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Check out these new releases from August 21st-27th.

Winter’s Eve Then, Now, & Always: A Three Kings Novel (Three Kings Billionaire Series Book 2) by A.E. Valdez

After walking away from everything he loved a decade ago, Winter King no longer recognizes the man he’s become, the man who tried burying the pain of his past underneath a billion dollar smile, women, and work.

When an unexpected turn of fate brings him face to face with his ex-fiancée, Eve Valentine, he can’t hide any longer from the woman of his past, the emptiness of his present, and the tenuous hope of his future.

Eve Valentine never imagined she’d be forced to face Winter King again, and then her best friend falls in love with his brother. He says it’s kismet, but she feels like it’s pure, unadulterated torture to her still broken heart. The last thing she intends to offer him is forgiveness.

Making a promise to move on, Eve tries, but when everything she’s worked for is jeopardized, the man who used to be her King is her only option.

A favor, an outrageous bid, and a date can’t lead to a second chance. Can it?


Milo (Berkeley Bred Book 2) by Grey Huffington

I’ma spin and spin and spin and spin again.

Gutted, I was, the day you left my side, but I understood that it was no one’s fault but mine. I pushed you away, wearing my pain on my sleeve while pursuing a passion that stemmed from that very pain. In the end, you decided to choose yourself and I could never fault you for that. But, it hurt and still does til this day.

Anticipation. It kept me waiting for the day you’d walk back into my life. I padlocked my heart to keep everyone out until that day came because there was something in me that convinced me that life wasn’t cruel enough to keep us apart. I kept the faith that you’d return.

Dazed, I considered myself the day that you did, knowing there was no way I would let you go again. In any capacity, I needed you in my world, so even with stipulations, I agreed. It didn’t matter how much or how little, I just needed you there.
Crushed, I am knowing that we’ve grown to be different people with different views on life and we’re no longer aligned. But, baby, I’ma spin and spin again until we are. Because there’s no nigga in the world who deserves to love you more than I do.


Love Blitz: A Football Romance (The Rookies Series Book 2) by J. Nichole

In a week, Gianna would have walked down the aisle. 
But her life turned upside down. 

She could hardly get out of the bed. But her friends had something else in mind. 
A night out and lots of liquor. A man to make her forget about her cheating ex-fiance. 
She agreed to the night out. To the liquor too. 

But was she ready for the man who came into her life? 

Angelo is a rookie football player. 
He was at the top of his game in high school and in college. 
But in the league, he’s riding the bench. 
Then the starting quarter back gets sacked. 

Can he prove his loyalty to the team and to her? 
He’s going to play hard for both.


Jaxson, The King Who Got Me: The Evans Brothers Book 2 by Miss Jenesequa

He’s the type of man she should be running far away from. A man she has no business getting tangled with personally. And still she wants him and all the intoxicating ways of his wild world.

Giving away his heart was never part of the deal when it came to women. It was only supposed to be about pleasure. Nothing else and nothing more. But he’s in for a rude awakening when his world collides with a woman as bold, assertive and determined as he is.


I’ll Make You Love Me by Shay Davis

Age ain’t nothing but a number until Philomena Brandt finds herself falling in love with someone almost half her age. Jamir is everything she didn’t know she needed, but loving a man who is only two years older than her son causes a mental hurdle Mena isn’t sure she can overcome.

Jamir could care less about the year he was born, the year Philomena was born, or the gap in between. He is determined to show Mena that he is all the man she needs. He’ll make her love him, even if he have to put up with a few of her insecurities. He’s secure in himself and his feelings, and he’s ready to bring the heat.


The Expiration Date : A Billionaire Baby Romance by Kimberly Brown

Audrey Pilar is a master in the art of breaking up. Her friends have dubbed her ritual of leaving men as “The Expiration Date”. Hurt from her past has caused Audrey to protect her heart at all costs, even if it means self sabotage. She’s developed the habit of looking for red flags and it seemed to work for her. That is until she meets Sullivan Santiago. The confident, thirty-three year old owner of Sullivan’s Coffee Tavern is unlike anyone she’s ever met and for Audrey, if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

Sullivan “Sully” Santiago is a man that says what he means and means what he says. His honesty, though sometime brutal, has never been a problem for him until he meets the beautiful Audrey Pilar. The twenty-seven year old professional crafter caught his eye after witnessing several of her gentle let downs in his establishment. Where as most people would see it as a turn off, Sully is intrigued.

When Audrey agrees to a date with him, Sully soon learns that his own expiration date will come sooner than he thought. Unfortunately they are left with a special parting gift that doesn’t make letting go as easy as Audrey would have liked.


