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Check out these new releases from April 15th-21st.

Make Me A Promise by Kami

“Can you make me one promise?” was the last question the love of Adriel Thomas’s life spoke before she walked out on him under the guise of pursuing her dreams. Having no choice but to move on with his life, Adriel left her and their love in the past. Now, years later, he’s given an ultimatum that leaves him in a tough spot, and the only person that may be able to save him is the one he let slip away.

R&B singer Sayori Reynolds swore she’d never set foot in her old town when she left it in her rearview. However, unforeseen circumstances send her seeking refuge in the very place she ran from all those years ago. When she bumps into an old flame, sparks fly, and she’s reminded of the promise they made to each other.

Family secrets and trauma, both past and present, threaten to turn her world upside down and she begins to question if she can keep her word. Will the two of them be able to come together with so many forces against them, or will they learn not all promises can be kept?


Boss Up: Episode I: Shooting Shots (WAGS SZN I Book 1) by Aubree Pynn

On this episode of WAGS…

Aspiring hairstylist, Logan Taylor, has put her dreams on hold to see her sister through school, per her parents last wishes. Stressed and working two jobs ─ barely making ends meet and on the brink of a burn out, she’s faced with no other choice; get another job and hope things let up… soon.

Khamari Coleman is in Lavendale to enjoy All-Star weekend ─ the first of his career, connecting with old friends and hopefully, procuring a new home to further his life in basketball. What he wasn’t expecting was to be smitten by a doe eyed beauty with an air of mystery around her.

After days of being spun in her web, Khamari wants nothing more than to be in her space as long as time will allow. Logan is trying to put her life together and ignore what she wants and needs for herself. Can one weekend be the key to finding herself again or will bliss only last for the weekend?

Tune in!


Love Me Like You Do: A Jareau Family Wedding by Kimberly Brown

Alaina Jareau and Roosevelt Monroe have finally gotten their happily ever after. Through heartbreak and despair to triumph, they fought for the happiness they rightfully deserved. Though their relationship started with a rocky foundation, the moment has come to solidify their love permanently.

It’s time for a wedding!


The Forever She Deserves (Black Summer Island Book 3) by Lauren Lacey

A spicy, heartfelt vacation romance novella

Vivian St. Claire grew up in a world of high expectations shaped by her wealthy, conservative family. Despite this, her rebellious spirit led her to marry and become a mother at eighteen. Four years after her husband’s death, Vivian believes her best days are behind her, but her best friends disagree.

They convince her to take a chance to rediscover herself on Black Summer Island, where Vivian’s past and future collide when she reunites with Kade Kingston, her childhood sweetheart. With Kade’s return, Vivian is faced with the possibility of a new forever.

Is she ready to embrace a new life, or will she continue to hold on to the life she thought she’d have?

Join Vivian and her friends as they discover love on Black Summer Island.


A Perfect Melody by Monae Nicole

In the electric world of R&B music, seasoned singer Amias has seen it all—highs, lows, and treacherous pitfalls of the industry. When he encounters raw talent in Bliss, an aspiring R&B singer, he’s immediately drawn to her infectious spirit. Determined to protect the goodness in her, Amias deems himself her mentor, so Bliss won’t fall victim to the industry’s lure.

As Bliss navigates her musical journey, she faces numerous challenges that threaten to tarnish her name and the image she’s building. She feels hopeless, but Amias is there to remind her that she isn’t facing her challenges alone. He offers a comfort that settles her spirit, but Bliss can’t help but wonder if she’s in over her head.

When the smoke clears, Amias and Bliss find themselves wrapped in an impenetrable love. With music as their guide, they create a legacy that transcends their story. A Perfect Melody is what they make, but can they maintain the peace they’ve found?


Taste The Smoke: Four20 Bae by Sheryl Lister

Kenya Grant knows heartache and is determined not to make the same mistake again. When it comes to men—if she chooses to date at all—she keeps things light…no commitments, no ties. Until Alonzo Bennett. Sexy and caring, he awakens an explosive passion that tempts her to open her heart once more.

