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Grace (Prism Book 2) by Love Belvin

Ashira is now in the know of Jas’ complicated world—or is she?

The “construction laborer” is really a wealthy felon with too many inexplicable circumstances to fathom for her narrow worldviews. But will Jas share more of his complexities? Will Ashira be able to absorb them with understanding, leaving the judgement behind?

Two souls, still galaxies apart, but bound by love.

The unanticipated UFO has collided into her world like a ferocious asteroid. Find out if their unmitigated passion for each other is enough to flourish in Grace.

Publisher’s Note: “Grace” is book TWO of a THREE book series. It ends on a suspenseful CLIFFHANGER. This book contains angst, violence, profanity, sexually explicit content, and potential gory material. If any of these elements is not what you prefer between the pages of a novel, this is not the venture for you.


Deeper Than Love (The Berotte Family Book 2) by Monica Walters

Sometimes life can be tough to navigate, especially when you enter it at a slight disadvantage. Alexzandria Berotte has a loving family, and she’s made it through life all right. However, after discovering that she is pregnant and was nearly duped into marriage by a fraud, she misses something she’s never had. A mother’s love. Her mother died while giving her life, and she longs for that connection to help her navigate through one of her toughest times. She has difficult decisions to make, but after connecting with her father’s new love, those decisions seem to become slightly easier to get through. Trying to move on with her life, she does her best to convince herself that her past is behind her, and she’s ready to experience the one thing she craves… love.

Axton Vaughn is known as an arrogant prick, but he enjoys the title. As a newly certified gastroenterologist, he is living for the day that he can start his own practice. After reconnecting with his mentor from medical school, he accepts the task of temporarily running his office in Beaumont, Texas to get a feel for what it would be like running his own private office. However, instead of simply gaining experience, he’s introduced to the most beautiful nurse he’s ever seen. The problem is that he’s met his match, and he soon realizes that he can’t bear the same sarcasm he freely dishes out. Despite her fiery disposition and their constant bickering, he can’t seem to get her out of his thoughts.

Alexz and Axton can’t seem to be around one another for longer than a few minutes without being ready to wage war against the other. However, when life happens in both their worlds, they are both vulnerable and their rough exteriors seem to deteriorate. Can they be there for one another, or will their strife drive a deeper wedge between them?


So This is Love (The Forbidden Book 5) by Brookelyn Mosley

Ayanna Dale has willingly put herself in a precarious situation. She only planned to get back at her cheating ex-boyfriend when she cheated back with her friend, Dallas. She didn’t honestly expect for anything serious to result from her decision. The latter becomes a source of worry for a jaded Ayanna, not because Dallas is her friend. But because he’s also her ex-boyfriend’s brother.

Dallas Roque has always known what he’s wanted and, like his skills on the basketball court, he has taken his time to act on his undisclosed feelings for his friend Ayanna. Though her impulsive decision pushes him to do what he’s always wanted to do, he’s unprepared for the aftermath, especially when his heart gets caught in the crossfire.

In any other circumstance, what happened between Ayanna and Dallas should’ve never happened. But when it does, it unearths something else between them that neither of them planned for – a beautiful discovery of what love really looks like, despite how it bloomed.


To Her Rescue (The Knight Brothers Book 1) by Dria Andersen

Celine Harris’ inheritance hinged on one tiny detail. She needed to marry. Her father will do anything to get access to that money, include marrying her off to the highest bidder. She didn’t expect the shifter she’d been secretly crushing on to step up…

Mason Knight was building an empire. That took time, and nearly all his effort. He didn’t have time for dating, nevermind marriage. But…it’s Celine and he nor his panther wanted to let her slip through his fingers.

Celine thought she could breathe easier with Mason coming to her rescue, but money and family never mixed…and she was about to find out the hard way.


Let Me Change Your Mind by T. Key

Friends with benefits?
Neither Matthew White nor Dallas Day can afford to go down love’s path at the moment.
So, why has fate caused their paths to cross?


On Break by Turtleberry

Ayanna is a stressed-out school counselor and ready for Spring Break. Then her boyfriend decides they need to take a break to reevaluate their relationship. She posts her frustration on social media. Then Zack, an old flame, slides into her DMs. He offers to help her enjoy her break.


The Love You Deserve by Rosé Dior

Prestyn James thought the fairytale love that her husband Kourtney wrapped them in was her happily ever after. When tragedy bursts the rose-tinted glasses she saw her life through, she’s left to decide which pieces she’s going to pick up and which ones to leave on her path to finding herself again. 

Adrian Stark is the devoted husband that hides his pain and heartache behind the love he used to know but doesn’t recognize anymore. His loyalty is both his gift and curse, but he’s trying to decide when enough is truly enough.

A chance encounter places these two broken pieces in each other’s paths with a chemistry that could either combust or come together to create something neither of them saw coming but need. Are they each other’s second chance, or have the boundaries they’ve already crossed created obstacles they can’t overcome?


