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At the End of It All by Rae Lyse

Everyone and everything has one. They’re inevitable, right?

At twenty-one, Ason ‘Ace’ Williams Jr. knows all about inevitable endings. He’s formerly famous, a popular rapper’s muse, the son of a three-time NBA champ, and a little… complicated. After a disturbing scandal and loss rocks his world, he’s left to deal with both in a city that doesn’t quite feel like home. It’s a place filled with old family friends he’s never met, reminders of all the endings he’s had to endure, and even worse—he’s stuck there after his dad takes a job no one ever imagined him taking.

Eighteen-year-old Lourdes ‘Phat’ Hines doesn’t think about endings because she’s too busy dealing with the now. She’s a part-time college student, full-time caretaker, and worst of all, a lowly freshman on a campus she doesn’t have time to get accustomed to. After a tense run-in with a boy she’s sure she’s supposed to hate, the endings she’s been running from catch up to her at full speed and she faces a question he seems to have the answer to: What happens at the end of it all? 

Content Note: This is a standalone new adult contemporary romance that contains mature themes and subjects that may be disturbing to some readers.


Found Forever (Sisters & Serendipity Book 2) by Lady Marie

Life is a bit of a numbers game. Four. Three. One.

Four years ago, Lizzie and Alonzo found love when they found each other. Three years ago, they solidified that love in front of their friends and family, ready to spend forever together. In one month, the happy couple will be celebrating their third wedding anniversary and as far as they’re concerned, it’s just another milestone on their way to happily ever after. Unfortunately, there’s another number that’s become an unexpected factor.

Six. That’s how many years it’s been since Lizzie last laid eyes on King Holden, the father of her son. Now he’s back and it’s clear he’s on a mission to insert himself into Lizzie and Christian’s lives. Alonzo and Lizzie are about to have their resolve and their family tested by the one person who seems to think he has the power to blow up both. Is King back for a second chance at not only fatherhood, but love, too? Only time will tell, but Alonzo isn’t easily rattled and Lizzie won’t be easily swayed. One thing for certain and two things for sure: everyone is trying to make it to the other side of the mess to find a little bit of healing and a whole lot of love.


Lipstick Diaries: Heartless (an Enemies to Lovers/Workplace romance) by Tiye


Dear Lipstick,

I’ve fallen for the enemy. An enemy in every sense of the word. He stole my promotion. He’s an overbearing control freak. And he once hurt someone I loved. I hate him. Well, I used to hate him. I relentlessly pursued him with ulterior motives to destroy him.

Now…now he imbues my every waking breath.

He’s seeped through the crevices of my frozen heart, which I once thought an impossible feat. My friends have all found love and waiting for me to claim the same. But what I feel for Adonis is twisted and dark. Maybe that’s the only type of love I’m capable of. He begs to differ. 

**Each Lipstick Diaries can be read as a standalone.**
***Some of the content is sensitive and can be a trigger.***


Basleigh by Grey Huffington

With you, no task is ever too much…

Continue Laike and Baisleigh’s journey through forever as life throws a blow their way that neither of them saw coming. Read along as they weather the storm together, adding another knot to their infinity loop that was handmade and birthed from love, compassion, patience, and pain. 


Soul Tie: Soul Series Book Three by Gabriela Ge

Clouds can’t hide the sun forever.
Arabella’s days of fighting for a life that doesn’t constantly crumble are over. She’s decided on her new normal and who she wants to be. But life throws its biggest curveball, leaving her lower than she knew possible. The only one who can save her from drowning is the person she’s tried her hardest to run from—herself.
The man Kain has tried his best to be is unraveling by the second. Situations he thought he could handle begin to spin way out of his control, and a war against opponents he never saw coming finds him facing the highest stakes possible. His path to the light at the end of the tunnel is finally clear, but the chances of his instincts crushing it all are too strong to ignore.
The finish line is closer than ever, but Arabella and Kain must face a journey of betrayal, acceptance, and love to cross it. Can they do it together?

Content Warning:
This book includes sensitive topics that can be triggering and provoke feelings of distress. Content includes child & drug abuse as well as explicit scenes of violence and sex. Reader discretion is advised.


Rough Diamond 2: Deal & Close (Enders Book 5) by Kiru Taye

Frenemies and desire, a lethal cocktail.

Mason is a Yadili fixer. Like his name implies, there’s never been a challenge he couldn’t cut, dress, and lay to rest. Those close to him fondly call him Mace—a heavy club with a spiked metal head—for a reason. He will rip the heart out of anyone who crosses him. However, when the treacherously seductive Sophie comes to him for a favour, the grudge he’s suppressed for a decade threatens to spiral out of control.