Kenya is everything Alonzo wants in a woman, from her brilliant mind to her stunning beauty, inside and out. With each caress and sensual kiss, they’re drawn closer together and he’s convinced she’s the woman he wants to spend his life with. But getting Kenya to trust again means healing old wounds and proving to her that their love is a risk worth taking.

Four20 Bae… When couples burn together from one end to the other. Make sure you check out all the stories in this multi-author series.


Smoke Screen: Four20 Bae by Kimmie Ferrell


To most, I’m the black sheep of my family. Owning Weed the People, an upscale marijuana dispensary located in the heart of D.C., hasn’t helped clean up my image. I don’t care. My main concern is growing my business. Until a chance encounter brings me face-to-face with the one that got away, twice. Ashlynn Harrison is smart, funny, caring, beautiful, and the newly appointed chief vintner of Harrison Family Vineyards. Under the guise of partnering with HFV to create a cannabis-infused wine, I’m determined to show Ashlynn why the third time’s the charm.


I spent the last five years traveling the world, learning how to be a better winemaker while running away from the pain of heartbreak. Now, I’m back home as HFV’s newest—and first woman—chief vintner. With much to prove and my work cut out for me, a collaboration with Raphael Reed sounds tempting, much like the man himself. It could also set me apart from the vintners before me. However, with our not-so-complicated complicated history, working together could have us on Cloud Nine or cause more than one relationship to go up in smoke.


Touch of Smoke: Four20 Bae by A.C. Arthur

When the clinic Sariya McKinney worked at is closed, she has to scramble to find a legal alternative for the medicinal cannabis her patients need. A night out reveals her best friend’s brother, Ro, is a cannabis banker, who can help her take the steps to opening her own dispensary. Their business link quickly turns into a series of passionate hook-ups that neither has a desire to stop, until passion leads to emotions that quickly become too much for them, and those closest to them, to handle.

As far as homecomings go, Ronan “Ro” Simmons, couldn’t have asked for a better one when the woman he’d convinced himself he could never have, ends up in his bed. But helping Sariya with her new business venture and falling in love with Sariya are two different things and that age-old warning of never mixing business with pleasure soon becomes his reality.


Smoke & Mirrors: Four20 Bae by Angela Seals


Over my lifetime, people have labeled me as a conceded S.O.B and they might be right. Being the bastard son of the late Mr. Cromwell, I inherited one of the most successful cannabis cultivation centers in the northern hemisphere. 

I also inherited my I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude from my estranged father, which may cost me my business. After my public breakup with America’s sweetheart, I lost many clients. My only saving grace is a favorable rating from the renowned cannabis critic, SmokinLady. Her articles make or break careers. There’s just one major problem.

She hates my guts.

After one stupid decision over fifteen years ago, things were never the same between us. She thinks I’m an insensitive jerk and I think she’s an uptight killjoy. If I can convince her to forget about the past, there’s hope for my farm. But when the smoke clears, will this gorgeous woman still hate me? Or will she realize that we need each other in more ways than one? 


Embers and Smoke: Four20 Bae by Tiye

When the first man who broke her heart is the one to mend it…

If there’s one thing former NFL player Jace Legend loves, it’s a confident, sexy woman who’s not afraid to stand her ground with him. Especially when it’s his new reluctant business partner in his latest venture, which joins his two favs: good food and good smoke.

If there’s one thing that the decidedly single, Chef Spirit Kimble hates, it’s an arrogant man who believes he has all the answers. Especially when that man just happens to be the boy who tormented her in high school and now has invested in her failing restaurant without her knowledge.

While Jace is convinced that his idea of an upscale cannabis-infused restaurant will be a success, Spirit is sure the idea will fail in a state known for conservatism and cowboys. As they work tirelessly together to open Embers in time for 4/20 day, Jace and Spirit bump heads at every turn. Until they realize that their fiery clashes are a recipe for the passionate love neither ever knew they craved.


