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Check out these new releases from August 28th-September 3rd.

When Life Gives You Sunsets (The Energy Series) by Brookelyn Mosley

What if at the very moment you gave up on finding romantic love, you found hope for it over 4,000 miles away? Would you allow yourself to explore that hope to confirm if it’s real or would you let doubt decide for you?

When Clarke Ali encountered Yusuf Baldwin while en route to her vacation in Maui, a misunderstanding quickly forms a skewed first impression. Clarke had just discovered a truth that morphed her newly sprouted optimism from love to jadedness, and Yusuf had experienced a painful loss he convinced himself he would never recover from in his lifetime.

Neither Clarke nor Yusuf wanted anything to do with love again after their experiences with it. To them, love wasn’t worth the effort to pursue. Especially since their love lives had uncovered that forever has an expiration date. But something more powerful, more significant than their island stay, keeps putting them in the same space at the same time. What they do with that time proves that what they’ve discovered in each other isn’t as random as they thought. It may have always been written in the stars.

If they allow it, their chance meetings on the island of sunsets will reveal to them both that painful endings can lead to healing beginnings, too.

Will they be brave together and let what they found in one another play out long enough to see if what they have is real? Or will their aversion to romantic relationships reduce what they’ve unearthed in each other to being just an island fling?


*When Life Gives You Sunsets is book two in The Energy Series. Though it is a part of a series, this story, like book one, is a standalone. WLGYS contains sexually explicit content, profanity, grief, and grieving the death of a spouse.


The Festival by Nicole Falls

“mama’s gotta have a life too, jody…”

aliya harper is a newly minted empty-nester at the ripe young age of thirty-nine. emboldened by her closest girlfriends she finds herself embarking on a “summer of adventure”, armed with a bucket list of experiences and exploits that lead to an opportunity to finally do something about the long-standing crush she’s always harbored for her best friend’s big brother. 



Come Thru: A Los Oceania Love Story (LeFleur Mafia Book 3) by Aubree Pynn

Serenity Allen was looking for an uneventful summer. Her plans included – work, stack her money, and stay unscathed by the hood of Los Oceania. Unfortunately, her brother’s urge to move in and save money puts a dent in her agenda.
Geoffrey Pryor is fresh out, looking to restart life quietly. For him, the game is a slippery slope that keeps beckoning him back to its shore. When a familiar spirit moves across the street and his friend gives him strict instructions, he finds himself going against everything he said he wouldn’t do.
Falling in love in Los Oceania has always been easy with the cool breeze, but does it stay or fade with the wind?


Honey Pot (SHE iS series Book 2) by Marlee Rae

There is something about forbidden love that intensifies the desire…
Following her divorce from her college sweetheart, Melody James finds herself grappling with bitterness and anger. Two decades of marriage and two grown children later, she navigates the aftermath in solitude. In her quest to manage her misplaced fury, she turns to counseling, only to discover a burgeoning attraction to a new man—a relationship she’s uncertain she can indulge.
Enter Westin ‘Wes’ Graves, a handsome and prudent individual known for his sound choices. Six years post-divorce, he’s in search of love but has yet to find the ideal partner. When he unexpectedly becomes drawn to Melody, he confronts an ethical quandary that might yield significant consequences if he chooses to pursue her.
Embark on a journey alongside Melody and Wes, where their forbidden love is examined under the pressures of familial ties, ethical dilemmas, and the specter of Melody’s former husband.


Kane: A Gangster’s Love Story by Talena Tillman

She is a talented and ambitious fashion designer.
He has a notorious reputation as an arms dealer, entangled in a dangerous realm where power and secrecy reign.

Fate brought them together one sunny afternoon. She needed him and little did he know, he needed her more.

From the moment they laid eyes on one another, Kane and Serenity wanted forever with one another, flaws and all. That was before they realized that they were on separate pages in life. Undoubtedly, the two souls love one another deeply. But as time passes, their chosen diverging paths begin to strain their relationship. Serenity’s unwavering dedication to her dreams leads her to make a difficult decision—to move to New York and pursue her career on a grander scale. Their separation is painful, and the distance between them shatters the love they once shared.
Can Kane and Serenity somehow bridge the gap between their dreams and desires to find a common ground? And if so, at what price?
Kane: A Gangster’s Love Story is an urban romance that navigates the complexities of love, the pursuit of dreams, lies, and deception.