Sophie holds her own in the ruthless Yadili world. She set up the Haven Project to provide safety for her workers. Still, someone is intent on destroying her. So she has little option but to ask the dangerously desirable Mason for help. He offers her a deal she can’t refuse. But making a bargain with Mason is akin to dealing with the devil. Still, better the devil she knows, especially one she’s resented for ten years.

Together, Mason and Sophie must battle to survive all manner of betrayals. That’s if their thinly veiled animosity for each other doesn’t consume them first.


A Touch of madness : African American Urban Fantasy (Trinity Jones: psychic paranormal investigator Book 3) by Melody Lynch

Trinity Jones falls head over heels in love with Easton, a bad-boy vampire with a dark edge. But when a masked killer begins targeting vampires and streaming their murders online, the city is thrown into chaos, with friends turning against each other and causing havoc in the streets.

As Trinity works to uncover the killer’s identity, she realizes that the lines between good and evil are not as clear as she thought. With the city on the brink of destruction and her loved ones, including her relationship with Easton, at risk, Trinity must navigate a dangerous world of intrigue and betrayal.

Will she be able to find the killer and save those she holds dear, or will the madness tearing the city apart consume them all?


Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda. by Sam Strahan

Shanice Smith-Monroe has finally found her stride. She has opened her own business, she’s a newlywed and she is in love with the life that she worked so hard to build. Her early years were nothing to brag about, so she deserves the peace her life found when she married an older man, Messiah. And at last, she could relax.
Or not.
Her new husband’s family comes to visit for his birthday and bring ALL THE DRAMA with them. That’s when Shanice finds out that her world is a lot smaller than anyone’s world should be.


Love is Patient: A Christian Romance by Faith Arceneaux

Trusting another man with her heart may take time, but thankfully he has the patience.

The man Morgan trusted with her heart wrecked her. He diminished her dreams, belittled her accomplishments, and mocked her success. When she found the strength to leave him, she had nothing left to give.

It was always Cody’s dream to return to his alma mater to teach, and when given the opportunity he never imagined he’d run into her on the very campus where they met.

Although she was still the same beautiful girl she was over a decade prior – she wasn’t as vibrant, there was something missing. He didn’t care how long it took, he was determined to help her find what she lost.

Love is Patient is a Contemporary Christian Romance.

Content Warning: This story includes details around domestic abuse. I acknowledge that this detail may be difficult. I also encourage you to care for your safety and well-being first and foremost.


Rosewater: A Novel by Liv Little

Elsie is a sexy, funny, and fiercely independent woman in south London. But several things in her life have gone terribly wrong. She’s estranged from her family; is failing to make it as a poet; and has just been evicted from her social housing. As fierce and independent as she is, even Elsie must admit that being a carefree 28-year-old is proving difficult—and that she’s running out of options. 

Juliet, her best friend since childhood, has always been Elsie’s lifeline. So even though they haven’t spoken in months, Elsie is soon snuggled up on Juliet’s couch, back at home among the mismatched cushions and knit blankets. 

Between their reruns of Drag Race and nights smoking on the balcony, something surprising begins to glimmer in Elsie’s heart. And as the days turn into weeks and then months, this feeling quickly becomes too fierce to ignore. Will Elsie be brave enough to open herself up to love? 

Featuring the poetry of Kai-Isaiah Jamal, Rosewater is a deliciously steamy queer romance from a bold new voice. An electric and captivating debut, Elsie’s story teaches us that sometimes home is not always where we are, but who we are with . . .  


Santana Princeton by Alisha B.

It’s been two years since Santana Princeton graduated from the police academy. Now he is accomplishing his dream of becoming a detective. The dream his father instilled in him since a kid. He is marrying his girlfriend Chyna White. All of their dreams are coming true. Until a friend from the past comes back into their lives and shakes everything up. Read more to find out how Santana Princeton and Chyna White handle spiritual warfare.


EZ Come EZ Go by Y Marie

Unfortunate circumstances took him away, leaving her alone, confused, and with a secret.

Simone McKinley, a single mother of three, is just trying to raise her kids, preparing to send her oldest off to college.

Ezell Rhodes has been shuffled from one foster home to another, but it is the next-door neighbors that make him feel like family the most.

When Ezell’s older brother sets him up, sending him to prison at sixteen, he not only loses his freedom, but he loses the only people he ever thought of as family, including Simone.

Eighteen years later, both Ezell and Simone have moved on from their high school sweetheart days and made new lives for themselves. But an unexpected chance encounter brings the two back together.

Although, they have loved each other since they were sixteen with new families and kids in the equation now, can they pick up where they left off and get passed their pasts, or do they just need to realize that it is eighteen years too late?