Inconvenient Love by Aubree Pynn

Symona has spent her life in the protection of her father, the Don, and her sisters’ wisdom. Now, out on her own with a rose-colored view of the world and a deep-seeded need for her family to be whole, she’s blinded. However, one thing remains crystal clear for her – her growing affection for Jaq Mikells. 

Jaq Mikells is finally taking his place in manhood. With a mission to leave his past life behind him and his eyes set to the future, there’s one thing claiming space in his view – Symona LeFleur. Trying to fight the pull she has on him is useless. Positioned as her protector, Jaq is fighting more than ever to secure a future worth something.

Symona and Jaq agree that falling in love is inconvenient, but love is always worth it, or will Symona’s naivety ruin it all?


Cas & Yas: A Friends to Lovers Novelette by Talena Tillman

Numerous obstacles stood in their way, but they were destined to be together.


Cum and Fall in Love: An Erotic Novella by Kay Shanee

Norah Dixon has been with her boyfriend for three years. She believes she’s in love, although Zyleel has done some things that make her question whether or not he feels the same.

When she catches him with his pants down, literally, she has the proof she needs to move on. After years of giving her heart to a man who didn’t deserve it, she unintentionally finds herself in the arms and bed of a man she barely knows. Not expecting one night to lead to anything more, she leaves his bed content with locking her heart away.

August Bates is a man about his business. He’s successful in all aspects of his life—except relationships. After his last relationship ends, he puts his dreams of finding the perfect woman to settle down with on hold, and smash and dash is his new motto.

After moving back to his hometown, August immediately connects with Norah. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and they share a lust-filled night that takes Norah to heights of ecstasy she’s never been and leaves August fiending to take her there again and again.

Can one night of passion lead to love?


97′ Legend (The Lewis Brothers Book 1) by Alicia Weathers-Grey

When it’s me and you, it’s just us two.
I’ve made mistakes but I refuse to die knowing I didn’t make things right.


Something Earned: A Friends To Lovers WorkPlace Romantic Comedy (Something Series Book 2) by Chiquita Dennie

Enjoy this steamy forced proximity work place romance…..

Kianna has worked hard and knows she deserves a promotion at the radio station, despite what all the naysayers in her life say.

Caleb has gone above and beyond to prove he can handle taking on more responsibilities at work. What he’s not sure he’s ready to handle is competing with Kianna for a job.

A promotion is up for grabs, but only one can have it. With ex-lovers, a relationship that’s blurring the lines between coworkers, good friends, and lovers, Kianna and Caleb have a lot on their minds.

Can they ignore the outside distractions and focus on what matters, or will they jeopardize what could be the best thing that ever happened to them?


From Replied To Wifey (Brookwood Book 3) by Jahquel J.

Sade Benjworth has always had her life planned out.
Graduate college, work for a few years and then try to find her husband.
She has accomplished mostly all her goals, except finding a husband.
Sade is the last of her siblings to get married or have a serious relationship.
It doesn’t help that her mom has put a lot of pressure on her to find the perfect man.
After one drunken night, Sade decides to reply to Maliek Dubrow’s insta-story being funny.
What she doesn’t expect is the response that she gets from the rapper.

Maliek Dubrow is everything that Sade wants but is too scared to go after him.
He’s not the safe choice that her parents would approve of because of his past.
Sade is used to doing everything that she has been told to do. Maliek is the complete opposite; he has made mistakes and burned his fair share of bridges.
What he does know is that he needs a woman like Sade, as his wife.


Orchid’s Query: The Ultimate Fight for Love by Jas B.

The toughest battle for underground MMA fighter Query Jaquel is healing. After a tragic incident leaves his father in a care facility, Query raises his siblings, leaving his passion for fighting behind. His hands were his weapons, but his face and body weren’t the only things he guarded. His heart and personal space were off-limits until he met Orchid Bently.

