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Waiting On You (The Henderson Family Saga Book 20) by Monica Walters

Love is patient… Love is kind… Two unlikely hearts discover they are beating for the other.

Rylan Douglas, a calf roper and assistant CFO for Henderson Ranch and Farms, finds himself in a predicament. He’s fallen in love with a woman eight years his junior. That wouldn’t be a problem if they were older. While she’s an adult, he’s still hesitant about pursuing her. He doesn’t want anyone to think he’s taking advantage of her, especially since she’s extremely trusting of him. Her intellectual disability makes her even more vulnerable. However, he can’t seem to move on because he knows his heart belongs to her.

Angel Warner longs to feel love from a man and be cherished by him. That man enters her life when she’s eighteen years old, and she’s adamant about him, one day, being hers. Her mother and stepfather are extremely protective of her, and her mother has sheltered her for her entire life. Her naivety and innocence make her seem childlike, and she knows it’s because of her intellectual delays. However, she doesn’t let down syndrome keep her from living. It simply makes her different. Knowing that Rylan sees past that and sees her heart only makes her long for him more.

Years blow by, and Rylan and Angel have a strong bond, but Rylan refuses to leave the friendzone he’s put them in because of the age gap. When he does try to give in to what he’s feeling for Angel, opposition halts them before they can begin. With both of them avoiding drama at all costs, how will they be together when drama is eminent? Will they choose peace and be miserable or will they choose to fight for what they feel is meant to be?


The Perfection of a Moment by Kimberly Brown

“When I first saw you, I felt something I had never felt before. It was a mix of joy, excitement, and wonder. You are my adventure.”

She was beauty and a mystery, and he wanted to know all there was to her.

He was love in human form, and she wanted to experience all there was to him.

The day Ximena Solomon met Hiram Moss, the last thing either of them were expecting was to find true love. Yet still, their connection ran deep, their attraction was undeniable, and what grew between them was nothing short of love at first sight.

Ximena and Hiram cannot deny the magnetic pull they feel toward each other. They begin to spend more time together, sharing their hopes, dreams, and deepest feelings. With each passing day, their bond grows stronger, and they realize that they have found something truly special in each other. A chance encounter might prove to be fate as these two weave their way into a romance for the ages. This is a heartwarming tale of love, destiny, and the power of human connection. It reminds us that sometimes the most extraordinary things in life can happen when we least expect them, and that true love is worth fighting for.


Between Friends (SXL Exclusive Book #1) by Shanicexlola

Parisa Dawson returns to her familial stomping ground, knowing all too well what awaits her: the usual blend of backhanded compliments and simmering tensions. But just when she thinks she’s mentally prepared for the onslaught, she’s blindsided by none other than Zen Harris—the one person who still manages to stir up emotions she’d rather keep buried.


Merc (The Protectors Book 2) by B. Love

For a man like Merc, his reputation has always preceded him. Known for his allegiance to the criminal underworld as a protector, the gangster only shows love to his family… and his son and the woman who birthed him are at the top of that list. When Merc decides to take one last job before retiring, he doesn’t think it will include protecting a woman he’s been trying to avoid but can’t seem to get rid of. A woman who softens him and brings out the lover he’s kept hidden over the years.

For a woman like Neo, it only takes one lesson for her to learn. A bad experience with a man who has a child closes her heart off to dating men with children. It seems fate has other plans… plans that bring her and Merc together three times before they begin to question if they are meant to be.

With a dangerous dealer on the loose, Neo is forced to seek asylum outside of her home and under Merc’s protection. Will he prove to be a safe space for her heart romantically as well, or will he save her life and heart for her to give to someone else?


Madi & Marie: A Langston Lake Novella by Tia Love

One night brought them together and tore them apart. 

Three years ago, Amadi popped up in NYC for an art gallery and bumped into Marie, his childhood friend from Langston Lake, and the woman he fell in love with before they both left the town to pursue creative passions. One night, a bed, and his truth are the start of Marie’s personal undoing. She can’t handle him in bed or the fact that he’s in love with her, and leaves his heart hanging in the balance.