Love’s Awakening (Love & Justice Book 2) by Sean D. Young

After the breakup with his long-time girlfriend at a family wedding, Entertainment Attorney, Philip Austin deals with it
the only way he knows how…find another one. He meets the mesmerizing Ramona Love. The connection between them 
ignites instantly, a spark that neither can ignore. They spend the rest of his vacation on the island together and are inseparable, all the time knowing their love affair will end soon. 

Ramona Love, a dedicated Neonatal Nurse and a widow for over five years has been single and celibate since her husband’s
tragic passing. As a scandal threatens to tarnish her son’s future, she turns to Austin Law Group, only to discover that
the man assisting her is none other than Philip Austin – the same man who captured her attention and rekindled her spirit.

Though tragedy made Ramona weary of love, her heart is reawakened by a man determined to not only help her son,
but also offer her a love so profound, it defies her expectations. But a misunderstanding stands to shatter the tender love blooming between them before it can truly blossom.


Playing For Keeps: a bishop family novel by D.A. Young

This not a standalone. Book One in the series must be read first.

He’s a superstar soccer player. She’s an all-star basketball player.

From the moment Adonis Grayon sees Corinne Bishop, he’s smitten with her moves on and off the court. Much to his delight, she reciprocates his feelings. However, growing up in the limelight had made Cori leery of it. Although she’s head over heels for Don, she has no desire to disrupt their groove or go public as a couple. Meanwhile, keeping secrets doesn’t sit well with him due to his painful past.

Do they love each other enough to overcome this obstacle and some outside interference? Or will these two have to learn the hard way that rules don’t apply when you’re playing for keeps?

What You Can Expect:

  • He falls first
  • Good vibes
  • It’s a family affair
  • Sweet-Spicy moments
  • Mature love scenes


Can We Take It Back: A Ridgewood Hills Novelette (Lyrics and Titles Book 1) by M.L. Sexton

Rowyn and French broke up over a year ago, and French will do anything to get his family back. This title was inspired by the song Take It Back by Toddla T.


Fortified (The Blue Series Book 2) by Zakiya

Blue’s saga continues and with new and difficult obstacles presenting themselves.

While fighting the turmoil of grief, she discovers isolation is not an option and the only way to trek is up. Blue learns to lean into life’s moments of pleasure and agony instead of unsuccessfully masking the pain. She finds a new friend to depend on as well as attaining how much she means to those around her which thrusts her into seeing herself wholly. She gets a grip on handling disappointment as she slowly realizes she can control only what she can control and regardless of hard outcomes she remains a powerhouse.

In the completion of her adolescence, Blue finds clarity and a renewal of sorts. A small understanding of the way the world works and an assignment to assist with making it a better place than how she found it.

Fortified is book two of a two book series with the potential to grow.


Insatiable: Ruler of Perfection by AlTonya Washington and T. Onyx

Chisulo Nkosi is a man with several unfortunate tasks on his plate. He has enemies who include his estranged brother- closing in to seize control of a serum whose powers are vast and still not fully understood. Not only that, Kamili Okonkwo-the woman he loves- is the key to stabilizing the formula. It is a fact that could get her killed. None of that compares to Chisulo’s most unfortunate task- he has to tell Kam that she alone is responsible for the brutal deaths of five men- an act she has no memory of.


The Queen’s Beta (Truly Faeted Series Book 2) by Drea C.

As a silent rebellion continues, Rowan Hartwell’s world falls apart. The faerie queen must not only guard her realm but also her heart. An old flame refuses to quell, and Southland realm spirals into uncertainty. Finding alliances is a must, spurring life as she knows it into change. In order to strengthen her kingdom against a looming uprising, she must choose between her heart’s stubborn wishes and a political marriage.

