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Love Me Gently by Skye Moon

After their Valentine’s Day tryst, Malakai isn’t satisfied with just one hit of Chase. Enamored with the shy beauty, he’s determined to possess her by any means, and seduction is his choice of poison.

When Akemi rejects his advances a final time, Rico cuts ties with her. Tired of her games, he’s ready to move forward with the new woman in his life, and leave every aspect of Akemi and the life he wanted with her behind.

Akemi and Chase are both battling with the men in their lives. While Chase is determined to discover who she is without a man guiding her, Malakai isn’t making it easy for her to resist him or his advances.

Akemi is devastated when Rico walks away from her for good. Convinced that she may have finally pushed him too far, she chooses to fight for her love. However, when she reveals that she’s finally ready to step into the ring with him, Rico doesn’t hesitate to let her know that she’s too little, too late.



In Way Too Deep by Monica Walters

Somehow, things spiraled out of control and the path to self-destruction seemed crystal clear. Kendrall “Kenny” Henderson had the perfect marriage until it wasn’t. While shying away from confrontation, his self-control slips from his grasp and he fell… hard. Losing his wife and children is killing him slowly inside, but the responsibility of taking care of his son outside of their union is what keeps him sane. In the meantime, Kenny knows that he will never love another woman the way he loves his ex-wife, Keisha. Although he messed up royally, he refuses to give up on having her in his life once again, even though she hates him for what he did. While he could hate her for her omissions, he chooses to accept the blame and keeps his knowledge to himself.

Feelings of betrayal, anger, hurt, and embarrassment threaten to consume Keisha Henderson at every turn when it comes to her ex-husband, Kenny. His infidelities have taken a toll on her and she does what any logical female would do. She leaves, taking their two children with her. While she tries to harbor hatred in her heart for Kenny, it’s only an act. The man that first stole her heart, still has it. He just doesn’t know it. While he messed up completely, she knows that she isn’t blameless. Because of her indiscretions, she chooses to suffer in silence, wanting what she feels she no longer deserves. Instead of revealing this to Kenny, she chooses to take her frustrations and anger out on him.

Kenny and Keisha have a long road of co-parenting ahead of them. The push and pull is real between them and Kenny’s fuse is lit at both ends, threatening an explosion, while Keisha continues to throw rocks from a glass house. Can they agree to forgive one another for the past for the sake of their children or will the structure of their relationship continue to crumble, eventually crushing everyone involved?



For Ruby: A Micah and Georgiana Short Story by Tina Martin

Micah’s first marriage to Indigo didn’t work out. He wanted it to, but when it’s revealed that he has an outside daughter (Ruby), he knows his chances of getting back with her are out the window.

Indigo has moved on.

Deciding it’s time he did the same, he tries to make it work with Ruby’s mother, Georgiana, but he finds himself struggling with letting go of the past. Georgiana is left in limbo – she doesn’t know if he truly wants a relationship with her or if he’s going through the motions – putting up with her simply because she’s his child’s mother.




Warmth by D. Rose

Fixation (n.)
an obsessive interest or feeling about someone or… something.



He Wasn’t Good Enough for Me by Jenay Balderas

Jazelle has been with her husband Antonio, all of her adult life. She became obsessed with getting to know herself outside of the life she has with her husband. Soon she will find out that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. To what lengths will she go to find who she thinks she wants to be.Antonio is hiding a secret that could completely dismantle his marriage. He is willing to do anything that he can to hide his truth. Even if that means getting rid of a few people in his life. Karli is Jazelle’s best friend with a troubled past, and an addiction to the things that she can’t have. Other women’s men. Will Karli’s addiction cause her to never know true love. Or will she finally meet the man that will knock down the walls she built and penetrate her heart in ways she never thought were possible?Donte is a man that is down on his luck, but when he meets Jazelle, he sees an opportunity to get back on his feet. He’s obsessed with obtaining a life that he feels he deserves. He’ll stop at nothing to get what he feels he deserves. How far will these friend’s addictions take them? What will the outcome be? Follow them on the road to lies, deceit, and betrayal.



Up-Tempo by Nychol Munroe

If only high school teacher, Endigo Hutchins, could use her angelic voice to sing the remnants of her heartbreak away. A love gone wrong has left her yearning for a feeling she’s too afraid to touch. However, one night of singing to the stars at a local karaoke bar brings the attention of what could be love in its human form. She’s ready to run but can’t seem to move from this space.

Music producer, Sadiq Townsend, is in search of new talent. A random stop in a karaoke bar leads to him finding a talented singer whose mere presence makes his heart pound. Although he’s had his own share of love and loss, he is unafraid. He has found the light to his tower and will stop at nothing to have her.

Hearts push. Pain shoves. Endigo and Sadiq must tango through it all to find out if love is the song they’ll sing, or if they’re destined to hum its tune as a distant memory.



Shameless Affair (Forbidden Affairs Book 1) by Chelle Ramsey

With the weight of my past hanging on my shoulders, the last thing I need is a relationship.
I’ve been down that road, seen what it has to offer, and I’m not going back.
Until Sunni Washington.
Her return home is not what I expected.
She’s tapping into feelings I never explored before.
Feelings that will challenge the bond I have with my mentor and the respect I have for Sunni.
It’s becoming harder to ignore the temptation of a love that’s so taboo.
The love I feel is real, but is it enough to navigate the tumultuous waters ahead?

