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A Moment of Forever (Lunch Break Series Book 4) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

She never believed in love at first sight, until…

Shaken into submission after colliding with a man who makes her heart stutter, Vanessa Monroe inwardly battles whether to face reality or an uncertain yet hopeful future.



Oops! by Alexandra Warren

“As if sleeping with the enemy wasn’t disastrous enough…” 
For Camryn Cox, living a private, purpose-driven, drama-free life is a top priority. And in her opinion, Maverick Woods represents everything opposite of that.

He’s social media-famous, ultra fine, and completely irresponsible, making him something like the enemy as far as Camryn is concerned. But everything changes when a surprise moment of passion between the two of them results in a positive pregnancy test.




Resilient Love (McAllister Security Book 4) by Té Russ

“Romantic entanglements are a liability.”

This has been a creed Silas Stone has lived by for years.

He’s never considered wavering from it, until he crosses paths once again with Karyn Barnes, the woman he was assigned to protect a year ago. The woman who also saved his life.

When Karyn stumbles across a shocking revelation at work, putting her in danger, Silas makes it his mission to protect her at all costs. And he quickly learns that resisting the beautiful, tempting doctor is futile.



Carter’s Undoing (To Marry a Madden Book 4) by Sherelle Green

For Carter Madden, his time in the military isn’t the only thing that haunts him.

For Serenity Taylor, unanswered questions can drive a sane mind mad with speculation.

But a Madden man may not be for every woman. Especially when broken promises cut deep and unknown secrets whisper loudly in the dark.



Lilac (Heirs Book 6) by D. Camille

“Love, like rain, does not choose the grass on which it falls…” Zulu Proverb

Lilac Jackson was born to be an Heir where mystery and danger is their destiny. However, Lilac longs for a man who’s regular in her life, but she soon finds out that opening her world to a brilliant, handsome regular man is harder than she expected, especially when an unexpected enemy returns bent on revenge. As the youngest child of Benjamin Rucker, Lilac is up to the task.

Garrett Porter owns one of the top tech companies in Silicon Valley. The first time he laid eyes on the beautiful Lilac Jackson, he’d known that she was the one, and his pursuit began. Yet, the more Garrett is in her presence, the harder his heart falls…and more questions form in his mind about the young scientist.



Playing For Your Heart (For Your Heart Series Book 2) by Asia Monique

Most athletes spend their offseason physically and mentally preparing for the next one, but this year things are a bit different for Semaj Tanneson. While he’s focused on coming back at his absolute best after suffering from a season-ending injury, there’s one other thing on his agenda that has his undivided attention. And she goes by the name of Dr. Zena Foster.

*Please note, though this story has a beginning, middle, and end that it is short in form. If you prefer longer novels, there are other Asia Monique titles for you to choose from.



I Thought I Knew You (Phases of Love: Harris Sisters Book 2) by Renée A. Moses

Mekhi Fuller did the one thing he vowed he’d never do: break his wife’s heart. He thinks forgiveness is a given in marriage. All he wants is his family intact and will do whatever it takes to keep it that way. If he loses them, he’ll have nothing left.

Nina is ready to change her name back to Harris. Her kids and her restaurant are all she cares about. Trusting her husband takes more effort than she’s willing to give after he betrayed her.

Mekhi has to win Nina’s trust and steer straight from now on. Even if he does everything right, how can he convince a woman to stay when she’s already done?



The Time Shared (Kennedy Sisters Novel Book 1) by Endiya Carter

Yuliana Kennedy; left at the altar.

Sayi Mathis; left after twenty years of marriage.

Two people left by the people they pledged to spend the rest of their lives with, were mistakenly checked into the same condo on vacation with their families and friends. Yuliana, nor Sayi were thinking about meeting someone on a trip that was supposed to pull them out of the bad space they were in, but one thing about love is that it sneaks up on you when you least expect it.



Candidly Yours: Carnivale Chronicles by Reese Ryan

Layla St. John has the talent, creativity, and drive to start her own clothing line. What she lacks is capital, because she’s spent most of her savings bailing her younger siblings out of trouble. Still, when world-famous photographer Quincy Johnston—her youngest brother’s oldest friend—wants to feature her in a photography series about carnival culture around the world, Layla’s first response is no. She’s happier behind the scenes. But when Quincy promises to help her get funding for her business, she reluctantly agrees to work on his project.

Quincy has spent the past ten years traveling the world, and he’s made quite a name for himself. He’s lived an isolated life free of deep connections. But a visit home to see his family and an encounter with the woman he’s been crushing on since he was a pre-teen pierces the shell around his heart and gives him a taste of what he’s been missing.

