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Check out these new releases from April 17th-23rd.

Dreama’s Heart by Riley Baxter

Dreama Henry has aspired to be a girl boss since the tender age of twelve, and now, she’s the proud owner of Dreama Styles Nail Salon. Despite being raised by a mother who only knew how to show love to men, Dreama learned to expect the unexpected, from both her mother and life. When she meets a man who can offer her wedded bliss, she is excited to finally have a chance at love, but the unthinkable happens on the day of their wedding. Unable to face the betrayal head on, Dreama flees. Her desperation for an escape lands her at Ribax International Airport and the love that has failed her leaves her broken.

Shaquille Strickland is a Refuse Collection Vehicle Operator who has learned the value of hard work versus fast money. Raised by his dad, with the help of his religious grandmother, Shaquille knows how pertinent it is to listen to the still, small voice in his head. As he prepares to check in for his flight, focused on his vacation, that voice pulls him toward a beautifully devastated woman in a wedding dress. Her heart penetrates his soul, and without knowing her name or the treachery she’s dealing with, he invites her on his trip.

While on vacation, he is tasked with the job of healing wounds he didn’t inflict, but is his effort enough to repair her damaged heart? Will Dreama be able to recover from the most extensive destruction she’s ever faced, or will sitting in the pain cause her to miss out on her chance at happiness? Can Shaquille handle the weight of mending a heart he didn’t break, or will he decide that this time, God’s plan for his life has missed the mark? Will they be able to form a love strong enough to survive the distractions around them, or will it become too much to bear?


Best On Best by Kizzie Kollins

Recovering alcoholic.
Hockey player.
Unforeseen heartbreak.
Welcome to the mess that is Keegan Braatan’s life.

Marketing consultant.
Newly single.
Canceled wedding.
Nour Price’s life isn’t anything to be envious of.

After yet another mishap, Keegan is forced to cozy up to a sober companion or enter rehab. It makes perfect sense to allow the beautiful Nour to keep him level headed since he personally can’t seem to hold his life together.

The catch? How can Nour help Keegan stay on the straight and narrow when she can’t seem to get her own life together.

Guarded hearts, past still filtering into the present and an undeniable attraction make for a disastrous combination and a beautiful surprise.


His Only Shot: A Friends to Lovers Sports Romance (The L.A. Stars Series Book 3) by J. Nichole

Dante would be there for her even if it meant missing his basketball game and getting fined.
He’d always been there for her.
Even after Ranae married her high school sweetheart — Dante called every year to wish her a happy birthday.
When she answered the phone crying, he was willing to drop everything to ensure she was okay.
After all, they had been best friends since childhood.

When he learns the reason for her tears, it could change their lives forever.

His Only Shot is a friends to lovers sports romance.


Priest by Bre Shadae

Priest Richards is a 28-year-old CEO of PR Security. His vision is clear and he understands the value of taking a loss to gain what you truly want. On the cusp of his biggest loss yet something beautiful happens and he can’t help but make it a driving force in his life.

Satisa Andrews loves her family to a fault. She is always there for everyone else, so much so that the one thing she wants to accomplish continues to be put on the back burner. Shy as she may seem she understands what she wants. She just has to have the courage to take the leap.

When two beautiful souls cross paths only they can decide if one night can really change everything…….

Full length standalone novel


With this Ring (Desperados Book 4) by Dandridge Monroe

Three couples. Three different phases of life, but all of them anchored by love.

Jacoby and Billy are the old heads navigating the challenges of balancing life and love. They have been blessed abundantly, but those blessing have brought a new level of stress to navigate.

Antwan and Rye went through hell and back to get to this point. On the cusp of their wedding day, will old problems arise to keep them from experiencing Happily Ever After?

Grant and Lyric are navigating the fame and attention they have been inundated with since going public with their relationship. On the cusp of achieving their wildest dreams, will the past come and knock them off course?

Three couples facing their own unique challenges. Will they be able to overcome them, or will they fold under pressure?


Finally Yours: Lawrence Family Series by Suzette Riddick

Emergency room nurse practitioner Samantha “Sammie” Lawrence gives the impression that she always has it together. Her dominating personality has gotten her into trouble one too many times. Especially when she crosses paths with her father’s new business associate Dexter Davis.

Real estate developer Dexter Davis is the no nonsense type that doesn’t have a problem with putting anyone in their place, including Samantha Lawrence. His confrontation with the beautiful, abrasive young woman could be the undoing of a profitable acquisition.

