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FLAGRANT (St. Louis Cyclones Book 1) by Alexandria House

NBA star Paul “Polo” Logan is known for his on-court prowess and his off-court philandering.

Kendra Doll is the main woman in his life, and although their past bonds them together, it also may be what tears them apart.

He’s ready to make a change and truly commit to her, but is it too late?

(Polo and Kendra were first introduced in the novel, Let Me Hold You, by Alexandria House.)

*This story contains content that may be sensitive for some readers.*


Love’s Garden (Amalia and Kawan Book 2) by B. Love

On the battleground of love, Amalia and Kawan were at war with themselves because of their feelings for each other. When a life changing secret is exposed, the two are pulled closer than they thought was possible. Amalia is convinced it’s her time to reap the harvest of Love’s Garden… but she learns quickly… even the most beautiful roses have tangled roots and painful thorns. 

Please note: Love’s Battleground must be read before Love’s Garden. 


Come Alive (Forever Yours Book 3) by Shanicexlola

The fire in our marriage was flickering, losing its flame the further we drifted apart…
But after seven years of marriage, I refused to let our fire die out, or be extinguished by someone who wanted everything I had.

*Please note, this is book three of the ‘Forever Yours’ series. However, it can be read as a standalone.


Rocking This Thing Called Love (His Rock, Her Way Series Book 2) by Tereesa L. Tuff

Three years and a whole baby later…

Rocky should’ve been living on a cloud. Instead, her life had been turned inside out. A complete contrast to the budding friendship that quickly and despite her reservations, magically blossomed into love. He had loved her to her core, fought through her hesitancies, and made her see the beauty in giving one’s heart to another, and then… it all came crashing down. Now, she was left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart while raising their precious son without the love of her life at her side. Yet, her heart still pined ― a fact she had accepted and was willing to take to her grave, until… she wasn’t.  

Dre was a go-getter, college football phenom turned pro athlete with his head on straight. Still, after falling in love with probably one of the most stubborn but caring women he’d ever met, the spell had left him dizzy and void of genuine affection, to say the least. Despite the time they had been separated, there were still so many questions he didn’t have the answers to. However, as a co-parent to their amazing son, Dre had resolved to make the best out of their situation ― settling for her terms, until… he couldn’t.

His name had been written on her soul. Her love solidified his purpose. But fear had Rocked the love they created. Now the lines were blurred. But when the dust refuses to settle, and Love is tired of waiting, will they walk down the same path as before or close their eyes and finally set each other free?


Caged by Kaige Kiera

Rules— we set them in place to govern ourselves accordingly. However, Autumn Coleman’s long list has trapped her in a life of academics, with little time for anything else. Conflict arises when Avery Richards enters the picture, shaking up everything Autumn thought she knew.

Blessing Richards thought she had the perfect man Loving. Carefree. Ambitious. But one wrong move has her questioning the decisions she’s made that have led her to this point. No longer is she living in a blissful paradise she once called home.

Will Autumn allow Avery to push her out of her comfort zone and teach her everything she never never knew about love or will she stick to the rules and miss out on the chance of a lifetime?


Acquainted With Atlas (The Hero Reservist Book 1) by Tina Martin

Army Reservist AKA Special Agent, Atlas Zayvian, has infiltrated Genetix Industries, not because he’s really a biochemist working on discovering breakthrough cures for common illnesses. No, his business here involves a woman with a mean strut who possesses effortless beauty and the brains to match.

She’s his ‘target’ – pharmaceutical scientist Bria Mallery.

Bria has no idea she’s in the agent’s crosshairs. Like all the other women at Genetix, she can’t deny the appeal of Atlas. With his blue eyes and caramel complexion, he’s a whole lot of eye candy and a whole lot of man. Bria soon discovers that his blatantly obvious, awkward personality is likely his downfall when it comes to establishing connections with people – that is until she begins to like the weirdness that comes along with him.

*Acquainted With Atlas is book one of a three-book series. For the best reading experience, these books should be read in order.


Queen (The Path To The Throne Book 2) by Roy Glenn

On the heels of a second attempt to assassinate her, Barbara Ray has to make a choice—seek peace, or prepare to go to war against her enemies. With her businesses both growing and diversifying, the former “Pampered Princess” was becoming a force to be reckoned with in The Family. Knowing that a war with Glover, and what remained of Spikes people, would be bad for business, Barbara chooses the path of peace; but she will soon realize that all things are not as they appear to be, and she will need the support of her family. 
Meanwhile, the boss of The Family, Rain Robinson, has problems of her own that she has to deal with. Problems of her own making, as her decision to back Gavin Caldwell in his grab for power continues to haunt her. Rain knows that she and Carter will deal with it, and further solidify her place as Queen of The Family.


