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An Unexpected Love (Heart of a Jameson Book 5) by Danielle Burton

It was an unwritten rule.

One that should’ve been easy to follow.

· Don’t mess around with your best friend’s little sister.

Especially not if your best friend happens to be your business partner.

Definitely not if his little sister is your employee.

But when it comes to Arizona Broussard, Xander is breaking all the rules.

Even those he set for himself.

It was supposed to be a summer job.

A favor to her brother.

What Arizona didn’t expect was the sparks that flew the moment she laid eyes on Xander Jameson.

Getting involved with him is a bad idea.

If her brother ever found out it would be a disaster.

Not to mention her sorta, kinda, maybe ex-boyfriend.

But resisting her boss isn’t an easy task.

What starts out as an innocent night quickly spirals into something neither of them expected.


Something About You by Reese Ryan

There is just something about sexy, confident Lita Woods that commands Trey Hampton’s attention the moment he encounters her. Until he discovers his son plans to marry her daughter and they’re both about to become grandparents. 

Lita’s knee-jerk reaction to the news drives her daughter away. She’s left with no choice but to team up with the charming, handsome grandfather-to-be on their common goal of stopping this wedding. 

When Trey invites Lita to join him and the kids at his beach house for the summer, their connection is too powerful to deny. And as they conspire to prevent their college-age children from derailing their futures-the way they once did-they find themselves falling in love.


Not Good Enough For You (The Harris Sisters Book 4) by Renée A. Moses

Lyric Phillips is ready for love. For the first time ever, she believes that something worth having may exist for her. She always did what made her feel good with no cares for anything else until it caught up and bit her. She ultimately changed her mindset, vowed celibacy, and tossed her bad habits. When the new Lyric falls in love again, her past trickles in with an agenda. 

Elijah Grant is a youth pastor for his father’s church. He loves working with the kids but being their pastor was not his calling. After mishaps from his past, he fell in line to get back into his father’s good graces. Now, he’s ready to step down and move on. Breaking the news to his family may mean more trouble than it’s worth.


Promise Kept by J. Nichole

Parker met Bailey Monroe in Hawaii, and he wanted her to fly out to London, Bali, and Dubai too.

There was just one problem, he was a traveling artist, a nomad of sorts. And she was not.

She had a business to run, a life to maintain.

He couldn’t stay, and she couldn’t go.   Is their love strong enough to cross seas, and time zones?

Promise Kept is book three of The Dupree Boys series.


The Other Side of The Game: Diamond Lake Rattlers, Book 2 by Tiye Love


Zeke Powers, the best catcher in the Major Leagues, has been reckless too many times and is in danger of losing his baseball contract without the help of his sexy publicist, Jade Maxwell. 

The woman he can’t (and doesn’t try to) resist.

Jade believes she has what it takes to change Zeke’s bad-boy reputation if she can just get him to be more open and believe that his personal triumphs are bigger than the game. 

Recently divorced from an unfaithful husband, Jade is also wary of their alluring, soulful chemistry that Zeke is temptingly insistent on exploring. Always straightforward, Jade makes it clear to Zeke she doesn’t mix business and pleasure, especially with a handsome and charismatic athlete who has never been seen with the same woman twice. Undeterred by Jade’s reticence, he knows it’s only a matter of time before she succumbs to their magnetic attraction. After all, Zeke didn’t beat all odds to have a dream career as a professional ballplayer without persistence and patience.

And Jade Maxwell is so worth the wait.

Check out the other book in this series of sexy baseball players and the women who love them:

Caught In The Game by Cassie Verano


With A Dozen Roses (When We Were Flowers Book 2) by Harleigh Rae

Episode two finds Primrose Drury wrestling with grief and refereeing the ongoing feud between her younger siblings while raising young adults of her own. She’s given every ounce of herself, mentally and emotionally, to manage the shop while allowing everyone to keep following their dreams. After an unscheduled business lunch, she gains the stamina she needs to step into that maternal role and remind her siblings that a family that grinds together shines together.