Now, Marie’s matured enough to realize the mistakes she made but knows she’ll never get the chance to right that wrong. Until a crisis in their hometown calls her back to a place she swore she’d never return to.

Amidst family drama and uncertainty about her life and career, Marie finds her second chance with the man of her dreams. But is Amadi willing to take the risk of opening up to Marie after years of her intentional silence?


Stealing Home by Riley Baxter

In the electrifying romance where the spotlight shines brightly, an unexpected collision between fate and desire sets the stage for a gripping tale of love, self-discovery, and the complexities of relationships. In Stealing Home, follow the tumultuous journey of Maylon, a charismatic and talented baseball player, and Kierra, a vibrant young woman with a hidden vulnerability.

When a routine swing sends Maylon’s baseball hurtling into the stands, it strikes Kierra, the sister of his best friend, with a fateful force. As their eyes meet in the aftermath, an inexplicable connection sparks between them, transcending the boundaries of friendship. But their contrasting worlds threaten to tear them apart.

Kierra harbors an intense fear of attention, an anxiety that paralyzes her when faced with public scrutiny. Maylon, on the other hand, thrives in the glow of the limelight, basking in the adoration of fans and the acclaim of his achievements. As their lives become entwined, they must confront the profound challenge of reconciling their conflicting desires.

Drawn together by an undeniable attraction, Maylon and Kierra embark on a delicate dance of self-discovery, navigating the complexities of their relationship against the backdrop of a demanding baseball season. Together, they confront their fears, push each other’s boundaries, and learn that true love requires compromise, understanding, and the courage to embrace vulnerability.


Back Down Memory Lane by Lamartz Brown

Memories, they say, last for a lifetime… but what if it’s only temporary?

Adulting for Berkeley So’Lei Carson started at a young age due to childhood traumas that crippled her ability to grow past her roots. When Berkeley is attacked and loses her memory, she has a chance to plant again. Longing to put her past behind her, she embarks on a journey of self-preservation. Will she harvest the right seeds in this new season of drought and disaster, or will the rain of the past yield results for the future?

Iceland “Ice” Jones’s love for planes made intersecting runways a no brainer… Until his flight landed on an island fueled by the wildfires and desires of his soulmate, Berkeley So’Lei Carson. A catastrophe separated their soul tie, leaving behind the distant memories of a true soul connection. Will Iceland fight to rebuild what once brought them together, or will he leave the wasteland never to return?

Iceland and Berkeley travel up and down, faster than the speed of sound, Back Down Memory Lane. Both realizing that what once was, will always be, even if it’s forgotten in the moment.


Holy Grail by Charae Lewis

Life was ideal for Nyomi until a shocking revelation disrupts her entire existence. Not sure of how to move on, she becomes trapped in a state of devastation with no way out. After a night on the town, she’s propositioned with an interesting invitation. After hearing the terms and conditions, Nyomi declines and leaves the offer on the table. Yet, she decides one part of the deal may be something she wants to indulge in…

Hezi was bored with his mundane routine. Clubbing and satisfying his sexual desires had gotten old fast. One night at the club changed his entire outlook on life. A captivating encounter leaves him smitten and curious. She’s everything he didn’t know he needed. However, there’s one thing stopping him from enjoying her completely…

This is a complete stand-alone.


Say You’ll Ride by Tucora Monique

“Why me and you had to meet, talk, f***, and get caught up?”—Ja Rule

Stevie Bluehaven faces a tough decision: break the number one street code or stay in an abusive relationship. Choosing herself, the twenty-seven-year-old dog groomer goes against the grain and runs to a new city with her baby, best friend, and the clothes on her back. Taking advantage of her fresh start, Stevie pours all her time into building her clientele and restoring her faith in herself. However, an impromptu night out leads her to a place inhabited by a dangerous man, with broadening energy and protection the runaway didn’t know she would need.

