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The Restoration of Love by Tucora Monique

“You said you wish I was a little more patient…And I just wish your heart was vacant, baby.”
— Teyana Taylor 

Sawyer “Stix” Soules is searching for peace. Due to things she cannot change, Stix had been taught to conform. After leaving the Black Lightning Motorsports Family, the spitfire mechanic has decided to focus on building her own legacy with her cousin, Shooter, at her side. Specializing in restoring old school vehicles, the community activist couldn’t be happier on the business front, though her personal affairs are unraveling. Old wounds have caused her to choose a polyamorous lifestyle and Stix isn’t looking to add to her tribe. Nevertheless, can countless run-ins with a persistent gentleman restore the idea of exclusivity?

Yemisi Powers is seeking salvation. Growing up, the God-fearing man was rooted in his brothers’ shadows but also taught the power of timing. As an adult, Yemisi swears by the notion that time is of the essence and will walk away from anyone who devalues what he can’t get back. While praying for his steps to be ordered, the ambitious officer’s dreams are tainted by mischievous measures, and he’s forced to evaluate his purpose. However, amid his life’s alterations, Yemisi meets a complex woman that may be worth more than just his time.


Face Down Fridays: Prelude (Crowne Legacy Book 1) by Sherelle Green

Ever indulged in your wildest fantasies without any restrictions or consequences?

Sly smirk. Heated glance. I knew I was hooked from the first moment our eyes connected. But I’m not the type of woman to give in easily. Especially when his offer is dripping in rule breaking notions threatening to consume me.

I wanted her willing and ready for anything before she’d even spoken a single word. I’m a patient man, but even patience has a timeframe when it comes to following her rules. But as she’ll soon learn, I don’t follow rules. I make them. 

Please Note: Face Down Fridays is a fast-burn, sexy prelude to the Crowne Legacy series. Although this novella can be read as a stand-alone, it’s an intro into the series.


The Love Dare: a novella (Flower Sisters Book 6) by Asia Monique

Lily Fredericks has many fears, but losing out on the love that Devin Booker is offering to her on a silver platter is number one on that list. Aware of her intense feelings for the man ten years her senior, Lily comes to a decision, but not before Devin ups the ante.

*Please note, though this story has a beginning, middle, and end it is short in form. If you prefer longer novels, there are other Asia Monique titles for you to choose from. This standalone novella is book six in the Flower Sister series. It is not required, but recommended to start at book one.


Wants and Needs by Aubree Pynn

Kali has been struggling with finding her place in life again after mothering three children and being tiredlessly devoted to Kofi for twenty years. When life becomes too much for her, she wants out. The extreme and sporadic announcement leaves Kofi springing into action to relearn his wife.

Will he succeed? Find out in Wants and Needs.


This Time Always by Suzette D. Harrison

Vivacious Niyana Nichols isn’t looking for love. Between the demands of work as a Wellness Clinic Administrator, recent widowhood, and being there for her two beautiful daughters, love has taken a back seat for the fifty-three-year-old. To complicate matters, she’s also suffering from Alopecia. Yet, when Niyana meets her daughter’s handsome professor, she is faced with emotions she thought she’d buried with her husband.

Divorced single father and African-American Studies professor, Omari Josef, is devoted to his career. When the forty-six-year-old grandfather meets the gorgeous and spirited Niyana, he’s forced to rethink his own happiness. Their age difference doesn’t matter to him. What does is making sure she realizes that she’s a woman worth cherishing. Will the sudden reappearance of Omari’s ex-wife wreak havoc in his life? Or will their undeniable attraction grow into something solid and abiding?


The Rose That Got Away by Christina C. Jones

As a rose abandoned in the desert, she’s made a vow – she’ll never go back to the way things were… a promise that was easier to keep before a thorn showed up. (This is not a book centered around a love story.)


Greed (The Deadly Sins Book 1) by Roy Glenn

An uncontrolled, intense and selfish desire for increase in the acquisition of material gain. It could be for social value, status, power and especially wealth.

Valencia DeVerão was on top of the world. Her do whatever it takes to make it attitude had served her well. A self-made millionaire at the age of twenty-two, is now the head of one of the top technology companies in the city. But it came with a cost. She was being blackmailed, she was a suspect in a murder, and somebody was trying to kill her. The answer to all of her problems was simple; bring Mike Black to the table. Which, as many before her have found, is much easier said than done.
After a chance meeting with Shy, Valencia sees an opportunity to accomplish her objective, and make money on a deal with Shy in the process. That plan not only failed to bring Black to the table, but dragged Shy deep into her web of lies and deceit. With her enemies closing in and her options running out, Valencia turns to ex-lover and member of The Family, Geno Crocker for help. But will it be enough, or has her greed sealed her fate?