What’s a Man to Do: A Short by TaugJaye

Someone’s been hiding a secret that has the potential to tear their family apart.
is it Ahni or Izaiah?

This is a short story. If shorts aren’t your thing, this read may not be for you.
Must have read Love From a Young Hustler.
Also, this short may be familiar to some of you if you’ve been in my reading group for the past year. It is now available on Amazon for your pleasure.


To My Beautiful Bonnie, Your Ever Devoted Clyde (Book One of the Set Free Series 1) by Fuchsia Bloom

An unusual business proposal in 1940’s Georgia turns friends into partners into… lovers?
 Life hasn’t been easy for Robert Mack despite a movie role and a career as a musician. A trip to France is destroyed by the Nazi invasion and he barely escapes back home to the states. Back in Georgia, he reaches out to his childhood best friend seeking an unusual business proposal… involving marriage. He swiftly discovers her father arranged for her to marry one of his older business partners, ruining Robert’s plan to marry her. Unwilling to give up, he offers a dowry for her hand. Her father agrees. It’s just a business arrangement. Feelings were never part of the deal, but Robert can’t deny the sparks between them.  The honeymoon is just the beginning as a business deal quickly becomes something more… something scorching hot and undeniable.


Crashing into Love: The Brothers of Chi-Town (The Brothers of Chi Town Book 6) by Cheryl Barton

His name is Joseph Kincaid and while most call him Joey, the women of Chicago call him a variety of sexy epithets that are too salacious to utter in public. He’s a professional wrestler who is unmatched in the ring, untamed in his response to confrontation and unleashed when it comes to his bedroom proclivities, bringing women pleasure beyond their amorous fantasies.

For the second time in her life, Marlow Warren was responsible for an accident that altered someone’s life. The first time, she ran to avoid bringing disgrace to her family while hiding from her past, but this time, she’s all about making amends to the man whose life she ruined. 

Everything changed when Joey and Marlow’s lives collided and it wasn’t all bad. Hurt, anger and unending apologies turned into lust, desire and unbridled cravings, something neither of them could fight. When Marlow’s past arrives in a threatening way, Joey knew he would risk his life to protect her because he was now fighting for more than a future back in the ring; he was ready to fight for love. 


Dance With Me by Ciara J. Lewis

Jayla Bridges is used to life on the road as a choreographer. When a family tragedy happens, she finds herself back in her hometown and can’t help the empty feeling she has. When her high school friend asks Jayla to help with her parents’ anniversary party, Jayla finds herself on a journey of what it truly means to be home.

Tyrese Hill cannot believe he’s been roped into dancing for his parents’ anniversary party by his sister. But after meeting her friend, Jayla, he is instantly captivated by her. Only one problem. Tyrese has sworn off relationships.

As they become close, Jayla and Tyrese learn that sometimes it’s better to open themselves up to finding it’s better to let go and let love happen.


Love So Beautiful by Angel Mystique

Who says a love so beautiful isn’t in the cards? 
Josiah Briggs and Peyton Sinclaire have been avoiding each other for years. As a chance encounter brings them face to face with each other again, time moves faster than either expected, as do their hearts. Can they move past pains from years ago and allow themselves the chance to really give love another try, or will they pass up the opportunity of a lifetime? 
Love So Beautiful reminds us all that sometimes, true love only comes around once. 


She Is Me by Jessica Terry

Tonette liked her life as an elementary school teacher, though most usually considered it boring. Deciding that her vacation to Barbados would be her chance to step outside of herself and let loose, free-spirited ‘Toni’ was born.

She figured it was harmless to adopt a new vacation persona. Fun and adventure were the only things on her agenda, after all. But she didn’t count on falling for sexy islander Troy. Or worse, him falling for her alter ego.

Once her vacation was over, though, she never expected to see Troy again. But when he shows up at her door in Atlanta, she pretends to be Toni’s twin, kicking off a new wave of lies and deception.

Things begin to unravel as Tonette falls deeper into her charade. And if she doesn’t fix things, she could lose Troy and everything she didn’t even realize she wanted for good.


One Foot Out the Door by Lesanda Moore

Jasmine and Tyrone have been together since high school. He is always out running the streets and entertaining other females. When she reaches her limit, she breaks off the relationship. A few days later, Jasmine goes to a party with her best friend and meets someone new. She starts spending time with him and develops feelings. But when Tyrone learns that she is dating again, he shows up at her doorstep and attempts to sabotage her mission to find happiness. If Jasmine wants to experience true love, then she has some serious decisions to make concerning her life. Will she allow her past to hold her hostage or will she step boldly into the future?