Serious Inquiries Only by Wynta Tyme

The old saying there’s no place like home is a sentiment many can agree on. We’re usually reminded of the notion even more when placed in an unforgiving environment. For India, Castle, and Jared, maintaining their home front has become a game for a force unseen.

Will the unsuspecting trio fight and protect what’s rightfully theirs? Or will their fears of living outside the box cut off the chance of an escape?


Tested by Love by Indigo

Contentment, temptation, and feeling split between two…

Layce feels like something is missing from her life. By chance, she runs into an old acquaintance, which brings an onslaught of emotions.

Omari has been coasting through life, missing what was once the most important piece of him. Given the chance to get his wholeness back, he jumps at it, not allowing another moment to drift by.

Kade thinks he has it all but has lost sight of the importance of whom he has. Feeling it slipping through his fingers, he attempts to keep ahold of what’s dear to him.

In the end, Layce is faced with a decision that hurts to make—one that is required to pass the test presented to her.


Forever Yours by Suzette Riddick

Josephine “Joey” Lawrence is making a name for herself in the Philadelphia area as the owner of Naturally Lavender. She’s hustling her haircare products online and selling the good old-fashioned way; peddling from salon to salon. With dreams of expanding her business to a storefront, Joey’s longing to be swept away by someone special isn’t a priority. 

Bad boy Jamal Peters got his act together after being on the wrong side of the law. Following in the footsteps of his mentor, Jamal becomes an attorney to keep himself on the straight and narrow path. Restless, he quits his high paying job and opens Top Hats, a chain of gentlemen spas catering to wealthy businessmen. Although he’s successful, Jamal is once again restless. He wants more than the occasional fling, but has yet to find his equal.

Joey and Jamal are reacquainted at a black tie event and neither of them can deny the instantaneous attraction. When an opportunity is presented for them to become business partners they can’t resist throwing pleasure into the mix. As they explore their feelings, one of them is left wondering if it’s worth the drama that comes with the relationship. Will their love connection survive?


Quitting You by A.S. Wilson

Shanelle quit her job and moved back home to pursue the writing career that she always wanted. She’s ready to quit her boyfriend, too, because she’s done wasting time with people or things that don’t feel right. The only problem is: she’s been back home for a month, and she hasn’t written a word. Frustrated but determined to birth a bestseller, she secrets herself away to a hotel with hopes of catching the writing bug.

Trevante knows how to make the ladies weep when he takes to the stage. As a singer and songwriter, he channels love and heartbreak through his music. Unfortunately, he’s grown all too familiar with the latter. Fresh out of a breakup and on-tour, he’s moseying through an Atlanta hotel when he spots a face that he could never forget.

Shanelle and Trevante were madly in love, as teenagers. When they meet up, eighteen years later, the chemistry between them is as undeniable as it always was. Will they be able to wade through the past and forge a future, or will the challenges that they face split them apart?


Falling For Bria (The Hero Reservist Book 2) by Tina Martin

How will Atlas and Bria’s relationship develop? Or will it?

Atlas knows he’s on a mission to save Bria’s life. He has strict orders from his handler. Falling in love was not a part of the plan, but the soldier just can’t help himself. He wants to feel love this ‘one’ time with this ‘one’ woman. It’s the struggle to stick to the mission and the battle in his heart of winning Bria’s love and trust that confuses him the most. And it doesn’t help that he’s still keeping secrets about his true identity. Will he go all-in, or will he walk away for her sake?

Bria has no idea who Atlas really is. She just thinks he’s weird, but she begins to fall for him when he opens up a bit – when he allows her to see things that under normal circumstances, he’d keep hidden.

*Falling For Bria is book two of a three-book series. For the best reading experience, these books should be read in order.


Love’s Prelude by Erika B.

From her parents’ house to her husband’s, Naomi Thompson must figure out how to navigate life on her own. After having her heart broken, love is the furthest thing from her mind. Who knew that an argument with her past would change her life forever?