Can Layla and Quincy move past their relationship fears and take a chance on turning their short-term, secret fling into a shot at forever?



Everything is Yours by Courtney Irving

They’re two people with damaged hearts and crooked pasts.

After losing his wife, O’Mari Walker, has sworn to never give his heart to another woman after being consumed with guilt. At least that is what he told himself, but that changes when he meets Jada Cole. From the first dance they shared, he feels the chemistry that lies between the two of them.

Jada Cole has sworn off men after her ex leaves her damaged and heartbroken. She has even gone to the extent of entering a full fledge lesbian relationship. However, there is something about O’Mari that is tantalizing, and no matter how much she tries to stray away from him, she can’t.

Sparks have flown since their chance meeting. Take a journey with O’Mari and Jada as they try to mend their broken hearts and fall in deep with each other as they give their all for a chance to experience a genuine, pure, love without pain and hurt to follow.



Since the Day We Met by Kay Shanee

One night is all it took to drive strangers, Kyree Ross and Braelynn Waters, to ecstasy. However, the reality of living thousands of miles apart and the committed relationships they would return to forces a vow to forget their unprecedented passion.

One year later, when the paths of the unsuspecting pair cross again, the feelings they were afraid to let flow have magnified tenfold.

Nothing will stand in the way of their love… or so they think. 

Follow Kyree and Braelynn on their journey of love. Since the day their spirits collided, there was an inkling that they were meant to be. But love rarely makes its home on Easy Street.



Moriah: A Forbidden Love (Book #1) by M.L. Sexton

Moriah is a mom, bestselling author, best friend, daughter, and in a love triangle. Jeremy is a stand up guy: married, doting father, and driven. Baby Daddy, aka BD, is married and coparenting with Moriah. Both men want Moriah and even divorce their wives to be with her. When Jeremy’s wife ends up dead and he’s arrested, they soon find out that Moriah is the real target. Will she make it out alive and end up with one of these men, living happily ever after?



Riding for Love by Ivy Laika

The name Grym Jones had a reputation that was attached with it. If Grym was there, death was sure to follow. When he accepts an assignment, the last thing he imagined was that a woman would be the cause of him missing a kill—something he has never done.

Willow had finally gotten her life in order after having to relocate to a new city. She has sworn off men due to a heartbreak that she has yet to recover from.

Through a series of events, the two encounter, putting both to the test in life and in love.

At the end of it all, Grym and Willow will have have to decide if they will ride for love or will they go their separate ways



Who is She? Finding Me by Jacey Jackson

Fatima didn’t grow up wanting to be a princess like most, she grew up wanting to be a leader. She followed her dreams and became independent, not needing anyone for anything. Things for her were going as planned,great even.

Malik, was a man that was raised to be a leader, provider, and a protector for his family. He had secured everything he believed he needed in order to be the man he was raised to be. Now it was time for him to make his dream a reality.

Tonya, a woman who life from the very beginning has been rocky and unstable. She has experienced heartache and pain more times than she cares to count. She uses her pain to her advantage. From her pain she goes on to have a picture perfect professional life. She comes to embrace the phrase when life gives you lemons you make lemonade.

What happens when these three people cross paths?

In,”Who is she? Finding me.” You will be thrown into the lives of two women and a man that prove one night of pleasure, can cause a world of pain.



Egypt’s Blessing by Cherish Amore

Blessing: God’s favor and protection.
Opposite: A person or thing that is totally opposite from or the reverse of someone or something.

Egypt is rough around the edges, outgoing, a great father, and an all-around bad boy turned good that every woman wants. Blessing is a quiet, churchgoing, single, self-dedicated woman that is every man’s dream.

What happens when two worlds that are completely opposite collide? Egypt is nothing like Blessing is used to, but it’s something about him that has her drawn to him like a magnet. At first sight, Egypt is digging Blessing, but after realizing how different they are, he feels she is one chick he can do without. So how do the two connect?

Ignoring all the warning signs, they agree to go on a date. From one date to many, the pair become inseparable. They have one big problem—they’re completely opposite! Will Egypt change his ways for the woman he doesn’t want to live without, or will he bury those feelings and deal with what he normally attracts? Will Blessing break every rule she has ever made to be with the bad boy that quickly won her heart, or will she realize the bad boy turned good just isn’t what she needs in life?



Ignited: A BHFD Novella (Brighton Heights Book 2) by Skye Moon

What started as a one-night stand, quickly erupted into something Miesha never dreamed possible. However, newfound love comes at a very dangerous price, one that could very well end her life.

