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Only We Know by Tucora Monique

“We don’t need the world’s acceptance, they’re too hard on me, they’re too hard on you.” –Beyoncé

As the former head of security for the Carbine family, Iman “Blitz” Gunner has had his run of the streets. However, the quiet but deadly marksman has decided to take his life in a different direction. Secretly, he’s been going to school to obtain his degree in social work and graduation is near. Equally as gratifying, he has the love of his life at his side. At least that’s what he wants to believe. Her insistence on keeping their relationship on the hush has grown tiresome, and Iman is done with hiding… no matter the cost or backlash.

Avery Black was once considered a hood princess. Now, as a professional harpist, she’s gaining notoriety for her skill. Some would consider it her great comeback after a stint of recklessness and being sent away. Being back in Silk Hills, repping her new life, conjures old memories and unresolved fears. It’s enough to make her question if she’s worthy of happiness, especially at the hands of love.

For years, Avery and Iman have stood together in secret. At the tip of their turning point, do they have what it takes to keep standing? Or will the forces of doubt cause a falter too painful to mend?


Mister Jeweler (The Mister Series Book 3) by B. Love

“And oh, the crowd will always love you
But as for me I’ve come to know
Everything that glitters is not gold…”

Since a child, Elite Benson had been drawn to shiny, expensive, and beautiful things. His wife, Jacintha, was all three at once. In the beginning of their marriage, things were perfect, but with time they both began to change, and Elite soon realized his wife was not the woman he thought she was.

Denali Peters was sure her life would never get any better. She had two children with a man who showed her with time just how impure his intentions were. At the top of her priority list was being a great mom, but working two jobs and raising her man along with their kids began to take a toll on Denali. Eventually, she realized the importance of self-care and her own happiness… but that happiness came with a hefty price.

When Elite’s marriage crumbles, he decides to right a few wrongs from his past. During his quest for health and happiness, he meets Denali, who appears to be after the same things. With all they have in common, you’d think a relationship between them would be inevitable… but there are a few people and secrets from their pasts that say otherwise.

*Please note: This is an 80,000-word standalone novel.*


Expecting A Hart by K.O. McGee

Fitness guru Benjamin Hart is laser-focused on his goals. Since his time in the military, he returned to Treadwell to obtain maximum fitness to check his mental and physical health. A long-time relationship is beyond repair, so he switched his sights on building the fitness empire that he has created—Benjamin Hart, personal trainer, entrepreneur, the epitome of Maximum Fitness, until that one time.

Ashlee Parker has her dream career as a TV anchor and morning talk show host. She is focused on climbing the career ladder and strengthening her friendships on the way to the top. Ashlee knows how to shine, but will she show up on Benjamin’s radar? She yearns for love and the fairytale ending but will they get their relationship debut?

Sometimes your greatest expectations come to reality quicker than you think.

Love’s Hope (The Four Letter Word Series Book 2) by K. Lashaun

After a relationship left her a little broken, Hope Givens vows to never let another man have control over her life and she focuses on putting herself first. The ambitions of marriage, kids, and lifelong relationships isn’t in the cards for her. So, she sticks to keeping men around long enough to fulfill her needs. But then he comes along…

Maverick Martin’s unconventional upbringing with his father makes him well-versed in not settling in one place for too long. Besides the uncle who’d taken him in at the age of eleven, his limited experience with relationships can be summed up as brief, fleeting interactions that make it easy for him to walk away. Years of that lifestyle lead to a sense of satisfaction… until he runs into her

After two people not looking for anything permanent share an explosive night, moving on is easier said than done. When the temptation gets too strong to resist, they settle on a no strings arrangement, believing it’s the perfect solution. But unanticipated emotion muddies the water and a surprise tilts their world on its axis, causing the bonds of their relationship to be tested, leaving them both wondering if it’s possible to not let the past rule their present …


The Fox (Family Ties Book 3) by Shae Sanders

They say opposites attract. Or something. Jazlyn Windermere doesn’t know about all that.

What she does know is that she loves her rapper boyfriend, Terio, and he loves her too. He just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. His trial is coming up, and it’s going to be a major media event, so Jaz is ready to shine for her man. But when a wrench is thrown in her plans, she finds herself at a loss, spiraling out of control.

Dallas Darrington is Terio’s lead attorney. He’s sharp, about his business, and ready to fight for his client, but it proves to be harder than he expected. Mainly because of Terio, but there’s also the matter of Terio’s girlfriend…who Dallas can’t stop thinking about.