With grief on her doorstep, architect Orchid Bentley is adamant about pushing through. Taking on her father’s orchard while maintaining her own career, Orchid finds a darkly mysterious yet inviting love amid the chaos. However, all of the moving pieces in her life begin to be too much. Although leaning on Query Jaquel is terrifying, she realizes it isn’t such a terrible idea. 

Orchid and Query are up for the ultimate battle. What will win? Love or Grief?


A Baller’s Love Awakened: A Forbidden Love, Unrequited Love, Stalker Love, Second Chance College Basketball Romance by Elani

Hungry. Brazen. Devious.
Love’s a forbidden game to the player with no heart to win.

Boseman University’s Black Lions, new and returning, are coming together to celebrate the beginning of the school year, but tension exists within the Pride. Their recent decisions will bear consequences they can’t escape, though the payoff could bring them closer to the things or people they desire.

Kiela Armstrong won’t be El Pierce’s fool. She won’t trust him no matter how hard he works to repair their relationship. But once Courtney’s folly is revealed and Kiela finds herself being pursued by other persistent Lions, can she truly stand by that statement? Does she want to?

El Pierce is challenged to prove that he deserves his place on the starting lineup, and he’s all about finding Bryson Humphrey’s weaknesses while teaching him a Hoop Boss lesson. But the greater challenge might be in keeping his groupie habit in check and away from Coach Armstrong’s daughter. When will he learn?

Courtney Engels cuts ties with her past as she struggles with ugly truths about her former bestie Rita and her sister Jayda Mae. Much to her stalker’s relief, she easily falls into Sherman Edwards’ loving care to lick her wounds. But when a pregnant Jayda shows up at Boseman with an unexpected demand for help, will Courtney’s instinct to run back to Bryson be the right one to follow? Can she go against Dean Wells’ special request when he asks her to help him take down El?

You’ve only scratched the surface of this steamy, unrequited love, coach’s daughter, off-limits basketball romantic drama in Part 1! Find out what happens next in Part 2 of the juvenile madness that leads to HEAs/HFNs and expect another cliffhanger. Told from multiple POVs, get ready to experience an original HBCU setting, and become emotionally invested in the games these Boseman Baes play for love!

Note: This novel contains coarse adult language and mature adult themes. See TW inside.


Bourbon & Bordeaux: A Steamy Small-Town Grumpy Sunshine Romance (Welcome to Kissing Springs Book 3) by Joi Jackson

Tenacious new publicist Lovie Whitfield is eager to make her mark. She’s about to land the opportunity of a lifetime—an exclusive book tour for an up-and-coming author with a provocative relationship book creating waves across social media. There’s just one challenge: Saxon Mitchell, the owner of Kentucky’s most sought-after bookstore and bourbon bar, must agree to host the book tour’s debut.

Saxon, who is embracing his quiet small town life at The Book Barrel, refuses to entertain the idea of hosting his ex-wife’s book signing. He values his privacy and endorsing a book that reveals intimate details about his life is out of the question. He dismisses Lovie’s emails, texts, calls, and DMs, hoping she’ll respect his boundaries and move on.

But Lovie isn’t one to back down easily. In a daring move, she heads to Kissing Springs, KY to meet Saxon in person, setting off sparks that neither can deny.


Finding Love in Orange Valley: An Athlete Hero, Second Chance Romance (Hearts Unveiled Book 2) by Aminata Coote

He’s searching for redemption, but she’s not interested in a second chance.

Kelsey Dupont’s world tilts when she comes face-to-face with her high school sweetheart, Nate Hawkins, in the last place she expected. When the principal mandates her to work with him at a basketball camp, Kelsey’s resentment simmers as she recalls Nate’s betrayal.

Once a man consumed by selfish desires and poor choices, Nathaniel Hawkins is now determined to prove he’s changed. Accepting the role of head coach at his alma mater, Nate hopes to rebuild more than just his career. He longs for redemption and a chance to win back Kelsey’s heart.