Love. Loyalty. Passion.
Those are words people carelessly toss around.
But not me.
I’ve loved Cree Douglas for a lifetime despite the scars and secrets he so carefully tucks away.
I just need one chance to prove to this tortured soul
That I’m all, he needs to heal his shattered heart.
His loyalty to my father is a nuisance, but it won’t stop the passion we share.
Although our love is on the cusp of a new dawn, I sense there’s a storm brewing on the horizon



A Naughty Lovers Wedding (The Feel Good Standalone Series Book 4) by India T. Norfleet

Memphis and Lucianna are back with a love for the ages, but little does either of them know, hell is rising faster than a tsunami getting ready to make landfall, and their union isn’t safe from anything and anyone who desires to keep them apart.
After a whirlwind affair and spur of the moment nuptials, all seems right within the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Reigns.

For Lucianna, loving on her man and enjoying her happily ever after is more than enough to keep her full of smiles. For Memphis, giving his wife the world, the wedding reception he felt he cheated her out of and keeping her safe and protected is all that matters to him. Add to that, a few Reigns boys he hopes to bless his beau with one day soon to carry on his name and life couldn’t be any more perfect.

Though, sometimes the road to perfection is paved with more pain than promise. Leaving the end result steeped in despair and covered in agony deep enough to drown in as their last breath is forced from their bodies. Will Memphis and Lucianna’s love for each other survive some of the oldest obstacles of all time, or will they succumb to the pressures of other people’s misery and watch in horror as their once seemingly perfect bond is broken forever?



Freeing Summer by Sevyn Alexander

** This is a 18,000 word novella**

Summer was living life just waiting for the moment to break free. What happens when a tall, dark, breathtaking man comes in and shakes her life up for the better, or worse? Will her captor be the salvation she always needed?



The Love You Give: Kynnadi & Jensen by Bijou La Valentina

Kynnadi & Jensen

When they first met, there was an instant attraction, with the need for love from one another and each other’s touch. Now, they must get rid of the baggage from their past, so they can have their happily ever after…



Wasn’t I Good Enough? Part 2 by Niyah Moore

The sequel picks right up where the first left off…

Time Is Money Entertainment has been raided and is under the joint investigation of the FBI and NYPD for money laundering. Mecahd is nervous that his girlfriend, Melanie, may be involved. Will he be able to handle her darkest secrets? Right at the start of the investigation, Darnell announces there’s a new CEO, and to Mecahd’s surprise, it isn’t him. Feeling blindsided, Mecahd finds himself unsure of how to push forward.

Silas and Jade’s marriage is on the rocks, thanks to his affair with Stace and fight with Premier. When Jade leaves while pregnant with their child, Silas finds that his inspiration to make more music is gone. When Silas gets that call that his wife and child are in danger, he realizes that his life is far from being uncomplicated.

Sergiano and his baby mama Jonté are enjoying living together, but her insecurities are starting to push him away. Jonté feels she will never be good enough to be Serg’s wife and questions his feelings for her. Will Serg finally propose? Or will he walk away from their relationship for good?

Yuri Howard is the new CEO for Time Is Money, but she may not have an opportunity to step into the role due to the investigation. Her ex-boyfriend, Sean, wants her back, but she’s over him. She finds that she’s attracted to Silas, but with his strict business only rule, will she be able to keep her feelings at bay?



Switch’d Up (A Love Collections Novella) by Tay Mo’Nae

After things in her relationship go left, Zuri’s best friend drags to a Masquerade party hosted by a popular matchmaking service. Her boyfriend is intimidated by her headstrong, independent nature, and is unable to accept that Zuri is further in her career than he is, and her friend feels a night out is what she needs. What Zuri wasn’t expecting was to run into a masked man that would knock her off feet, without seeing his face.

After sneaking away like Cinderella in the middle of the night, Zuri is left longing for more than one night with the mysterious stranger.

Will Zuri be able to salvage what’s left of her sinking relationship or will one night with the masked stranger show her just how over her relationship she is?



If You Were My Best Friend by Harleigh Rae

They never thought they’d be here. This was a cross-road neither of them wanted to face, but they were there. How they got there was one for the ages, but how they decided to move forward was entirely up to them. Follow childhood best friends, Jace Collins and Ember Hughes, as they navigate adulthood and friendship even when the scales are tipped.



Promise by Cherish Amore

There is no love like a mother’s love, but what happens when your mother doesn’t love you? Abandoned at the young age of ten, Promise never understood why she wasn’t good enough. With hurt in her heart and confusion clouding her mind, Promise is forced to believe that no one will ever love her since her own mother couldn’t.

Hassan is a young, black Doctor that every girl wants, but he’s not impressed by them. Following an encounter with Promise, he knows he has to have her. After a brief game of cat and mouse, Promise falls head over heels in love with Hassan.

Promise eventually has it all—well, except all the unanswered questions of why her biological mother didn’t want her. Determined to know the truth, she sets out to find the woman who is only a memory.

Will Promise get the answers she’s looking for and finally have closure, or is it possible she won’t have closure at all and lose the ones that really care about her while searching for something that was long gone?



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up April 20th-26th

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