In a world where loyalty is everything, Shiloh Sharp is a man who commands it. As the owner of the hottest strip club in Silk Hills, he has a reputation of being a boss, and as the president of a notorious club, he’s created a reputation of being dangerous. No matter how others view him, Shiloh’s only concern is the way his daughters see him. With that in mind, the street racer offers a helping hand to a curvy woman who gets tangled in his beef. There’s no way he could know the act of kindness would lead him to confront his principles and people from his past.

Stevie and Shiloh don’t have much in common except knowing the impact of breaking the rules. When given the option to ride or die, will the duo hold each other down or hold each other back?


Love’s Covenant : The Cambridge Crew (Graceland Heights) by Connie Easton

Tasmond Cambridge sits at the top of the city as the co-head of The Jungle. With his dominance and power, the city caters to his every word. He has everything except a woman to love. However, the one he has the most love for, just returned to the city.

Yarielle Black is fresh out of jail expecting to do one thing and that’s be a mother to her three-year-old daughter. Life, however, had many obstacles set up before she could enjoy motherhood. One being, Tasmond Cambridge.

Knowing each other since they were kids, these two have always shared a special bond. That’s soon put to the test when they run into each other again for the first time in over a decade.


Beautiful Onyx Array: A Queer Black Romance (The Beautiful Gems Series) by Aricka Alexander

A chance meeting in a club one night started a chain reaction of events that led to a couple reconnecting and the birth of a healthy and loving friendship.

When Maddox Christian goes out to a club one night, he isn’t expecting to run into one of the most beautiful women he’s ever seen. Immediately he’s attracted to her and she openly flirts back with him. But when she suddenly disappears after giving him a false name, he figures nothing was meant to come out of their meeting.

Imagine his surprise when that same woman shows up at his coffee shop the next day. They hit it off pretty well, but he realizes that she is in the middle of a complicated relationship with her bestfriend of 15 years, Onyx. Although he’s attracted to her, he clocks that she is deeply in love with this other woman he’s never met. So what does he do? He befriends them both.

Follow Maddox, Arya, and Onyx as they navigate a stream of heartbreak, trauma, and all the other things that come your way during your later 20s. They take time to explore love, and their sexualities and just enjoy life. With time, they all learn what it means to be real lovers and friends.

This story is chaotic and messy, but full of love, friendship, acceptance, and of course sexual tension.


Good Girls Always Got a Thing for the Thugs by K.L. Hall


I’m the definition of a good girl—the kind that lives in my scrubs and crocs and helps save lives. 

As an emergency department nurse, I’m practically married to my career, which helps, being that my heart’s been on ice since the death of my fiancé two years ago. So no, I’m not interested in love or revisiting that type of pain—not until I meet a foul-mouthed bad boy whose smile makes my yoni weep. 

Harlan Banks is the president of The Spades, a ruthless MC club in the Chi. My attraction to him was instant, one of the most intense connections I’ve ever experienced. When his lips touch mine, they jumpstart my soul and make me want to expose all my scars. Being in his warm arms may be the key to thawing my icy heart.


Being a member of The Spades took me from a boy to a savage. Now, as the leader, I live and die by the code of my brotherhood: to stay loyal and never give up the fight. My life’s mission is to find whoever killed my brother and put them in a body bag. Nothing is more important than my revenge—until her. 

Known on the streets as “Harlan the Heartless”, I’ve witnessed the worst parts of life.

But ever since my chaos collided with her calm, I crave to experience all the good life has to offer with her by my side.

Everything changes when I learn a war is brewing with a rival gang, making it the worst time for my heart to get in the way. But when her past catches up with us, her survival becomes my only priority. 

Death doesn’t scare me. Losing her does.


Branded by Vengeance by Cherish Amore

Innocent and young, Ivanna has her life set out before her. Tragedy strikes and throws things awry, but through the pain, she perseveres on, vowing to herself that she’ll get to the bottom of things.

