

Will she take a chance on the possibility of a new love, or will she allow the pain of the past to keep her locked in a cycle of grief and guilt?


Rather Be With You by ashley

Young and go-getting, Presley Moore, finds herself having to make the one decision no one likes to make—love… or pursuing her dreams. Unable to choose, the decision is painfully made for her. Determined to not make the same mistake twice, she learns the importance of balancing her ambitious pursuits as well as her personal life. With clarity and her priorities now in order, an unexpected blast from her past is forcing her to relive memories she’d done her best to suppress, causing her newfound happiness to begin unraveling.


Halo (The Domino Effect) by Grey Huffington

After everything, I stood tall, scarred and all, ready to receive the blessings in my life. Ledge, Lailah, and the baby budding in my belly made it so much easier to embark on a healing journey like no other. Their beautiful faces and the unwavering love they bestowed upon me left me no choice but to strive harder to become the better version myself. They deserved it and so did I.


Going Down Smooth: An Omegaverse Novel (Part One) (Smooth Pack Duet Book 1) by Dreia Wells

I’m an Alpha trapped in an Omegas body.
I never wanted to be anyone’s mated anything. I wanted to be in control of my destiny, not held down by the shackles of my biology. My father, unfortunately, had other plans. I was supposed to fall in line like my sisters, but I ran. The night of my mating ceremony I rejected my four Alphas and got as far away as I could. I gave up everything and walked away from my family and never looked back.

But even in death my father still wouldn’t let me be free. The day of his funeral I’m given an ultimatum. He offers me a chance to run the family business but under one condition. To accept the mates I left behind and reclaim what’s rightfully mine. Or I lose it all forever.

Nothing’s ever easy in the Smooth family but I will find a way to get what I want.
I just hope my body doesn’t decide to betray me in the process.
Along with my heart.

Going Down Smooth is a Why Choose Omegaverse Novel. This book contains adult content and not suitable for readers under the age of 18. This is part one of a duet.


A Love Song for Paisley Deveaux (Love & Life in the Big Easy Book 1) by Rae Anderson

Robbed of so many other things along with my heart, I settled for the safety of my chrysalis, with the hopes that one day I’d be freed from its darkness. One day I’d be transformed into something beautiful. One day I’d grow wings and fly.

Considerable time had passed since I last dreamt of my daughter or wife. Though I’d always miss them dearly, I considered myself healed from the pain of their loss. I was able to journey through life and embrace that their presence was a gift for the short time they lived. I was able to still see the positive from the remnants of love they left behind.

It had taken me time to get there, but I was glad to be in the space. Now I wished it for someone else. A love song for Paisley Deveaux, the upbeat kind that spoke of healthy love in relationships. The kind that made your heart sing and your spirit dance. I wanted that for her. Paisley yearned for it. Though she’d hidden her deepest desires beneath an invisible obstruction, I saw straight through it. I saw her.


Bleek Blackmon’s Woman?: A Black Cowboy Story by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Bleek Blackmon III, stood at the window of the home he grew up in, staring out over the expansive property, property he owned.

His grandfather built the structure with his own hands more than eighty years earlier when he was a forty year old husband and father with an infant son. In those days it was a rare thing to see a Black man with his own ranch, a ranch with acres of land, horses, cattle and a field of vegetables as far as the eye could see. The first Bleek had worked twenty years and saved every penny to purchase the land and the livestock, forgoing love and a social life to have his dream. For a man born in 1900 it was a dream come true. Four years earlier he met and married thirty year old school teacher Alicia when he was thirty-six and she was thirty. His intention was to fill her up with sons but they were blessed with one son, Bleek Jr. who followed his father’s path, down to marrying later than most at forty and getting his first and only son at age forty-one. Everything for them was about the land and legacy. Now it was all owned by Bleek III, who at forty had never married and honestly wasn’t looking for a wife though his mother, Marie at age seventy-seven wanted a grandchild. Bleek recalled their conversation months ago after Bleek Jr. died at eighty.

Bleek, you won’t live forever son. You need a wife and children. Otherwise what did your grandfather and father work for? All of this will get sucked up by sharks—the same sharks who would have, if they could have, stopped them from owning this land. Not only that, a woman, a good woman who loves you and can handle what you bring will bring joy to your life. You have everything else, son.

Bleek hadn’t responded but he heard her.

What would that be like? Bleek wondered. To have a woman of my own, a wife. Someone who could put up with what being a Black Rancher, a cowboy’s wife in the twenty-first century.


Purfect By Design: Shifting Hearts Series by Jade Royal

Playboy vs. Virgin:

A Steamy Shifter Romance Spoiled. Arrogant. Panther Prince.

Sassy. Rebellious. Curvy Girl.

He needs a bride as social proof to take his place on the throne as alpha in his pride. She needs a husband to break away from her parents’ overprotective hand.

An arranged blind date by his father gives them the perfect opportunity to benefit both parties.

A fake marriage. Will their “I do” seal their fate as a lifetime of pretending?

Get ready for a sizzling romance between two unlikely opposites, filled with passion, desire, and unexpected twists. Will they succumb to theirå primal instincts or will they find a way to make their arrangement work?
Find out in this tantalizing tale of love, lust, and deception.


King’s Heart: The Lyon’s Den Series Book 3 by K. Nicole

Meet the oldest of the brothers, King Lyons. All about his money and his daughter, he unexpectedly becomes a single father. His wife, Fahari left and took his heart with her. His family urges him to move on but King doesn’t know how. He doesn’t want to. he still wore his wedding band, ready to take his wife back if only he could find her. One day, he started looking at his daughter’s teacher a little differently. His heart feeling a little different. Could Layton Smith be the one to take his mind and heart away from Fahari?


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New Release Round-Up April 10th-16th

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