Blind Offer by Virgo Girl

Tanisha has a secret. A big secret and she is about to be exposed. In her defense, she thought she was doing the right thing when she committed the ultimate deception. What she thought was a sacrificial act has turned out the be the biggest mistake of her life. Now she must face the consequences of her lies in the form of disgust and hatred from Diondre who was once and still is the love of her life. Will this secret cost her everything that is important to her? Will he ever forgive her? Is love stronger than pride?

Diondre was blindsided when Tanisha abruptly called off their relationship weeks before embarking on a new career in the NBA. Friends since childhood who turned into lovers, his life didn’t make sense without her. The knife to the chest came when she confessed that she’d been seeing someone else. To say that he was devastated would have been a gross understatement. With sheer determination, and countless faceless one-night stands he was able to get over her and become one of the league’s brightest stars. Now he is back in his hometown after a huge trade and is about to get the shock of his life.
Ride along as they navigate lies, secrets, deception, and love!


And, If It Isn’t Love by Mia Rayne

Meet Mya, a 27 year old introvert whose whole life revolves around a job that she despises and her two best friends; Nikki and April. Life for her is simple… she works Monday through Friday, speaks to her girls daily and a girls weekend at least once a month. Until she meets the tall and sexy Adir during her lunch break one day.

With a rush, their relationship blossoms into more than a friendship. From sharing lunch to vacations, their relationship explodes. Only everyone isn’t happy for Mya’s newfound happiness—especially when they believe that they’re the deserving one. 

When jealousy rears it’s ugly head, will it be enough to tear apart Mya and Adir’s relationship from the seams? Or, will they have what it takes to pull through? Roll with the two of them to see if they’ll be able to hurdle through the challenges that are supposed to separate them.


A Princess Doesn’t Kiss Frogs by Harlem C. Boston

Prepare to fall back in love again with this new irresistible and charming romantic comedy that is a fighting match for the hearts. Settling for love is just not this girl’s cup of tea, but someone knows how to add just the right amount of sweetness to unclog her heart. Who wants to fall into the arms of a bodacious physical therapist? Mahogany Taylor sure doesn’t… At least not anymore since her college crush broke her heart. Now that she’s a multi-millionairess princess owning one of the largest branding enterprises in the country. She’s over love… Or is she? Mahogany joins her besties in the beautiful snowy mountains, and doesn’t expect to find anything. Well… That is until her college crush Des Franklin shows up uninvited. Des Franklin, the hot bod, physical therapist any day other than when he puts his firefighter volunteer hat on. Undeniably the perfect pair especially when they’re sneaking off to cover each other in chocolate kisses, but Mahogany won’t admit that she’s slightly attracted to him. Absolutely not, never going to happen in a million plus years, but when fate takes control sparks fly. However, just when she starts to fall for the green-eyed hunkster, Mahogany’s high profile client gives Des play by play competition, and her face ends up plastered all over social media. Will Des blow out this fire before it ruins everything? Is Mahogany keeping a secret of her own?


Slow Burn: an over-40 romance by T.A. Harshaw


Glissant Spirits is the number one rum distiller in the world.
Until an upstart named Michael Winter enters the spirits arena.
Now, the fight is on for a legendary trademark.
And may the best man win.
Except, Malcolm Glissant discovers, Michael Winter isn’t a man.
She’s a woman. All woman. And the rules of combat have suddenly become what 
neither of them expected!


Press Rewind by Grey Huffington

In episodic fashion, read along as two souls find their way back to one another through second chances, uncovered secrets, forgiveness, truthfulness, and heartache. 

Somber + Rustic realizes it’s a much more daunting task, fighting to stay apart than to land together. There are mishaps, hatred, built tension, uncertainties, and fights (plenty), but neither are able to combat the love that is most potent and present amongst the chaos life has created for the two.


The Marriage He Demands: A Passionate Western Romance (Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws Book 2) by Brenda Jackson

In the wilds of Wyoming ranch country, he needs something only she can give him. What price is too high to pay? Find out in this sizzling contemporary romance from New York Timesbestselling author Brenda Jackson!

This ranching heir wants it all, including the woman who stands in his way!

Businessman Cash Outlaw has inherited almost all of his late mother’s Wyoming ranch…but still needs the fifty acres left to her former caretaker. As negotiations with beautiful, determined Brianna Banks become much more intimate, she reveals she’ll only sell him the property…if he gives her a baby! Cash’s counteroffer? That the mother of his child must become his wife!

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.

Love triumphs in these uplifting romances, part of the Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws series.

Book 1: The Wife He Needs
Book 2: The Marriage He Demands
Book 3: What He Wants for Christmas


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up April 12th-18th

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