Nikoli hasn’t had an easy life, but things are seeming to float on smoothly. With a lot going for himself, he’s reminded of a proposition to which he agreed, but things quickly change.

The stars align, and the two connect, hitting it off immediately. Sparks fly, and bonds build. Yet those bonds are soon tested by their loyalties, lies of others, promises of vengeance, and lingering love.

Time is ticking away on their vows. In the face adversity, what will the two lovers do?


Chase & Coffee by Tatiana

One year following the tragic death of his wife, Chase, now a lone parent, continues to bear the lingering memory of her untimely demise, struggling to move on. In his search for solace, he stumbles upon Beaux Layer, a place he believes will help in his grieving untraditionally. Yet, his fascination grows for the mysterious girl concealed by the mask until he unexpectedly encounters Coffee, a medical student, and the newly hired nanny he reluctantly hired. Coffee has deep-seated insecurities that make her feel undeserving of the one thing she longs for which is love. Due to her fear of judgment, she struggles to combine and balance her two distinct lifestyles.
Behind his handsome facade and composed demeanor, a storm of emotions brews, ready to be unleashed. Chase is torn between his growing affection for Coffee and his unwavering love for his wife, causing him inner turmoil. He notices the distinct qualities of Coffee and opens himself up to love once more. He realizes she is still a budding rose that needs nurturing. However, he considers his lifestyle of being the plug and her soon-to-be a doctor wouldn’t mix. He’s learned to value what he once took for granted, and must love differently. Their love goes beyond the surface. Unbeknownst to both of them, they share something that would bond them for life.
Will the flower he chooses doesn’t die before it blossoms?


Out of Her Control by Alexis Kole

Kathleen Walker had it all planned out: a family with Jackson Black, and a thriving business. But a vicious attack shattered that vision, leaving her grappling with a startling revelation—her assailant’s unexpected ties to her own family. Now she’s ready to re-enter the world and take control before events around her send her world spiraling out of control. She might have lost her chance at a family with Jackson, but she’s hell-bent on pulling off this event.

Meanwhile, Jackson Black is laser-focused on one mission: bringing Kathleen’s attacker to justice. But is that all there is to his story? As threats multiply and danger looms closer, Jackson realizes there’s more at play than he thought. Determined to protect Kathleen, he sets up a series of safeguards that are as much about securing her safety as they are about reigniting the spark between them. His plan? To make it impossible for Kathleen to ignore the undeniable bond they share and reconsider what their future could hold.

In this high-stakes game of love and danger, Kathleen faces a critical choice. Should she pay the ultimate price for safety, or will confronting the truths of her life reunite her with Jackson? In a world where every decision challenges her control, love might be riskiest move of all.


Finding Peace in Orange Valley: An athlete hero, Caregiver Romance (Hearts Unveiled Book 1) by Aminata Coote

A case of mistaken identity may be the perfect solution

After a lifetime of being the screw-up in her family, Courtney James dreams of becoming a successful events coordinator. She gets her chance when she persuades a basketball star to speak at their old high school graduation.

But when Trent Baxter cancels last minute, Courtney must find a new speaker or convince Trent to honor his commitment.

Trent, once at the pinnacle of success, is now a recluse nursing a career-ending wound. Mistaking Courtney for his caregiver, he’s drawn out of isolation by her tenacity and warmth. Yet, as they reconnect, their opposing goals threaten to drive them apart.

Courtney and Trent must navigate a delicate dance of vulnerability and courage. As they grapple with their insecurities, they confront their deepest fears for the chance at a future together.

Finding Peace in Orange Valley is a heartwarming tale of redemption and self-discovery. Explore the transformative power of love and the courage it takes to embrace life’s unexpected twists.

Reading Order

  • Book 1: Finding Peace in Orange Valley
  • Book 2: Finding Love in Orange Valley
  • Book 3: Finding Joy in Orange Valley

The novellas in the Hearts Unveiled series are Christian contemporary romances with strong faith themes. Each novella is a complete story but is best enjoyed in the reading order above.