Lost in a Quiet Storm by Nalo J. Stewart

She made a heart-wrenching decision that put her life on a dark and self-destructive path. It took years to find her footing—fight her demons—and redirect the downward spiral that had become her life. Though never mentally or emotionally far from the choices she once made, she’s in a comfortable place. She’s found peace—or her version of it.

Then he enters, barreling into her life when she’d assumed the significant chapters of her life had already been written. But like the rest of her life, nothing goes as planned.

Heather’s past, present, and future collide in one unforgettable moment, forcing her to grapple with the question that has dogged her since childhood. Who actually deserves a happily ever after?


Thaddeus & Georgette~ Red Ink Rendezvous by Butterfly Brooks

Thaddeus Kane and Georgette Remington are bestselling authors, signed to Write Way Books, the Black fiction imprint of big four publisher, Hartford House Press. Equally passionate about their writing endeavors, they delve into a steamy affair, and ultimately found a strong bond built on their creativity and forged through the passion of their pens.

While Georgette is obviously smitten by Thaddeus and Thaddeus is digging his newfound muse, he hesitates evolving their relationship, feeling financially inadequate to foster Georgette’s big vision for her future. They bob and weave, inside the ring of their love affair, each protecting their hearts from what is clearly a Love TKO.

When Thaddeus finally decides to knock Georgette off her feet with a proposal, Georgette has already made up her mind to step back from their relationship and they go their separate ways.

Time passes. They live their lives, building families, careers and their own personal empires. But what happens when Thaddeus unwittingly signs to Dominion Publishing, where Georgette is Chief Operating Officer with her husband Hiram Rivers serving as CEO? A racy, righteous reunion-rendezvous is what happens, bringing up repressed emotions, wayward wishes, deferred dreams, and unrealized regrets, a tumultuous journey that leads Thaddeus and Georgette down a path, into the final fight for love. Who will walk away with the title, Heavyweight Champion Of Her Heart? Who will be the Undisputed Captain Of Her Soul?


Because I Love You : A North Brooke Port Novel by Queen Rae

After four years apart, life brings Breonna and Kevion back together in this For You I Will spinoff. For the two of them, time has brought about maturity and a new appreciation for life and love, but for Kevion specifically, the years and distance brought along a closet full of skeletons Breonna may or may not be equipped for or willing to handle.
Always the uninhibited twin, Braylynn meets her match in a man a few years her junior who is willing to put up with her slick mouth and her state of denial behind not needing or wanting love from a man. However, with Kortez, she is more than willing to admit how different things are with him, and with him stepping up to the plate where her daughters are concerned, she can’t help but to fall head over heels, face first, and down to the ground for him. While he’s more than willing to catch her, he has his own situation he has to handle before he can be all in with Braylynn.
With a dysfunctional family unit looming in the background, everyday struggles of being young business owners, motherhood, and both willingly and unwillingly falling in love, Braylynn and Breonna have their hands full. Nevertheless, because of love, everything will work out, right?


Never Saw Me Coming: A Psychological Thriller (The Quiet Ones Book 3) by Tanisha Stewart

Shatina and Max are back for the third installment of the Quiet Ones seriesFooled Me Once ended with a shocking revelation, and although the unlikely duo worked together voluntarily last time, this time someone else is pulling the strings: Max’s ex-girlfriend, Sam.

With a potential murder charge looming over their heads, Shatina and Max are forced to make a risky decision – give in to Sam’s sinister demands, or turn themselves in to the police?

With nowhere to run to escape the potential backlash, Shatina and Max become hooked into Sam’s plan. But is there something else bubbling beneath the surface?

Something even Samnever saw coming?


Something More: A Classmates to Lovers novella by Lee Stevens

Two College Friends. One Night.

Deidra Young is fresh off a divorce and avoiding her family. Between work, the divorce, and juggling single mom life, she needs a moment to figure out what comes next. What she didn’t expect was running into Big Head, an old college classmate who definitely grew up.

Kwame “Big Head” Mitchell has a lot going for him, except in the love department. His family is on him to settle down but his company is his life. Then Dee struts into the hotel lobby where he’s staying. Seeing her sparks a glimpse at a different kind of life.

For one night, Deidra and Kwame get reacquainted, let their guards down, and maybe open the door to something more.


Like You Love Me (The Beaumont Series Book 12) by Angie Daniels

USA TODAY Best-selling author Angie Daniels returns with book 12 of her popular Beaumont series…
After a near-death experience, Marketing Director Bianca Beaumont Brown tries to return to quiet family life with her husband, restauranter, London Brown. Planning a charity bachelor auction with her charismatic friends is one distraction she’s starting to enjoy. However, when an unwelcome blast from Bianca’s past shows up, she knows it’s only a matter of time before a seven-year-old secret is no longer confidential. She is convinced that it’s better to bend the rules than risk the truth, but London disagrees. Will her choices jeopardize their marriage, or together can they discover that family is what you choose it to be?