Nights We Won’t Regret by Crystal Collier

Sophia and Nixon’s decade-long marriage enters a tough whirlwind of personal ambition, a burning desire for excitement, and a relentless struggle for balance. As Nixon, a dedicated lawyer on the verge of making partner in his prestigious law firm, skillfully navigates the treacherous waters of his career, he starts feeling guilty for neglecting his once-thriving marriage.

Meanwhile, Sophia, the ever-supportive and unwaveringly devoted wife, finds herself unexpectedly caught up in an existential crisis. After years of selflessly taking care of her husband’s every need, she starts yearning for passion, thrill, and for the intimacy she was used to from Nixon.

The allure of an exciting journey calls to her, promising to reveal unexplored territories and ignite her long-dormant passions. However, as Sophia grapples with whether to give in to temptation or remain unfulfilled in what she’s deemed a one-sided marriage, she soon realizes that she may have gotten in a little over her head. Now, the question remains: will they find the strength to weather this turbulent phase, or will their worlds crumble, leaving them gasping for breath amidst the wreckage of regret?


Zorra: The Idea Outlet (Life & Music Book 2) by J.L. Campbell

Never date an entertainer.

That’s what Zorra Dyson tells herself, until she falls for a popular dancehall deejay, Kai X.

A heated argument between them goes viral, and she’s grateful to the guy who intervenes and prevents a bad situation from becoming worse.

Tristan is everything Kai is not, yet she vibes with him. It’s clear he has secrets, and when their budding friendship affects his job and Zorra’s approval rating with her father, she’s forced to rethink their connection.

A decision is easy, until Kai exposes Tristan’s devastating history on stage and hints that she’s the source. Kai’s game of revenge, plus the threat of being disowned by her father is a double-edged sword.

Yet, Zorra’s independence and the dream of a romance with someone who understands her are reason enough to follow her heart. That’s if Kai will let her go without ruining her life and what’s left of her reputation.


So Much Love To Give by Pamela Campbell

Parker is the top Architect at the firm where she works. She felt like she didn’t get the recognition she deserved partially from Sam, the head partner of the firm. She’s furious when Sam hires another architect instead of the one she plans to hire. Parker is not very welcoming to Josiah, but she also can’t deny their chemistry together.

Josiah is single, handsome, and very confident. He is beyond excited when he gets hired at one of the top architectural firms in New York. Unfortunately for him, Josiah becomes the center of some office drama, but he isn’t concerned about that. He has his sights set on his new co-worker, Parker.

When tensions rise, they can no longer deny their feelings for each other. Together, they take a leap of faith that will either work out in their favor or make them regret their feelings for each other.


A Second Bite at Revenge (Unconventional Love Chronicles Book 3) by Tempestt Chantel

Revenge can be a double-edged sword when everyone has something to lose.

Denise Hayes’ shifter heritage has never been a secret. As a half-breed, she skirted the edge of the supernatural world. However, that all changes after she is taken hostage and severely injured. Now the rules are different, and she’s become the unwanted object of attention as she struggles to adapt to the complexities of shifter life.

Denise’s longstanding yet unsettled feelings for Mitch Mercer make it incomprehensible to know where her troubles end and fresh hope begins. Her feelings for the dangerous alpha male are impossible to ignore but terrifying at the same time.

However, feelings were never a part of the plan. Mitch has spent years subduing his emotions toward Denise to keep her safe from his world. Those feelings Mitch once saw as a hindrance also become the saving grace he never knew he needed.

When Mitch and Dense finally give in to their feelings for each other, the passion is hot enough to smolder metal, but his past becomes a roadblock that puts her safety at risk when an old enemy returns to settle a score.

Mitch has never been a fan of loose ends, and his enemy will do anything to gain the upper hand, including the unthinkable. However, Mitch has his own plan for revenge. The stakes are high. Still, vengeance and forgiveness are not the same paths, and only one road will lead to a future where Mitch and Denise can be together. The other road leads to irreversible collateral damage. There will be blood, which will be the least of anyone’s concerns.

This will either be a second chance at revenge or another sick twist of fate. A Second Bite at Revenge is book 3 in the Unconventional Love Chronicles featuring steamy romance and a HEA. This story is not intended for readers under the age of 18. 