As Kelsey and Nate navigate the complexities of their shared history, Kelsey struggles to overcome her unforgiveness. Yet, with each passing moment, Nate demonstrates his sincerity and commitment to being the man she deserves.

Amidst the storm of emotions and external pressures, Kelsey and Nate must confront their past hurts and the possibility of forgiveness.

In this tale of second chances and the power of love to heal, they must learn to let go of the past and embrace the promise of a brighter future together.

Reading Order

  • Book 1: Finding Peace in Orange Valley
  • Book 2: Finding Love in Orange Valley
  • Book 3: Finding Joy in Orange Valley

Each story in the Hearts Unveiled series is a Christian contemporary romance with strong faith themes. Each novella is a complete story but is best enjoyed in the reading order above.


Mikael’s Choice (Temptation Book 9) by Angelia Vernon Menchan

For more than six months Mikael and Francine defined themselves as intimate friends. Which meant they spent time together, went on ventures and dates sometimes with her youngest son, JII in tow and they had great sexual intimacy and connection. That worked for them, however, Mikael was in love with her in a way he hadn’t experienced ever… he knew Francine cared about him but just wasn’t sure if she was in love and just as importantly if she wanted more from and with him. His heart had made his choice but what was her choice?


I’m feeling so close to a man, closer than I’ve ever felt. I was in love with and loved Jeremy but he was always bigger than life to me, I never felt we were compatible or I could live up to his status. Arabella’s father was young foolishness and Bohan served a purpose, he helped transform me into a music sensation over seas and catered to my needs. But Mikael, though he’s successful and has money being a Black, he’s not driven by doing more and more and he’s relaxed and committed to understanding me and my ways. But I’m not in love…am I?


Glory (Happy Harlots Book 1) by Aria Daze

“I wanted everything all the time. Boys, girls, fae, theys, and thems. I wanted to eat braised short ribs and redskin mashed potatoes while sipping an elaborate drink that contained no alcohol. I wanted to be enshrined in a candle too pretty to burn and memorialized in affectionate poetry detailing my midnight skin. I wanted to hold Cash and be held by Frankie. I wanted them both. Both.”

Gloria Esther King is living up to what it means to be a preacher’s daughter: Wild, sneaky, and promiscuous. She had no plans to give up the single life, but the twenty-seven-year-old re-evalutaes her life choices, finding herself stuck between heaven and hell after a routine night out goes wrong.


When it Comes to You by Genesis Carter

After a vacation in the picturesque backdrop of Mexico, amidst the vibrant colors of its culture and the soothing rhythm of waves, two souls find themselves unexpectedly entwined in a tale of love, loss, and redemption.

Josiah “J-Mac” Mackenzie, is a man who has sworn off love after experiencing the ultimate betrayal. His trust shattered by his ex-fiancée’s infidelity with his twin brother, he has resigned himself to a life of solitude, convinced that relationships only lead to heartache. But fate has other plans when he encounters Kahlia Mitchell, a woman still navigating turbulent waters of grief after losing her husband who just so happened to be her high school sweetheart.

Kahlia, haunted by memories of her late husband, returns to Mexico to fulfill a promise made to him – to scatter his ashes in the place they once shared cherished moments. Little does she know that this journey will lead her to cross paths with Josiah, a man whose mere presence ignites a spark within her she thought long extinguished.

As they embark on a whirlwind romance, Josiah and Kahlia discover a deep connection that transcends their past traumas, they have soul ties beyond what they can comprehend. But their newfound happiness is threatened by the shadows of their former lives, lurking in the corners of their hearts. Can they overcome the ghosts of their pasts and embrace the love that beckons them towards a future together? Or will the weight of their burdens prove too heavy to bear, tearing them apart just as they begin to grasp the possibility of forever?