Happy Hour Hoe (On the Clock Series Book 2) by Shae Sanders

According to office gossip, Cairo King has bagged every single woman in his department. A couple of married ones, too. The man is so legendary, the employees at Billingsley-Davis have dubbed him the “happy hour hoe.” So when Taylor Knowles is unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend, her coworkers take her for drinks after work and point her right in Cairo’s direction. Work out your heartache, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. But Taylor soon discovers that there’s a lot more to Cairo than rumors, and the truth will ultimately change them both. Forever.

***This steamy office romance is part of the On the Clock series of standalones. Can be read in any order.***


Vegas Nights : A Billionaire Sweet Romance (Afro Luv Bite) by Unoma Nwankwor

A woman scared of being hurt again is bent on playing it safe.
A man determined to stay focused and never experience poverty again.
One night on the wild side that changes everything.

Darius Gray
Become a self-made billionaire by thirty.
Love was never an option, acquiring the next investment was 
Deal after deal, I ferociously and ruthlessly operated with that mission in mind.
Years later, mission accomplished.
Today, I celebrate another chain of hotels under my belt and then I heard her voice…
Mixing business and pleasure was never my style
Going after her would be a mistake
One I might just be willing to make…

Safiya Nadar
I used to live my best life
One shattered heart, a bucket of tears and shame turned it into my worst life
Now, I could care less what anyone said, love and the risk it came with was overrated.
If only I could get my bestie off my back.
Tuh! That’s easier said than done, so now we’re in Las Vegas
Three days, in and out, that’s her promise. Nothing extra
Until she pawns me for an exclusive, she’s writing
Just have drinks with him she said
Twenty-four hours later…
I wake up with a ring, a contract of two million dollars,
And a man, who for sure would leave me with a broken heart and a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s 

This is the first book in the Billionaire Pact Series. It was formerly titled His Sweetest Mistake
Book 2 is titled Second Shot


Better Days Ahead (Dare to Win Summer Games Book 1) by T.D. Bryant

Gold, Silver, Bronze… What Price Does It Take to Win?

After missing a significant play at the international Summer Games, Nona Clay, star volleyball player, is haunted by her mistake.

Put in a bind after a tragic death in her circle of friends, she has to decide between:

  • Best friend she’s known for years
  • Ex-boyfriend, she still loves

Nona has to navigate between the fine line of friendship and loyalty. 

Will her friends stand with her to help her bounce back from her fall of disgrace?

Better Days Ahead is a short fiction that’s the first in the Sports Series Dare to Win Summer Games centered around different athletes and their stories of courage and overcoming love challenges.

*Steamy but not explicit.


Love & Lyrics: A Professor Student Romance Novella (Passionate Professors Book 1)  by Louise Lennox

What happens when her love and his career collide?

Raina Simpson is a bold, free-spirted poet and reluctant graduate student. Having written off love and dating, she spends her days teaching high school on the Southside of Chicago and most nights performing spoken word at The Shrine. Her lackadaisical attitude towards school comes back to bite her when she finds herself with one final academic year to complete her master’s thesis. Lucky for Raina, her new thesis advisor, Luke Attah, instills order in even the most undisciplined students. But after their first class, Raina finds out the sexy professor is not as by-the-book as he seems.

Luke Attah is an unbearably cocky and risk-averse British Ghanaian Professor of Poetics. According to the Dean of the English department, his career advancement depends on Raina’s successful defense of a thesis. He is initially defiant but agrees after it is clear there is no way around it. Luke is sure his charm and good looks will win his new pupil over, as it has countless others. What he does not count on is a drunken moment after one of Raina’s performances, making him Raina’s number one enemy. Despite Raina’s thinly veiled contempt, the usually cool Luke finds himself warmed up by his fiery advisee.

Will Luke be able to secure Raina’s heart and keep his job? Can Raina trust Luke after she’s been so badly burned in the past by men that fall quickly for her and disappear?  

Love & Lyrics is a fun and steamy short read that will leave you wanting your own professor to bare all too.


Kept By Blu’s Heart: A Novella by Nai L.

When two halves of a whole meet in an unexpected, unconventional, and very desirable place, they create a love that is foreign but honest. Blu and Ryhan are loners who didn’t choose to be that way, but crossing paths led them down a road of chaotic happiness.

Blu lived a simple man’s life. Work, gym, bars, and his boys. Nothing surprised him and nothing could change his view on life, that was, until he gave into his needs and met Ryhan. He felt that she was the peace he was missing. One night of passion puts his mind at ease but leads to him wanting more. Unfortunately, Ryhan left without a second thought, leaving Blu to only dream of her.

Ryhan also lived the simple life, but she lived it to the fullest with no regrets, just accepting life as it fell in front of her. After a wasted relationship and a trip to the bar, Ryhan’s life changed, forcing her to make decisions that could save her life and bring her joy at the same time.