Love Therapy by Cheryl Barton

Big town, busy life and then, a medical scare…

When life throws Dr. Danielle Young a curve ball, a prescription from a patient suggests a change from big city living to small town life. She takes the leap to reset her life while reimagining love.

While resetting her life, Danielle realizes two things; old love is familiar and could be made new, while new love is refreshing and exactly the therapy she needs.

What prescription for love will her heart lead her to?


The Love Contract: I Do by TNesha Sims

Some marriages may not begin with love. They end with it.

Twenty-three-year-old, mild-mannered Jessie could only dream of love and the finer things in life. Her focus was on one thing and one thing only: her mother. Jessie’s unwavering support has been especially crucial during her mother’s battle with cancer. Whether it’s accompanying her to medical appointments, helping with household chores, or simply being a source of strength and encouragement. When the financial burden had become too much, Jessie reached out to her father for assistance. Never in a million years did she think she would agree to an arranged marriage for financial gain.

Xavier Washington is a man of substance, who engaged in quiet luxury. Making money and more money was his main goal. To obtain his full share in his father’s company and receive his inheritance, he needed to marry before his twenty-seventh birthday. His father, Charles Washington, had the perfect family in mind to marry his son into.

Xavier and Jessie’s marriage has been an incredible illustration of what is possible when two hearts join together, but what will happen when it is discovered that the marriage was entered solely for financial gain? Will Xavier and Jessie both face criminal charges or can they prove their love is really true?

There’s no such thing as love; only proof of love.


Triad: A Poly-Tale by Kitty C.

Kayla and Chance are a happily married couple, but they could be even happier with a third.
Rae, a woman from Kayla’s past, threatens to be the right third for them. She’s sexy, bisexual and fun. Can the couple handle her? Can they keep her around? Can the three of them be a throuple?
This steamy, sexy, yet mysterious journey unfolds as we find out if Chance, Kayla and Rae are the perfect Triad!


It Won’t Storm Forever by Joshlyn Nicole

Todd and Kimberly moved their family from a small town to a big city. Nestled in that small town was familiarity, community and protection. Moving to the city became more than what they bargained for. On a search for better opportunities came a long road of despair and hardship. Their dreams turned into a nightmare as they learned to survive in the inner city. They start to question if the move was even worth it and if better days are ahead. This tested their faith and relationship in more ways than one. As they continue the journey to a better life, the roadblocks feel like dead ends. But they remain faithful as they seek out a beautiful life.


No Promises (Crimson Hill Series Book 12) by Brenda Barrett

Music producer Chex Hastings is steadfast in his commitment to a code of detachment: no promises, shallow relationships, and a firm decision to forgo parenthood because of what he experienced in his childhood with his father. But when an unexpected encounter reunites him with Garnet Silver, the one woman he made an exception for in the past, his carefully constructed world begins to unravel.

Garnet reenters Chex’s life with a surprise – a son. Suddenly faced with the prospect of fatherhood, Chex grapples with conflicting emotions. Can he stick to his vow of non-commitment in the face of newfound responsibility? Or will the bonds of love and family challenge his resolve?


Just Before “I do” by Amaka Azie

As the date of her wedding to Etim approaches, Anuli Eneh’s unease is growing. Her walk down the aisle to marry another man two years ago turned into a complete and utter disaster.Even with the wedding preparations progressing smoothly, an unshakeable sense of impending doom clouds her thoughts.
Will she make it to the altar in one piece, or will she succumb to her overwhelming anxieties?

Etim Ubong senses that there might be something off with his fiancée, Anuli. With each passing day, he becomes more attuned to her mounting nervousness as the wedding draws nearer.He really wants to figure out why she’s so jittery, but he’s not sure how to go about it.
As he notices her demeanour changing, he wonders if she’s just getting cold feet. Or is it something more?