His growing feelings are a huge conflict of interest, and Jaz has absolutely no interest in straight-laced Dallas…at least not at first. He’s not her type at all, but they soon find themselves drawn together by circumstances…and desire.

Can two people with nothing in common truly make it work?

***The Fox is book three in the Family Ties series, but it can be read as a standalone.


Can’t Help but Want You by Tay Mo’Nae

Just when things seem to be going well a curve ball is thrown at Tae causing Brenna to take a step back from their situation. Now becoming a father, Tae puts all his attention on his son, ignoring the yearning inside of him.
Brenna thinks moving on is the key to her problems, but what she soon learns is the heart wants what the heart wants.
The only question between them is can Brenna put aside her issues with Tae’s newfound fatherhood to give them a real chance?


The Greatest Risk: A McNeal Love Story (The McNeal Love Stories Book 4) by Shameka S. Erby

Sylvia Anne McNeal-Thomas, called Sylvie, is the youngest of the sisters and the furthest along when it comes to romance. She married at 23, had a baby, and lived a charmed life until Michael, her first and only love, was tragically killed in an accident. Sylvie withdrew from everything, becoming reserved and shy, determined not to live her life fully without her beloved husband. Her son, Michael Jr., is overprotected and sheltered; Sylvie cannot risk losing him too. A talented seamstress, she has taken over as Vice-President of Manufacturing, supervising all aspects of the sewing process for McNeal linens. The new position is the most active she’s been since Michael died, but Sylvie still refuses to open her life, or her heart, to anyone.

Sean Brentwood is Ryan’s best friend and Michael Jr. ‘s teacher and tries to convince Sylvie to allow her son to play team sports at school. He doesn’t know the details of her tragedy, but he knows that something big must have happened for Sylvia to cut herself off from the world. His gentle persuasion and protective demeanor call out to Sylvia, but she’s afraid of the intense feelings Sean produces in her and even more afraid to love and lose again, and afraid to dishonor Michael’s memory. Meanwhile, Sean has a secret tragedy of his own, but has decided that being with Sylvia could be worth the risk of loving again. Can he convince Sylvia to take the risk too?


The Point of Exhale by Kimberly Brown

Elise Bennett is desperately seeking solace from the hands of the man who promised to love, honor, and cherish her til death do them part. Those vows had been forsaken long ago, leaving Elise to bare the brunt of the abuse happening within the walls of her home. Fearing for her safety and the safety of her children, she does the only thing she can think to do when opportunity arises… she runs. While her intentions are noble, her methods are flawed, and she soon finds herself at the mercy of a stranger.

Safari Johnson is harboring pain from his past that he couldn’t shake if he tried. As the son of an addict and a kingpin, Safari has led a life a crime, beginning at the tender age of eight. At twenty-nine, he’s grown weary of his future in the family business. A chance encounter with a beautiful stranger has him ready to risk it all as his innate need to protect her has him at her every whim.

Outside forces threaten to destroy the bubble Safari and Elise have built for themselves. Between a vengeful husband and a controlling father, their happiness hangs in the balance. Will Safari and Elise get their happily ever after, or were they always doomed to fail? Enjoy this couple’s journey of love, revenge, and redemption.


A Table for Two by Sheryl Lister

One woman must learn to love again with the help of her supper club friends and the man next door in this delightful enemies-to-lovers small-town romance.

The best meals. The perfect company. And just enough sparks to make it complicated . . .

Serenity Wheeler’s Supper Club is all about getting together with great friends, incredible food, and a whole lot of dishing—not for hooking up. Still, Serenity knows inviting her friend’s brother to one of her dinners is just good manners, but the ultra-fine, hazel-eyed Gabriel Cunningham has a gift for saying the wrong thing at the really wrong time. Especially when it comes to her cooking.

Gabriel isn’t quite sure how they got off on the wrong foot, but something about Serenity makes him nervous. Maybe it’s because he’s new to the small-town vibe. Maybe it’s because the woman is so gorgeous that he can’t think straight. Or maybe it’s because there’s an attraction between them he can’t seem to shake. 

Though refreshments and camaraderie may be the supper club’s mantra, Serenity and Gabriel know there’s more between them than just sharing delicious meals. But she can’t let herself fall for Gabriel. Because while cooking with love is one thing, trusting it is quite another…

This Time It’s Forever by Kay Shanee

Once upon a time, Harper Baylor fell in love and was certain she’d found her forever. She gave a man her heart, only for him to break it into a million pieces. It took some time to put it back together, but she was still hesitant to love again.