When events force Sammie and Dexter to become business partners, they learn they have a lot in common. Similar experiences of loss and grief act as a catalyst to bring them together.

As the couple is settling into a world of happiness and devotion, a once trusted friend from Sammie’s past threatens to decimate their existence when Sammie’s secret comes to light.

Will Sammie and Dexter weather the storm?


Soul Ties by Miss Candice

From the moment his eyes met hers there was something.
Time stood still, the world around them vanished, and electricity…
instant electricity.
Immediately… she owned him in an inexplicable way he couldn’t quite understand.

He couldn’t escape her.
Not in his dreams.
And soon… not even in his reality.

He was the man that made her soar.
There was nothing in the world she wanted more than him.
Absolutely nothing.
His touch made her levitate.
It made her soar. When she was with him… he was limitless.
He felt like home. But sadly… he was home for someone else.

SOUL TIE: An intense connection between two people that binds them together mentally, spiritually & physically.


More to Love : a BBW Love Story by Connie Easton

Sorimah Styles is the successful plus size baddie you wanted on your arm. Her beauty and confidence are unmatched. She maneuvers through life beating to her own drum with no regrets. That is however, until she has a one night stand that puts her on the radar of a man that’s wanted by many.
Hendrix Mercer is the man you go to if you want to get noticed. He took being a videographer seriously and built a lucrative business from his talent. He’s also a faithful man that puts his family first. As a man, the expectations of him are high, but he’s a perfect imperfection that makes mistakes.
There’s only a matter of time before you have to face what you’ve been avoiding. With Sorimah and Hendrix, that involves true happiness or temporary love. Sometimes you have to wait until it’s your turn to receive your blessing.


Pretty Little Fears by Jahquel J.

Jada Cruz, a widow, who just lost her husband a year prior is new to the east coast. After being left millions from her late husband, Jada decides it’s time to leave the west coast and moves to Atlanta, Georgia for a fresh start. Kaye, her best friend convinces her to come out for a night on the town. Hesitant at first, she decides to throw caution in the wind and go. After all, it’s just a night out on the town – right?

Jasiem ‘Siem’ Banks is the owner of Ice Bank Jewelry. He’s the jeweler to the stars. Everyone wants to rock an Ice Bank piece. Since breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, Kimber, years ago, Jasiem hasn’t opened his heart to love. Maybe too busy or too afraid, one would never know. He focus is on his career and his elderly parents. With a father who has Alzheimer’s, and a mother who is in remission, love isn’t at the top of his priorities.

Jasiem Banks doesn’t do relationships, he does sex. He never lets a woman stick around long enough to develop feelings or grow attached. When his best friend makes a bet with him to date one woman for two months without catching feelings or falling in love, Jasiem is hesitant at first. When ten thousand dollars is thrown into the deal, he decides to take his best friend up on his bet. Will Jasiem be able to walk away without catching feelings? Or will his Icy heart start beating again?


Supreme Survival by Tanon Tales

Terrence was known for always being able to solve a difficult case. He was determined, level headed and did right by the people of his state. When his life is turned upside down, it takes a huge toll on his winning streak and he wonders if he has what it takes to remain on the force.

That is— until he rescues Supreme and a surplus of women that were being held in a warehouse and forced into human trafficking. Though their first impression was out of the ordinary, the two have no choice but to work together in order to bring down the ones responsible for the multiple kidnappings and other various crimes committed.

Terrence slowly starts to discover that Supreme is the missing piece to the puzzle that has left him incomplete over the past few years.

Will the two of them be able to come together to solve the case of the decade or will their partnership only lead to more turmoil?


My Little Secret by Shanel

They say that forbidden love is the most fun. You know the kind where you creep, sneak, and hide? The kind where you want to scream it from the rooftops, but instead, you have to hold it inside? For Jace and Lindsay… that’s this. Trying to deny her feelings for her best friend’s big brother proves to be harder than Lindsay ever anticipated, and with a man like Jace…he will not be denied.
He sees what he wants. He knows what he wants… He gets what he wants. And Jace wants Lindsay. Unconcerned about the way things will unfold when their secret is out, he goes full throttle into claiming her. Are they setting themselves up for failure, or could this possibly be a match made in Heaven?