Other Books in the Unconventional Love Chronicles:
1: A Second Bite at Love
2: A Second Bite at Hope
3: A Second Bite at Revenge


Elysium: A Black Diamond Vacation Romance (Black Diamond Romance Book 2) by DL White

Finding the greatest love requires taking the greatest risks…
Athena Wilcox leads a solitary life as a travel nurse, committed to her work and her only child. When entrepreneur Vance Griffin sends a flirty private message, she’s intrigued…but conflicted. Casual flirtation soon blossoms into late-night conversations that bring a yearning for more.
A tempting invitation and sensual first meeting sparks hope that the fantasy they’ve been creating could become reality. Both know this is no casual fling, but could an online relationship translate to a perfect real world love affair?
The emerald waters and white sands of Black Diamond will sweep you away with pulse-pounding romance, sensuality, and emotional depth as two lovers begin the second chapter of their lives while discovering what it means to wander together. What started with a flirty message could become a love that stands the test of time.


His Perfect Choice: A Christian Contemporary Unrequited Love Romance (Orange Valley Book 3) by Aminata Coote

He’s loved her from a distance, but she’s too blind to see it. Can he prove that he’s the man of her dreams?

Jessica Smith has always dreamed of becoming a pastor’s wife. But when her dream falls apart, so does her tenuous hold on her faith. When she experiences weakness and fatigue, the last thing she expects is a diagnosis of Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Determined to overcome the illness, she’s thrown into a challenging journey with her physical therapist, Andre Meyers.

Andre has been in love with Jessica for years and watched her chase after someone who wanted nothing to do with her. When he’s assigned as her therapist, Andre sees this as a chance to show her how much she means to him.

As they work together, they must confront their past and discover that God can use brokenness to create a beautiful ending.

Will they dare to take a chance on each other to find their happily ever after? Find out in this heartwarming tale of hope, faith, and second chances.His Perfect Choice is book three of a Christian romance series set in Orange Valley that will remind you that God is interested in every aspect of your life, including whom you fall in love with.


Lost in Liberia: The Vagabond Series by Saharra K. Sandhu

For Tanzy, bad luck follows her wherever she goes. She’s a bit clumsy, horrible with directions and she just lost her job. Perfect solution, create a travel blog and take a trip. Turns out, this is easier said than done, especially when she ends up lost on the wrong side of the world, in the wrong country with the wrong man. She decides to make the best of her predicament by blogging about her adventure, which would be kind of fun if bad guys weren’t chasing her. 

Philip “The Fixer” McKenzie, specializes in the field repair of anything the Agency needs fixing. If it’s broken, he’s called in to make it right. A mix-up at the travel agency sends him racing after the ditsiest, cutest, and most confounding woman he has ever met. She blasts into his orderly life like a comet from outer space. His frozen heart is locked away on a shelf, but she might be the one who can thaw him out.


If It Isn’t Love: Show Me How To Love You by Crystal Davis

Candyce Jones, the hopeless romantic of the Sister-friends trio. Loves all things romance and the idea of a happily ever after. The one problem with her quest for love and happiness is that she has given a man her all with no title or commitment in sight. Not knowing her true place in Bryce’s life has left Candyce broken-hearted with a feeling of being betrayed by infidelity.

Bryce wants what he wants, when he wants it. With no real intention of formally committing to Candyce, he lets her walk out of his life and into the arms of someone new.

Cutting her losses she tries to move on with a man that takes her out of her comfort zone and shows her that he knows her worth. Syllus West lives hard and plays even harder. He never knew he wanted a woman for more than an evening until he met Candyce. Now that he has her, he is playing for keeps.


Remember My Name: A Potomac Falls Novella Book Three by K.L. Hall

There was a heartbeat in time that Indigo believed Donovan could be hers.
That their happily ever after was within reach.
But that was before the stick turned pink, and she delivered the unforgivable news that the baby inside her might not be his.
The worst part? It may be the seed of her sin-soaked husband.
Now that the truth is out, she must answer to her crimes and fight to win back the trust and heart of the man she loves.

Don’s relentless focus on saving his family’s diner and beloved Potomac Falls landmark has led to a dead end. Between the strained relationship with his siblings over the death of their brother, his family legacy up for the taking, and Indigo’s news, he’s reached his breaking point. Although he’s a quarter of a million dollars richer, peace of mind is one thing money can’t buy. Unsure of what life has in store for him next, he finds himself on a downward spiral and makes a split decision that leaves him torn between his past and future.

Trapped in a marriage that isn’t what it seems, Melanie Caldwell learns firsthand that sometimes the ugliest relationships look prettier on the outside. Desperate to mute her pain, she finds herself swept up in the warmth of a strings-free fling that comes with its own set of consequences. When her biggest secret becomes front-page news, it sends the town buzzing. Suddenly, her marriage and her husband’s political career are like ticking time bombs, one wrong move away from detonation.