Code Red: An Erotic Tale by Casandra Charles

Welcome to Code Red, where seeing red is part of the experience. This locally owned and operated after-hours swingers club, owned by Mayor Allen Moon and Blue, two best friends from high school, is something you would never expect in little ole Alabama, but never judge a book by its cover because you might miss out on a good time.

Our small establishment boasts over five thousand square feet of play, not to mention our exclusive private pleasure-themed rooms to satisfy all your fantasies and kinks. Whether you like BDSM*—then the black room is just for you—or maybe the LGBTQ-friendly pink room, we got you covered, or perhaps it’s the seductive red room, hosted by Henry and Venus.

And we can’t forget the yellow room for our swingers who enjoy the upside-down pineapple* lifestyle, managed by none other than Casey D, a hotwife and vixen who runs the hottest swingers platform, In Bed with Strangers, in the industry. In Bed with Strangers was created to help inspire women to be confident, rebellious, and have unapologetic sex while embracing their true sexual selves.

Step into the unknown, and you’ll want to see red as well.

Code Red Club Rules and Policies

  • You must be 21 years of age to ENTER.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy against drugs or prostitution.
  • No cameras or personal recording devices. If you would like a souvenir, we can take care of that for you inside.
  • Visibly intoxicated guests might be refused entry as well as restricted from the premises.
  • All guests must respect the privacy of others.
  • No violence or rude conduct toward a guest or staff will be permitted.
  • No means no, so read the room.
  • Clean up after yourself; better yet, use a pad.
  • Lockers are provided but limited.
  • Rejection is a part of life; don’t take it personally.
  • BYOB only allowed in the pleasure room.
  • Clothing optional.
  • Must be DDF*.

*This book contains a full glossary to help readers understand the commonly used swingers terms used throughout this book.


Brody’s Beauty: (Logansport Rivers Book 4) A Return To Hometown Romance by Danyelle Scroggins

He’s everything I prayed for, but Brody’s too good to be true.

Majesty Millions-Jones

I came back to Logansport Rivers, to rebuild my Nana’s house and my life.

Running with bands, singing in clubs, and bad relationships has finally taken a toll on me.

All I want is a good country living, filled with memories and what my grandmother loved; Jesus, singing, cows, and corn.

Yet, I’m getting more than I bargained for… Brody Lane.

Brody Lane

She’s still the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

And I remember the summer I vowed to make her mine.

She was fifteen; I was nineteen, and then she vanished like a thief in the middle of the night.

The next time I saw Majesty, she was singing at the Grammys.

Now she’s back, and I’m right where she left me, but she’s fighting against becoming….Brody’s Beauty.


Torrey & Monique by Zaii

Torrey and Monique are back for one last ride at this crazy thing we call life.

Monique is hiding a secret from Torrey that she knows could end their marriage. Will she do what’s right and confess or will she allow him find out on his own, making the situation worse than it is costing her everything.

King Jayce is becoming a man in his own right, will following behind his fathers footsteps leave the family in a bad situation or will he prove to his family that he can handle any situation thrown his way and show his dad that he’s his own man?

Torrey is still Torrey as he tries to keep his business and personal life under control. When someone from his past makes an appearance will Torrey be able to handle everything and keep his family safe, or will this change his life as he knows it forever?


Fate Brought Us Together by Misha Williams

Person after person, man after man, Gigi has been disappointed her entire life. When she starts to think that things may be looking up, she gets a rude awakening. After experiencing one of the worst days of her life, she decides to step out on faith and change career paths. Meeting someone wasn’t on her vision board, but what if she encounters someone that changes her perspective on relationships?

Hard work, loyalty and perseverance has gotten La to where he is today. He’s wanted success and now that he has it, he wants more. Not having much family, La has always strived to build his own. His position allows him that luxury but can also render risks. Will he get out of the game forever, or decide that this may be a lifelong deal?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up April 1st-7th

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