Off Limits Boss by Lena Harrison

She’s high class and efficient. As the manager at the Royal Flower, she’s all business. That boyfriend is in my way and he knows about my past. If she could only see his true colors. I might have a chance.


Stolen Kisses by Charlotte Dinnis

What happens when two best friends agree to be contestants on a dating show that is centered around a single celebrity who is surrounded by beautiful women, each vying for their chance at love? Lots of awkwardness, laughter, and good old fashioned competition. At the urging of her best friend, Shani Robbins reluctantly agrees to audition for a dating show. Her plan is simple: go on the show, then get kicked off during the first round of eliminations.

Andre Barr wants nothing to do with reality television. After being sidelined due to injury, his agent suggests he does a dating show to stay relevant with his fans. His plan is simple: do the show, hang out with a few pretty women, land a permanent less embarrassing gig on a sports show.

Neither is prepared to fall in love.


Her Big Secret by Shanel

MJ has known her whole life who she is, what she stands for and what she wants. It’s never been a question. She made sure to reach her goals, finish school with flying colors and make her family proud. So, when one night changes everything, she is left trying to figure out where this new road will take her. Her world is turned upside down, and she is convinced that things will never be the same…unless she can keep this unexpected change a secret. 

It sounds easy enough, except that the secret doesn’t want to be kept. 

Dana is secure in her lifestyle. It was a long journey, but she managed to find peace in knowing that she was true and honest with herself. She made sure to enjoy life to the fullest, reaping the fruits of her labor and indulging in the single life. 

She never expects it to all go up in flames after one encounter that sends her world spiraling out of control. Dana is caught up in a whirlwind, one that she never anticipated. Finding her footing is more difficult than she could have ever imagined. She’s left trying to protect her heart from getting tangled up in the one person she never expected to capture it.


Love Intolerant by Jessica Terry

Adele Mozley was used to the friend zone. Men liked hanging with her but when it came time to get romantic, she usually got the polite stiff-arm.

But so what, right? She had a job she liked, a loyal BFF, an amazing son and slightly-curmudgeonly father, and Friday nights with Jamaican takeout and her remote. That’s not so bad.

Enter Kingston Ferrell, who is persistent, younger…and so hot it’s almost intimidating. And he has eyes only for her. Adele didn’t lack self-esteem, but she couldn’t quite let herself believe that this hunk would be interested in a 40-something widow with a teenage son. So will she get out of her own way and let him love her? Or will she go back to spending her nights alone with forbidden dairy and regrets?

CW: brief mention of death (off-page)


Return to Hummingbird Way: Includes a bonus novella (Holly Grove Island Book 2) by Reese Ryan

In this heartwarming small‑town romance, can three months, two planning projects, and a meddling grandmother finally make two high school hate crushes see just how right they are for each other? 

Ambitious real estate agent Sinclair Buchanan is ecstatic to be her best friend’s maid-of-honor—until she discovers the best man is Garrett Davenport. Sin and Rett’s mutual hate crush ignited when they were teens and hasn’t let up since . . . except for that one extremely hot (and extremely regrettable) night they shared five years ago. 

Nothing gets Rett fired up like going toe-to-toe with Sinclair. She’s as infuriatingly stubborn, and as absolutely gorgeous, as when he fell for her back in high school. Working together to plan their best friends’ last-minute wedding is one thing, but when his matchmaking grandmother gets involved Rett knows he’s in deep. Attraction has always simmered between them, but this time, they’re both in danger of losing their hearts.


Mother for a Month: An Uplifting Inspirational Romance by Zoey Marie Jackson

For the baby’s sake, she’ll tolerate anything
Even his exasperating—and handsome—uncle

Adorable baby Micah melts Sienna King’s heart instantly. Too bad he’s related to the most insufferable man Sienna knows. Joel Armstrong has temporary custody of his sweet nephew—and no clue what he’s doing. Sienna has free time…and a yearning to be a mother. It could be a perfect match. But what happens when they both start wanting a long-term ever after?

From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.


Ready for War by Mel Dau

Warrior “War” Davis is ready for anything life has to throw at him, or at least he thinks he is. He’s not a man that should be played with on any level, but love doesn’t care about your position. When love enters the battlefield will it be a fair fight? Life has a funny way of humbling you. When the humbling comes from a person you don’t want to even like, will he submit himself to love?

Blossom “Pea” McCoy has been in battles most of her life, however, her biggest battle is just over the horizon. Will she be able to turn an enemy into a friend to prepare for a bigger nemesis or will her pride lead her to a losing battle? What happens when enemies turn to friends who turn to lovers?

They say love is a battlefield. Let’s see who is truly ready for war!


The Discovery by Lola St. Amour

He’s a handsome, enigmatic business mogul who knows exactly what he wants, and from the moment he sees her, he knows that she will be his.