The chaotic happiness embraced by both Blu and Ryhan takes you down a journey that will have you on edge yet captivated by Blu’s heart. You will see a love that is forged from desire, fear, and joy. A love that is pure and full of life. A love that only Ryhan and Blu could have cultivated.


Cautiously by J. Shanee Byers

Nadia Sanders is in Jamaica preparing for the most spectacular event of her life. Gia is there to make sure nothing spoils her best friend’s big day. But that was not to be when Keith White is offended by what Nadia says. It ruins what is supposed to be.
Business brings Nadia and Marcel Baptiste into the same boardroom. Marcel likes what he sees on and off paper and is convinced Nadia can keep her end of the bargain for the business side. However, what he’s more interested in is if she can handle him on the romantic side. Even though she is drawn to him, Nadia is not in a hurry to meet Marcel’s love requirements, but there is no denying he does more than his due diligence to make sure she meets him halfway.
Nadia pushes and Marcel pulls being forced to stand his ground. Can Nadia handle a man who refuses to be anything less than a real man no matter how hard she pushes? Find out what’s really in store for these two as they take us on an interesting journey of heartbreak, disappointment, and love. **This book contains a rape scene. If you do not like this element in a romance read, this is not the book for you.**


Khalid: Book 3 in The Brothers Ali by Celeste Granger

Racquel Alexander, Owner of Charles’ Barber Experience, is consumed with extending her father’s legacy by expanding the Barber Experience into new markets. Losing her father changed Racquel’s worldview, narrowing her focus to only those things that help her father live on and not just in her memory. 

Khalid Ali, Director of Investments for Ali International is all about the business of conquering new territories, investing in new ventures, and expanding his family’s legacy. He is persistent, determined, and focused. 

A thunderstorm, a flat tire, and a knight in shining armor coming to save her changes the course of Racquel’s existence, but not in a good way. That accidental encounter brings her nemesis, Khalid Ali, into her orbit, rocking Racquel’s foundation and disturbing every preconceived notion she ever had of him. Holding on to old things is easy. Accepting new things is hard. Khalid dares Racquel to accept new things like how his nearness compels her soul to swoon and her heart to thunder in her chest; and how their undeniable magnetism seismically shifts the atmosphere and causes the earth to quake under their feet. 

When enemies become lovers, it’s tumultuous and passionate and confusing and incredible. When enemies fall in love, it’s unpredictable. 


Color of Love (Heartbreak Series Book 1) by Manswell T. Peterson and Keith Kareem Williams

We all have secrets. 

Our past is just what we want it to be, our past. When that comes out to stalk us, we run. 

Our lovers are our lovers, but sometimes they aren’t the ones we desire the most.

The dead don’t stay buried, mail doesn’t stay white, secrets aren’t sweet. 

We all do things we don’t mean to do, but what happens when they come to bite us?


Hope Returns by Author Mi’Kea

For decades Hope’s life has been defined by bad relationship choices. Faced with her estranged husband’s impending release from prison, Hope finds herself in a familiar cycle. An appointment with her favorite therapist proves to be anything but therapeutic. The session uncovers a love triangle with a resolution that is clear as mud. She has not been dealt the best cards but Hope is determined not to lose this hand. There comes a time in every woman’s life when she wants more. Brandon Williams is definitely more but is he too much for Hope? Through chaos riddled with tears, disappointment and pain, Hope Returns.


Not Your Forever by C. Monet

Forever was Serenity Gore’s destination, until the man she was pledging her love to left her at the altar. Devastated and in desperate need of clarity, she decided to disappear for a while. Bunking down in a nondescript town might be the remedy she’s seeking. However, a fateful encounter may teach her love wasn’t her sickness after all. 

Jep Hope runs the town’s bed-and-breakfast. After losing his wife to illness, he’s sworn off love. Dedicated to his country life, he detests the city. Meeting a stranded city dweller on the side of the road awakens the part of his heart he thought he buried, until the day she chooses to leave him behind.

Will Jep and Serenity surrender to the longing in their hearts, or will they realize forever is never as long as it seems? 


The Wine Down: A Brenton Romance Short Book 2 by Genesis Woods

Gavyn Rockwell is a thriving business owner who has dreams of expanding her wine and cigar bar, The Wine Down, even if that means losing the only man that she’s ever loved. Blair Hendrix is living his best life after moving to a new town and falling in love with the beautiful entrepreneur who literally took his breath away at first sight. Everything with this couple seems to be going just fine until Gavyn gets this crazy notion that her relationship with Blair is starting to become more of a distraction to her plans of expanding rather than being a positive addition to her life. Once the break up happens, will these two be able to work through their differences and become the power couple that they’re destined to be or will they both be too stubborn to give their budding romance a chance and lose everything?

The Wine Down is the second book in the Brenton Romance Shorts. All though this cute little story can be read as a standalone, characters from the first book in this series, Christmas With You do make guest appearances in this novella.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up August 10th-16th

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