**This is part one of a two-part novella series, a cross-over, and an introduction into the Brighton Heights Police Department**



Living Single VI by K. Yvette

One building. Six women that are all feeling the same way in the new year; desiring to be SINGLE for once in their life. Constantly chasing after love and yearning for time and attention. Two things that should come without warrant. With nothing else to do, they end up at the party in their condominium and vow to enjoy the new decade…living single and being free.

This is the finale of Living Single.


Roark: The Donovan Dynasty Book #2 by A.C. Arthur

Denial and isolation…

International businessman, Roark Donovan has just suffered the greatest loss of his life. After years of being the leader of his family, he had to walk away from them and his business while grappling with the circumstances surrounding his mother’s death. Returning to the English countryside was supposed to be therapeutic and restful. It wasn’t meant to open his heart to love again…or lead to clues about his mother’s murderer.


Tamika Rayder has reached the stage in the grieving process where she’s supposed to accept what happened and move on, but there are still too many questions to be answered about her father’s death in a five-alarm fire. As an arson investigator, she’s the best person to pursue the case, except that with every clue she uncovers, her mother slips deeper into depression and Tamika fears she will lose her next. Roark Donovan is charming and attentive and the blistering passion that immediately erupts between them is the stuff that dreams are made of, but Tamika isn’t used to dreaming of happiness.

And when the past comes back to haunt them, Roark and Tamika must prepare themselves for the deadly inferno that threatens to consume them all.



I Deserve His Love – A Second Chance Romance by Chiquita Dennie

Makayla Ramsey never imagined living the life she has now: loving family and friends; a successful career in fashion; and married three years to a man who kept her love under wraps. But despite her love for her husband, she’s no one’s secret so after some thought, she decides to cut her losses.  She’s starting over and not letting anyone stand in her way from her achieving her goals. But a chance meeting with her college sweetheart at her ten-year college reunion reignites old feelings and sends her into a battle for the love of her life.

Amir Slater fell hard when Makayla walked out of his life ten years ago and never looked back. Careers eventually took them both in different directions. Now, he’s face-to-face with her and desperate to keep her close, but his ex-wife isn’t ready to let go, not until she gets what she wants from him – his money, his undying love, and what he can do for her.

Will their second chance at love be destroyed by past relationships and the fear of having their hearts broken once again?

Note: This is a Novella with explicit content, and adult language.



Secrets of a Fake Fiancé (The Stewart Heirs Book 4)by Yahrah St. John

Their make-believe romance

feels way too real!

His proposal is a deal she can’t refuse…

Cruelly rejected by the Stewarts after revealing herself to her birth family, Morgan Young turns to Jared Robinson for comfort. The reformed bad boy proposes they pretend to be a couple to show his own family he’s settling down. And before long, they aren’t pretending! Yet just as Morgan begins to feel accepted, secrets and all, a vicious rumor about Jared’s past threatens them both…



When Love Betrayed Me: When Love Series Book 2 by DeeAnn

After Meek’s ultimatum, Saiya gives in and immediately regrets her decision to do so. No longer able to endure his abuse, she does the one thing everyone had been pushing her to do. Tells her father, Santana. Once the secrets of her relationship are out in the open, Saiya is ready to move on and let her father deal with her ex. The one person she felt she could count on is shutting her out, and she has no idea why. After reaching out to Kano several times, Saiya goes to extreme measures to clear her name. The two reconnect and pick up from where they start off, but life continues to throw daggers at Kano. Keeping his promise to his younger sister, Aaliyah, Kano does what any brother would do to keep her safe from his street dealings. Upon learning new things, disturbing things about his parent’s disappearance, Kano decides to team up with Santana and just when they seem to have it all together, new things come crashing down to throw them off course.



Tormented Love by Ivy Laika

When your heart has been broken how do you learn to love again? How do you learn to love the one person that broke it?

Jonas and Harmony embark on a journey together as the try to navigate a past that is riddled with pain, resentment, and secrets.

Will the two find their way back to each other or is their love too tormented to be repaired?



I’m All Yours by TN Jones

With her life planned out, it quickly spiraled out of control, sending Janelle Taylor into a different and unwanted direction. With a huge mountain of lies and a broken promise and a dying love for Akron Jameson, Janelle ventured on a journey of irrational actions with a confused mental state. Wholeheartedly, Janelle’s determined to find the strong-willed woman her parents raised her to be. However, there’s a thuggish, handsome, dark-skinned man that’s stopping her from being a strong-willed woman with high morals and impeccable standards. Will Janelle overcome the struggles of loving the wrong person, or will she become damned?

There had always been one woman for Akron Jameson, Janelle Taylor. However, Akron couldn’t see himself being tied to a woman that made the same amount of money as him with no political connections. Upon concocting a plan to succeed in life, Akron’s life was turned upside down by Tamon “Don Juan” Jones presence with the only female Akron needed in his life. Will Akron have everything he wanted in life: a family, a fantastic career, and happiness, or will he become damned?