Assigned to gather information on the brewing rebellion, Gabriel Osei, the beta of Eastland’s pack, faces important decisions. Gabriel’s heart and duty are at odds while he contends with the traitor and crucial member of the silent rebellion in Eastland’s dungeon. With his heart in shambles, his secrets forced him and Rowan to part, and his love for her meant watching her from afar now.

With war looming and their love fading, can they defy the odds and find their way back to each other?


I Love to Hate You: An Enemies to Lovers Romance by WS Greer

Most people wouldn’t accuse me of being a good person, but most people don’t understand me. Hell, I’m not sure I understand myself sometimes. All I know is that my life has been a challenge, and the day-to-day grind of all wears me down.
I graduated college with a degree in marketing, and have just been brought on to be an intern at an ad agency. Contrary to the chaos in my home life, things are looking up … until I learn that Kendrick Kennedy will also intern for the same agency.

I met Kendrick just before graduating college, and out of everyone at Temple U, I hated him the most. I hated the way he intimidated people. I hated the way he always spoke his mind with no filter, and I really hated having to admit that sex with him brought out things in me that I never knew were there.

Now that we’re forced to work together, my hatred for him has returned, and so has the fire in my belly that burns only for him. I can’t stand having him around, but as our lives grow even more complicated, the man I loathe becomes my haven and the source of my greatest pleasures. He doesn’t try to put out the flames within me. He fans them, and together we burn hotter than the sun.
We are chaos and beauty combined, and Kendrick just might be the exact thing I’ve been craving this entire time. Now, if only we can get over our BS.


A Song Unsung by TaJ Shamari

Nola Green is a beautiful, multi talented young woman. One terrible loss after another causes her to lock her heart behind an impenetrable wall and has her determined to never fall into the trap of attachment again. Remaining focused on her goals, Nola moves across country to Los Angeles to chase her dreams. Nola manages to successfully avoid long term romantic attachments for some time before a handsome, arrogant playboy appears in her life and shows her that wall isn’t as impenetrable as she thought.
Marley Wilson is a successful tattoo artist and ladies man. Hell bent on being a bachelor for the rest of his life, he runs through women like it’s going out of style. Growing up with two unfit parents is what he blames his behavior towards women on. Marley never had a problem getting exactly what he wanted from women until he met Nola. Her ability to dismiss his advances intrigued him further as she may be the first woman to catch his interest past sex.
When two people feel the same way about attachments cross paths will they be exactly what the other needs? Could something worthwhile become of the toxic pair?


Watch Love Win 2: A New Beginning (Watch Love Win Series) by Diamond Hughes

After six long years, Diamond Smith is back and ready to claim the love she was promised. With a flourishing career, a beautiful home, and the love of her family, the only thing missing is the man of her dreams. Or so she thinks…When a family secret threatens to rip her world apart, Diamond is forced to add fuel to the flame by adding a secret of her own.

In this twisted turn of events, is it even feasible for Diamond to lean on her own understanding and shake the past that doesn’t serve her new lease on life?

Will love evade her once again, or will she grab it by the horns and ride it like a rodeo?

Find out in the highly anticipated sequel to Watch Love Win!


The Referral Program: A Novel by Shamara Ray

From the bestselling author of Recipe for Love and You Might Just Get Burned comes an engaging novel about a group of single women who come up with a plan to try and meet Mr. Right.

Dylan, Ivy, and Brooke are successful, brilliant, confident, and beautiful. And yet, they find themselves in their mid-thirties and very single. Tired of searching for her Mr. Right and finding only Mr. Wrongs, Dylan comes up with a plan to solve all of their single-lady woes.

The plan is simple: Each friend will refer men they already know who would make perfect partners but just aren’t right for them. The ladies must then navigate the ups and downs of dating their friends’ referrals in the hopes of finding the One. But will they actually each find their perfect match, or will the plan cause fractures between them and the men they’ve referred—or worse, among each other?

Funny and sexy, The Referral Program will make you want to delete your dating apps and ask your friends if they’ve known your perfect Mr. Right all along.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up August 28th-September 3rd

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