She is a beautiful fierce, self-assured divorce attorney who has sworn off love and relationships, but from the moment that she feels his energy, she knows she’s in trouble.

What will Chase and Mia discover when they let their guards down and give themselves permission to indulge in the undeniable chemistry that neither one of them can fight?


The Accidental Queen by L.R. Jackson

Coming to America meets Bridgerton in this enthralling, contemporary debut novel by L.R. Jackson which blurs the lines of forbidden romance and showers hopeless romantics with a second-chance love reunion.

Unlike fairy tales of old, sometimes a woman must fight to save her king. 

Ebony Rose desires the freedom to love without limits—but that’s for people who aren’t harboring the kind of skeletons that could threaten their very existence. Desperately running from her past and a broken heart, Ebony refuses to allow anyone to get close to her—until she crosses paths once more with Dafari, the knight in shining armor she lost long ago. 

The last thing King Dafari expects to find in New York is the girl who got away—although he had hoped. Marrying a woman outside of his culture is strictly forbidden, and the clock is ticking for him to choose a queen. However, Ebony Rose embodies all the qualities he seeks in a mate and a matriarch for his country, and Dafari is determined to make Ebony his, despite the laws and traditions that stand between them. Then he makes a grave discovery that causes his world to spiral and leave him questioning everyone he loves. 

Secrets buried under betrayal emerge, threatening to destroy the bond between Ebony and Dafari. Will they survive the sinister conspiracy surrounding them, or will royal misdeeds and scandal topple their chance at redemption and true happiness?


Madam X by Niobia Bryant

By popular demand, national bestselling author Niobia Bryant brings you the sizzling, sexy, twist-a-minute follow-up to Madam, May I, in which Manhattan’s most exclusive madam discovers her past is back with a vengeance. For fans of steamy, juicy, action-packed stories and Mary B. Morrison and Noire.

Billionaire celebrity clients, anything-goes erotic nights, seductive betrayals—Desdemona Dean couldn’t wait to leave the high-end prostitution game behind. Now settled down with the only man she’s ever loved, Desi is getting the chances her shattered childhood denied her—and making her life truly her own. Until a basketball superstar publicly credits Madam X’s unmatched sexual services for his astonishing career. Add an anonymous tip to the
police—and suddenly Desi is in the center of a social and tabloid media firestorm . . .
Knowing others’ secret desires has always kept Desi safe—and hiding her own wrenching past is the only protection she could ever trust. But her lies are taking her relationship apart piece by piece, keeping her only seconds ahead of the police—and exposing her to a malicious blackmailer determined to destroy her for good . . .
Now Desi will need all her nerve and cool, calculating bravado to take down her enemies and outmaneuver the law. But once she reveals who she used to be, can she survive the consequences to hold on to the woman she’s become?


Claimed by the Off Limits Boss: An Opposites Attract Age Gap Romance by Azani Leshay

I needed a job and this hot fox was conducting interviews for a new hire.

She’s off-limits during work hours but maybe she can report to me after I clock out.

With my chill demeanor I watch how she’s eyeing me more than anyone else.

You can tell she’s stressed even though she acts like it’s all good.

But that one evening, after work, the tension gets the best of us.

Turns out I’m an asset to the business in many ways, one of which is to her direct benefit.

Age doesn’t play a role in my maturity so I play the game that no one can know.

She consistently mentions how hard she’s worked to get to the top so I understand what’s at stake.

But how long do we do this song and dance?

Forced to make a choice between my pockets or my pleasure, my head and heart are confused.


Zora Books Her Happy Ever After: A Rom-Com Novel by Taj McCoy

A heart-pounding, curvy romance about an indie bookstore owner who finds herself in a love triangle when she meets the author she’s had a crush on for years…and his best friend.

Zora has committed every inch of her life to establishing her thriving DC bookstore, making it into a pillar of the community, and she just hasn’t had time for romance. But when a mystery author she’s been crushing on for years agrees to have an event at her store, she starts to rethink her priorities. Lawrence is every bit as charming as she imagined, even if his understanding of his own books seems just a bit shallow. When he asks her out after his reading, she’s almost elated enough to forget about the grumpy guy who sat next to her making snide comments all evening. Apparently the grouch is Lawrence’s best friend, Reid, but she can’t imagine what kind of friendship that must be. They couldn’t be more different.

But as she starts seeing Lawrence, and spending more and more time with Reid, Zora finds first impressions can be deceiving. Reid is smart and thoughtful—he’s also interested. After years of avoiding dating, she suddenly has two handsome men competing for her affection. But even as she struggles to choose between them, she can’t shake the feeling that they’re both hiding something—a mystery she’s determined to solve before she can find her HEA.


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New Release Round-Up April 24th-30th

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