Gannon Reeves lives and breathes all things football until he is forced to make a decision about the next steps in his life. To him, the choice is easy, but for those around him, his decision could destroy relationships. A chance encounter throws a wrench in his plans and switches his focus.
Both Naomi and Gannon have to figure out if what they’ve found in each other is worth the distraction or if it’s best to just keep their distance. But what happens when it’s too late?


Pretend Bae : A Billionaire Sweet Romance (Afro Luv Bite Book 3) by Unoma Nwankwor

Brice Richardson
She’s been my best friend since the tenth grade…now I feel her slipping away
It was foolish of me to think other men won’t see what I’ve willed myself to ignore.
We crossed that line before and it didn’t go too well.
I got my friend back but that was a line I was hesitant to cross again.
That is until she tells me she’s ready to settle down. How did I miss that? And with who?
With her agreeing to help me secure a new deal, I have just enough time to convince her that I’m the only one for the job.

Imani Sharif
I’ve known Brice almost all my life and I’ve secretly loved him for a good amount of that time
We crossed the line before and he betrayed me
My feelings for him though complicated, never died.
Now he wants me to be his pretend bae to secure his new deal
I want to help him achieve his dream but can my heart withstand the charade?

This is the third book in the Billionaire Pact Series
Book1: Vegas Night
Book 2: Second Shot
These books are complete stand alones. However, for the full reader experience, I advice you read all books in order.


Renegade: A Bad Boy Military Romance (Bad Boys of the Military Book 3) by Shani Greene-Dowdell

My boss’s friend is sexy as sin and has a smile that can make any girl weak.
However, he’s fifteen years older than me. 
That should be enough to keep me away. 
But something keeps pulling me back to him. 
If that was my only problem, I could figure my life out. 
On top of everything, my best friend has turned stalkerish and now wants me all to himself. 
And he’ll do anything, even hurt me, to keep me. 

I don’t know what made her think I would leave her when she needed me. 
I had never abandoned anyone or anything in my life. 
Until I didn’t return from leave because my woman was being threatened. 
One look at her so-called best friend has me ready to pounce.
But I’m the property of the USA. 
I can’t have the military tracking me down to toss me in the Brigg for assaulting a citizen. 
Uncle Sam should know that I will protect my woman and our child, though.
No one will stand in my way.


After Hours: A Havre de Grace Novel by Loretta Walls

The Benton and Childress families weren’t always at odds.
It only took building separate empires in the after hours entertainment world to make that happen.

Tiara-Tantiana Benton has found true love in her childhood sweetheart, Marcelo Childress.

The happy couple is ready to head into marriage — or are they?

Having your partner as the competition could test their love and loyalty to one another.
Visit Havre de Grace, Maryland and discover why love, lust and lies could lead one into the After Hours.


How To Catch Your Runaway Bride (How To Fall In Love Book 1) by Vivian Fox

I know Lillian was having cold feet, but I never thought that she would leave me standing at the altar.
It can’t be a coincidence that my bank account is empty and she took the rings with her.
The good news? 
She took my car with my phone under the seat when she left.
That means we have three days to find her before my phone dies and we can’t track her on GPS anymore.
Now its me, my best man and the maid of honor crammed in a car to get back the stolen rings and money.
I’m hoping she still has my heart with her too. 

The Fall In Love Series is a romantic adventure series where we follow our heroes and heroines risk it all for love! As always, each book can be read as a stand-a-lone and are safe, sweet and steamy. Enjoy!


Faithful Heart: A Novella (The Reed Family Book 4) by Tyora Moody

Crime Scene Investigator Cori Reed is a certified geek who thinks he’s finally found the one. He’s been dating Geneva Sanchez for almost a year but is sensing some distance in the relationship. Not sure why, Cori gives Geneva her space. 

After Cori is called to investigate a homicide crime scene, he soon realizes that Geneva could become a suspect. He’s determined to find evidence to prove her innocence, but Geneva is keeping secrets.

Cori knows that science doesn’t lie, but when the evidence continues to point towards Geneva, can Cori make the right decision despite what his heart says?


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New Release Round-Up April 26th-May 2nd


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