Finding Love Again by Pamela Campbell

After another failed relationship, Michelle decides to take a break from men and dating. She became a surrogate to help two people she loves fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. While pregnant, she meets Shayne and forgets all about her break from dating. She doesn’t tell him that she’s pregnant because she doesn’t want to scare him off.

Shayne is handsome and also newly single. He’s keeping a secret of his own. He accepted a job offer and is planning to move back to his home city of New York. He’s second-guessing his decision to move now that he’s met Michelle.

They both desperately want to find their person and have a family. Will Michelle and Shayne get past the obstacles and take a chance on each other to find love again?


The Risk of Love: A Novella (Of Love: Sweet Christian Romances Book 3) by Jenae Marie

When Noah and Nova put their differences aside to assist their friends during a difficult time, a bond buds that neither expected. But will their bond be enough to keep their “friendship” together when lines are crossed and trusts are broken?

In an effort to mend some misunderstandings and get their friendship back on track, Noah travels to Louisiana for a surprise one-on-one with Nova. Taken back by some of the changes she’s made, he’s forced to reevaluate why he’s really there.

Nova is done with the games, but is Noah the only one playing them? And is their fallout really worth the loss of their friendship?

God will have to help Noah and Nova deal with more than trust issues when things threaten to rip their friendship and lives apart.

The friends take big risks as they step into uncharted territory. But is the real risk love?


Course Correct by Aliza Mann

After Quivina Adedeji’s horrific marriage ended a fresh start was not just needed—it was necessary. Her return home to begin the career she always wanted and a makeover jump-start her journey toward healing. Having never truly had the love she deserves; a dating app brings her a wonderful new possibility. But a familial connection between her potential love interest and Maxwell, her irresistible pseudo-boss, creates a sticky situation. As the new relationship plays out, something unexpected happens… she finds herself torn between two men.

Maxwell Wynn would give anything to turn back time and give his younger brother the destiny he deserves. The consummate family man, Max is always there for those he loves as a penance for the devastating accident that injured his brother. Residual guilt having taken up residence in his soul, Max is perfectly fine with his fate. That is, of course, until a gorgeous woman he is responsible for overseeing steps on the scene. He is tempted by her very presence. The problem is… she’s dating his brother. And one step too far, he could harm his sibling once again. Where love is concerned, can Quivina and Max find a way to course correct?


A Legendary Love by Jaimsss P.

Keep grinding until the life you live is the life you want.

This is what Demi Savage tells herself every day she walks into her dead-end job when she wishes she was in the dance studio working toward her dream of being a booked and paid background dancer for the greats. She never imagined that renting luxury cars for a living would be her reality, but she refuses to let it kill her dreams.

She has a goal set for herself, and she’s determined to reach it. Romance is the furthest thing from her brain when Aason Legend walks into her job making demands.

Aason had always been about family and his businesses, but when he and Demi collide, everything changes. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he claimed her as his own, but Demi’s heartbreaking past has her fighting his desire to love her at every turn. She has taken so many romantic losses and is convinced Aason will just be another one, but he’s determined to show her that he’s nothing like the rest.

Is Aason’s love powerful enough to change Demi’s view, or will she allow her hurt to cause her to miss out on something legendary?


Finding You by Rose Walker

Michael St. John II loves women and women love him. Even though his two best friends, James Thomas, and Matthew Phillips II married and fathers, he has no intentions of following in their footsteps. When he met Tamara Walker, Dianna, James’ wife best friend, she was the first women he had ever met who was just like him. Tamara loves men and men love her. She did not want to be in a relationship with anyone and she and Michael became the best of friends when James and Dianna have major drama in their lives before marrying. Bonding with each other while going through the family crisis made their friendship solid. They party and travel together, and no one understands their relationship. All their families and friends keep telling them they are more than friends, when they insist there is nothing romantic between them. Both were determined to keep their relationship on a friendship level and not to cross that line because they do not want to destroy the friendship they have.

A horrific tragedy happens, and it wakes Michael up on how he really feels about Tamara. He faces his true feelings for her when he realizes love has been in his face all the time, but she has not faced how she feels about him and still wants to keep their relationship as friends. Just as the family gets over that tragedy.

Michael’s entire world crumbles along with Tamara, not accepting his feeling for her. Michael faces deceit from someone close to him and, like her best friend, Tamara does what they do. She disappears. Michael is losing everything and fighting for his life, but the main part of his life will not be complete without her in it, and he now does not know if he will ever have that missing piece…a life with Tamara.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up April 17th-23rd

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