One drunken night ruined the life Jakhi Malone had planned with his high school sweetheart. He tried to forget the woman who still had a hold on his heart, to no avail. After years of meaningless connections with women, he decided it was time for him to win back the heart of his first and only love.

For a decade, Harper pretended as if Jakhi never existed. During that same span of time, Jakhi couldn’t get her off his mind. When they reunite, will Harper be willing to give Jakhi another chance? Or will her fear of being hurt again ruin their chance at forever?


Secrets We Kept Til Morning 2 by Deshon Dreamz

On episode two of Club Euphoria

All secrets have to come out eventually.

Euphoria has always provided a high level of seclusion and secrecy, but there are some truths that not even Euphoria can hide. With Dominique discovering the true identity of his “Control Freak” he now craves her more than ever. Though Nina shares in his desires, her fears of the unknown cause her to run away from Dominique and all the pleasure he provides. After months of running, Nina can no longer deny her undying need for her Dominant, so she goes back to the place she knows he will meet her. Where he always meets her.


Giving Dove Her Wings (God’s Hand Book 4) by Desiree Francies

“She needs you, baby. More than you could ever know. Now, I want you to promise me something. Promise me that you’re gonna take care of your Mama, Dove?”
“Yes, Grandma. I’ll always be here for her…”

Dove made a promise to her grandmother as a child, right before I’d called her home to glory. She’d promised to be there for her mother no matter what. But keeping that promise was killing her.

Life for her was never easy, but she never thought that it would be. She’d been made aware of their lack of money, love, and support from the moment that she was old enough to understand what those things were. But Temple Zion had always been there for her. I made sure of that.

The church Dove grew up in was her family. Her backbone. They were the only real family she ever felt she’d had. However, things seemed to be getting worse, not better. And at 23, no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t even so much as keep a job.

Some Christian gossip and a simple introduction I’d orchestrated long ago, changed the rest of her life one day. Gave her something that she never knew she’d needed, as well as a group of people she never would’ve even known to ask or pray for.

It also gave her the love of her life.

Happily ever after or not… this is how Dove got her wings and learned to fly.

Content Warnings: Child Abuse & Domestic Violence


Forsaken: A Shadow Shifters Prequel by Tempestt Chantel

The truth hurts, but secrets kill.

Ivy Wesley’s life is mundane at best, even for a wolf shifter. Her comfort zone is built around a routine lifestyle void of love. That all changes when her best friend sets her up on a blind date with Ethyn Gaunt, a powerful shifter whose presence commands the atmosphere in his favor. Ivy finds the passion between them irresistible, and it overlaps discarded dreams. She quickly falls for Ethyn and his primal magnetism.

Ethyn didn’t expect to fall hard and fast for the sassy and witty woman he met on a blind date. Ivy is different from the norm and her exotic personality compliments his wild nature. As a loyalist to his pack, Ethyn obediently accepts a new order from his alpha. As he carries out the assignment, it becomes apparent that secrets exist, and they implicate Ivy and threaten her safety.

Secrets have an expiration date, though. When the truth unravels, no one will be safe from the fallout. Alliances will be tested, and consequences will follow. Will Ethyn and Ivy’s newfound love survive?

Forsaken is the prequel to the Shadow Shifters Series. This is a steamy paranormal romance novella with sexual themes, strong violence, and is intended for readers over the age of 18. HEA guaranteed.


For You I Will: Sister Act by Cheryl Barton

Kasey Young discovered that a man would do anything to keep her in his grips, even if it’s her ex-husband. She lived her life his way for years until she’d had enough and filed for divorce. He wants to insert himself back into her life with an ultimatum; take him back or lose custody of their kids. Kasey found herself between a rock and a hard place needing the help of a man she barely knew, but who stirred up deep carnal desires that had been lying dormant.

Attorney Darren Braxton stepped up to the plate to help Kasey with her child custody case as a favor for a friend. What he hadn’t planned on was the hedonistic lust for a woman who could cause him to lose all he’s gained because he can’t say no to her. He did the one thing he could think of to save them both; he married her.

Kasey has to convince the court that their love is real or she could lose everything. Could she before it’s too late?


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New Release Round-Up August 15th-21st

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