As the pressure mounts, everyone finds themselves at odds, and soon, the troubled waters surrounding them threaten to wipe out everything they’ve built. Can second chances and forgiveness exist in a city that thrives on gossip, or are these broken hearts beyond repair?


Cum And See Me by Quardeay

They say in life that sometimes what you need in life is usually right in front of you. For resident coffee shop owner and sexually in debt Korri Morrison, the saying couldn’t be more true. With an up and down love life transpiring with her strange acting boyfriend Nathan Walker, she often finds herself more curious as to the ongoings of her upstairs neighbor. Barbershop owner and shameless erotic playboy, Kavelle Nations.

One knock across his door soon takes a contentious relationship at best to an entirely different level of wild. In turn changing both entrepreneurs lives forever and creating a game of hidden lust that neither could’ve ever imagined.


The Blackmons (A Black Cowboy Story Book 2) by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Three months after giving birth to Bleek Blackmon IV, Anastasia was considering going back to the office. She checked in periodically on pending things but mostly she was reveling in being mommy at thirty-eight and Bleek’s wife. The room in her office on the ranch had been converted to a nursery and soundproofed and they had interviewed a couple of caregivers. They were calling him BB4 to Bleek’s delight. Growing up Bleek was B3.

“You’re a greedy little fellow aren’t you?” Anastasia murmured as BB4 fed. Sage and Maria encouraged her to give him bits of cereal and she had but he still nursed ferociously.

“He is a greedy boy.” Bleek said strolling into the nursery. Anastasia’s eyes lit up at him. He was so handsome in a black suit. He leaned over to kiss her before pulling BB4 away into his arms, and nibbling on his chubby cheeks. BB4 kicked his chubby little legs delighting in his daddy. Anastasia looked on grinning. They played several minutes before Bleek sat next to her, their son in the crook of his arm.

“How was your day?” He asked, searching her eyes.

“It was good—am I missing something?”

“Nothing we can’t fix. Let me change and I’ll fill you in, I’m also going to place him in bed.”

Anastasia glanced at their son and he was sleeping soundly tucked under his daddy’s arm.


Are You Still Down by Cocoa

Aside from making it to the NBA, Tipton Sanders only had one other purpose. To be the best man he could be for the lady that held his heart. When unforeseen circumstances arise, Tipton’s path takes an unexpected turn, leading him down a road he wasn’t prepared for.

After her first heartbreak, Honor Charleston has a hard time trusting men. When it comes to matters of the heart, she compares everything to the man she loved first. Just when she thought she’d found her forever, her past comes to the forefront, putting her in a position to choose.

When secrets of the past are revealed, Tipton and Honor are faced with life changing decisions. Will they overcome the hurdles and get that old thing back, or leave the past in the past?


One Summer of Love: A Passionate Forbidden Workplace Romance (Valentine Vineyards Book 2) by Reese Ryan

When a cheery STEM nerd and a no-nonsense CFO work together, opposites definitely attract! Only in the next Valentine Vineyards book from Reese Ryan.

She’s beautiful, competent…and wreaking havoc on his self-control!

Brains and beauty? Scientist Delaney Carlisle challenges all of CFO Nolan Valentine’s professional boundaries—and inspires a passion unlike any other. Their chemistry is as intoxicating as the wine they’re creating. But she’s an employee. She’s off-limits. Not to mention, the determined single mom is only in town for the summer to help turn Valentine Vineyards into a success. Then she’s off to a full-time job and stability. Yet when Nolan finally rebels thanks to Delaney’s irresistible charms, he’ll have to choose between listening to his head and following his heart…


Snowbound Second Chance: A Stuck Together Second Chance Romance (Valentine Vineyards Book 3) by Reese Ryan

Being snowed in with a guest, especially one who’s an infuriating (and sexy) workaholic, puts this innkeeper to the test, in Reese Ryan’s Valentine Vineyards novel.

When #yoga, #meditation, and #serenity become #passion, #fantasies, and #seduction!

Evelisse “Evvy” Jemison has the perfect plan to escape memories of her ex and infuse more positivity in her life: return home to Magnolia Lake and run her sister’s country inn. With enough positive thinking, she might even heal her childhood wounds in the process. 

Contending with the inn’s surly resident, Sebastian Valentine, isn’t part of the plan. After suffering a health scare due to overwork, Sebastian has begrudgingly returned to Magnolia Lake and brought his glass-half-empty attitude with him. Yet when a snowstorm strands Evvie with the sexy CEO, neither can deny their explosive chemistry—nor the ticking clock that will bring their idyll to an end…


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up August 21st-27th

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