The powerful, intelligent, and handsome Tamon “Don Juan” Jones had two goals to complete: 1.) escape the trenches of the streets he was forced to join, and 2.) to be with the only woman who settled his soul. Never been the type of man to give his loving or precious time to any woman, Don Juan found himself in the likes of Janelle Taylor. With the damsel in distress in his presence, Don Juan quickly realizes who the man in the mirror that keeps staring back at him. Displeased with his past and present actions, Don Juan must shove himself and Janelle away from the path of self-destruction. Will Don Juan become the man that he was raised to be, or will he succumb to the trenches of the streets?



Blood City IV: A Big Easy Vampire Short (A Big Easy Short Book 4) by T.P. Miller

Secrets and revelations…

More things happen in New Orleans than everybody lets on but how will Chloe deal when she finds out that Odessa wants her to take her place.
Terrance loses it all and the only place he can turn to is the place he’s been fighting for so long. With new feelings and a price on his head, how can anything go back to normal?
Augustin still has new place for New Orleans and he doesn’t plan on stopping there. He needs something and they have it.



Tangled Web by Yolanda Buick

Money and fame cannot always bridge a troubled marriage. Alan Perry, new to the Atlanta Falcons football team, has the innocence and charm of a good Southern man. Which is why his wife, Super Model Alison, love him…
Alan, ready to start a family, finds more lurking around the corner that may complicate things.
Alison, in love with her career, the lights, camera, and fame that comes with it, isn’t ready to change her life…. not for anyone, including Alan. When her betrayal comes full circle, Alan, rebounds. To complicate matters, Alison discovers more than betrayal is wreaking havoc in her life. An ex-boyfriend that blames his womanizing ways for losing her years ago. A friend who’s keeping an ill of a secret of his own. And Alison discovery of her own mental fight.
She took Alan’s hand. They sat at the lighted Koi pond. The night air was cool. Quietness swept through the misty grass. Leaves fading colors, rustled on the trees.
“I love you Alison.”
“I love you too, Mr. Perry. I love you too.” Alison leaned toward him.
Their eyes searched one another. Alison kissed her husband. She was happy. You only live once and you have to make the best of it.
Tangled Web intertwines love and deceit. The fight of morals and practicality. Death defying suspense. You have to sweep away the cobwebs in order to move forward.



Kiss & Tell: A Novella by Iesha Bree

Duty to the family has always been Sahara’s role in the Phillips family. Although her taste for freedom was always calling out to her, when her mother lets her know that she has arranged a marriage for her with another upstanding family, the taste for freedom becomes a lot more enticing. So, she convinces her parents to allow her one weekend without responsibility.

Kade Michaels never thought settling down in one place would be the path for him, until he runs into the beautiful Sahara for a weekend of passion. When the time comes for them to part ways, he decides right then and there that the best way to get over her is to shut off his emotions. Ready to head out for his next adventure, his brother calls him to come back home for a surprise.

Surprised isn’t the word when Kade comes back to his hometown of Kenzington Falls to run into the woman who has been plaguing his every thought. Knowing this must be fate, he plans to do everything to get her to realize she is better off with him. But will family step in and cause a problem when this case of Kiss and Tell is on display? Or will Sahara snatch the freedom she knows only Kade can provide?



Aasif and Amber: A Complicated Love Story by Natisha Raynor

The only good things that came from Aasif doing ten years in the feds was his motivation to get out of the drug game and meeting Amber. Amber was a breath of fresh air for the incarcerated Aasif and he cherished their brief moments together but when she quit her job, they eventually lost touch. Once Aasif was finally a free man, the only thing on his mind was starting a business and going legit. Aasif had no idea that starting his business would be the very thing to bring Amber back into his life and he vowed not to let her get away. There’s one problem though, Amber has a boyfriend.

The only complaints that Amber has with her boyfriend Malik are that he works too much and he’s not the most romantic guy but for the most part, she’s content. That’s why she doesn’t understand how seeing Aasif puts such a move on her heart. He was a brief fling that made no real impact on her life and she should be over him….right? No matter how much Amber tries to fool herself, she can’t deny the chemistry that she shares with Aasif, but she refuses to be that dumb female that does a good guy wrong. Leaving Malik isn’t an option for her initially but she never knew fighting her feelings for Aasif would prove to be so hard.

Like his brother, Aseem did ten years in the belly of the beast but he comes home ready to dive head first into the game. Aseem has a bad chick on his team but he soon finds out that her secrets are ones that he could never rock with.



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New Release Round-Up April 27th-May 3rd

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