Beautifully Unexpected by Shakirra Renee


CEO at 25. It hadn’t been easy but I defeated every obstacle that came my way, chased away every distraction that tried to interfere. Limited myself to things that stuck to the plan and set me forward. Until I met her. I had thrown caution to the wind when it came to leaving her alone. Now that I had her I was never letting go. My damaged heart be damned.


New city, new state, new life, a brand new start. That was the plan. To keep my head down and get through the first few months but that changed quickly and rather unexpectedly. Why did I get the smiles and the smirks when everyone else got the grumpy asshole? I shouldn’t fall into temptation but it’s hard. What will happen when his charm finally gets the best of me?


She’s A Grinder : A Fake Dating Sports Romance (She Can Play Book 2) by Tember Sapphire

Tijjani Kyautu is my best friend’s brother and a grinder for the Puck Kings Hockey Team

In the blink of an eye, his career turns upside down.

With no one else to turn to, he asks for my help.

What happens when he offers me a proposal… to be my fake boyfriend at my sister’s wedding in exchange for my help with his career?

Should I accept or is this more trouble than it’s worth?

We both face the scary reality of fighting back against all we’ve ever been taught, for what we love.

Will I be able to help salvage his career?

Will he be my stand in?

Most importantly, can we do it all together, or is this just a recipe for disaster?
💙Fake Dating
🏒Hockey Romance
💙Best Friend’s Brother
🏒Public Play
🏒He Falls First
💙Dirty Talking MMC
🏒Forced Proximity
💙Caribbean FMC/Nigerian MMC


Second Time Around: The Zaddy Inc Series by Lesanda Moore

Dr. Josiah Mitchell is buried under a mountain of debt, while Marissa Howard struggles to fend off her mother’s relentless matchmaking. When their paths cross, they hatch a plan: a fake relationship to solve their respective dilemmas. As they navigate the complexities of their arrangement, unexpected sparks ignite, blurring the lines between what’s real and what’s not. Can Josiah and Marissa control their emotions, or will their fake romance lead to something more?

Join them on a rollercoaster ride of humor, spice, and unexpected love in this charming tale of unlikely connections and daring choices.


Deeply In Love with A Jaded Soul by Diana Anyango

What happens when two jaded souls collide?
Linet Gaya is nursing a broken heart after her long-term relationship ends. The internal pressure of a quickly ticking biological clock and the external pressure of her disappointed parents only make her situation worse. She is coming to terms with the fact that she might end up a spinster, but fate intervenes in a most unexpected way…
Marcus Wariah’s reputation with women is well-known in Kisumu, resulting in his being dubbed “The Kisumu Playboy.” Deep inside, however, he is broken and trying to cope the only way he can. He wants to move on with his life, but a painful rejection has him hesitant to put his heart out there again. When Linet and Marcus meet, their chemistry is undeniable. Their casual liaison was supposed to last only one night, but they can’t seem to stay away from each other. Will they be able to resist the power of love or will one night extend into forever?


When I Think of You by Myah Ariel

In this sweeping second chance romance from debut author Myah Ariel, the unexpected spark of two former flames may force them to choose between their dreams and each other.

Kaliya Wilson has paid her dues. But all the years behind the reception desk at a flashy film studio have only pushed her movie-making dreams further out of reach. That is, until a surprise reunion presents an opportunity that could make her career, or break her heart…a second time. 

It’s been seven years since Kaliya’s whirlwind college romance with Danny Prescott went up in flames. While her passions have stalled, his career is taking off. So when the hot shot director reappears to offer her a job on his next production, it’s a shock to the system. Working with Danny may recapture the intensity of their film school days, but trusting him again won’t come as easily. 

As the pair allows themselves the openness and vulnerability to entrust their deepest truths to each other, the possibility of a true connection draws ever closer. But when Hollywood politics and scandal threaten to sink the production and her career, Kaliya may have to risk everything to do what’s right—even if it means letting go of the second chance love of a lifetime.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up April 15th-21st

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