The Bookshop Rescue (Furever Yours Book 9) by Rochelle Alers

How to fetch a family

Bookshop owner—and recently heartbroken—Lucy Tucker never imagined how dramatically life would change once she started fostering Buttercup, a pregnant golden retriever. The biggest change? Growing a lot closer to the businessman next door, Calum Ramsey, especially after the two of them help Buttercup welcome her five puppies into the world. One romantic night later, and they’re expecting a baby of their own! Stunned at first, steadfastly single Calum is now dutifully offering marriage. But Lucy doesn’t need rescuing. She wants the true-blue happy ending they both deserve.

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

Furever Yours


Summoning Up Love (Heart & Soul Book 1) by Synithia Williams

A fraud?

Or the find of her lifetime?

Vanessa Steele retreats to her grandmother’s beach house to heal after she loses her job and her fiancé. When she finds that Grandma’s enlisted hunky Dion Livingston and his brothers to investigate suspicious paranormal activity, the intrepid reporter’s skeptical of their motives. But her own investigation discovers that Dion’s the real deal. And any supernatural energy? Pales compared to the electricity that erupts when the two of them are together…

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

Heart & Soul


When Love Keeps Calling Your Name by A.J. Davidson

Alaina Johnson has hit more rough patches than she could count, but she refused to allow any of it to break her. That was until she met, West. West charmed his way in and quickly became another rough patch but one that wasn’t as easy to get over. After forcing Alaina to take matters into her own hands, he snatched everything away from her making her completely hit rock bottom. To Alaina, life wasn’t worth it anymore.
Isaiah has had the world at his disposal for as long as he could remember. Everything he wanted and desired, he worked hard at it and became a self-made millionaire. Thinking he had life by the horns, Isaiah was hit with news that would turn life as he knows it, upside down… again.
Paths are crossed, secrets are being held, trust is gained, love is felt, and loyalty is tested. Isiah and Alaina will meet and quickly become everything they’ve been missing in each other’s lives. No matter what life threw at them, they never counted love out. But, could the things that they face now, make them ignore the call of love or will they answer, WHEN LOVE KEEPS CALLING THEIR NAME?


Holding on to Love (Victory Gospel Short Book 6) by Tyora Moody

Sequel to When Love Finds Me short story

Tangie Nelson is officially engaged to former NBA star Nathan Chambers. When Nathan is featured on a national talk show for his successful work with underprivileged youth, someone from his past shows up on his doorstep. Nathan’s former fiancée claims he’s the father of her son.

Sensing something else is brewing beneath the surface, Tangie pulls the brakes on the wedding planning. Until the dust settles, she’s hoping she can hold on to love.

Victory Gospel Shorts are sweet Christian romance stories from 8,000 to 25,000 words or 32-100 book pages. Meet a different member from the Victory Gospel Church family. Don’t be surprised if you see a character from the Victory Gospel Series or the Reed Family Series in a story.


Fixer Upper Love: Lawrence Family Series by Suzette Riddick

Garrison Lawrence has done his job raising his three girls following the death of his wife. Now that his daughters are grown and successful, the only thing he has left is his contracting business buying and flipping properties to occupy his time.

Although he swore after his wife’s untimely passing that he would never commit himself to another woman, Garrison begins to rethink his decision. Witnessing his daughter fall in love leaves him yearning for companionship beyond the occasional trysts to satisfy his carnal needs.

Divorcée Madeline “Maddie” Redmond is eager for a fresh start in a new city. Leaving behind heartache, she’s ready to move on with her life without a man in it. The only way she knows how to do this is to immerse herself in her work as a behavioral health specialist.

A romantic entanglement isn’t what she’s looking for when she meets Garrison Lawrence, her landlord. When she learns he’s a widower, Madeline allows her heart to open up to the possibility of something special.

What starts off as a blossoming relationship is shattered by ghosts from the past. Will Garrison and Madeline be able to find love a second time around?


Sticks & Stones (Casting Stones Book 3) by Danielle Burton

You ever hear those stories about high school sweet hearts who go on to get married and live happily ever after?

This isn’t one of those.

An overweight, theater loving outcast and a teen mom. An unlikely duo…yet somehow they became best friends.

After graduating high school they lost touch and that’s where their story ends. Right?

Maybe not.

Pediatric cardiologist, Indigo Stone is over relationships. His search for a real connection keeps coming up short and he’s way too busy finishing his fellowship to date anyway.

Single mom and caterer Rikki Hendrix quit love. After a string of bad relationships she decided enough was enough. Her son is her one and only priority.

A chance run in throws a wrench into both their plans.

As an old friendship is rekindled it’s clear that things have changed.

While they explore this new dynamic of their relationship its hard not to wonder if that improbable high school friendship was the start to their happily ever after all along.


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New Release Round-Up April 25th-May 1st

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