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Found Love in You by Riley Baxter

Beautiful, single, headstrong, and smart, 34 years old Maya James is the senior recruiter for Stew Bax. Highly introverted, she’s very independent, loves hanging out with her family, and loyal to her inner circle. Men are not currently on her radar since the ones in her past have caused her to put a hold on any romantic endeavors. However, one deep, sexy baritone rattles her senses but she refuses to give him a second look, especially since he’s a janitor at her company. Will Maya’s snub attitude cause her to miss out on a potential good man and her good thang?

Handsome, debonair, single, and passionate, 33 years old Jabari Daniels works as the night-time janitor for Stew Bax. Grateful for his job that finances his livelihood, he’s self-sufficient, loves his family, and don’t play no games. One evening while doing his job, he is remarkably introduced to the love of his life, although she doesn’t know it yet and definitely don’t make it easy. However, her sully dismissal of him and her stank attitude toward him on several occasions has him thinking otherwise. Will Jabari get the message and back up from his pursual? Or will he take on the challenge and get the girl that his heart beats for?

In this funny, beautiful, peculiar, and romantic love story, judging people based off credentials, status, and material things is brought to the forefront. Maya and Jabari ride the waves as their boat rocks, shakes, and bounce throughout different storms in their lives. Read and see how they maneuver the ride and if their coasting is smooth sailing or a crash course. Learn if Maya and Jabari can find love in someone that’s on a different level opposite of themselves.


Vibration (Late Nights & Early Mornings Book 4) by K.C. Mills

As a journalist her life relies on facts.
As a protector his job is to keep those facts hidden.

When lines get blurred and things aren’t what they appear to be, the only thing you can trust is what you can feel.


Grown Folks Confessions: Black Lush (Naughty Season) by Sherelle Green

Layla Payne
Tattoo artist, Ares Hood. He always had the kind of name that was meant for the bedroom. Yet, I wasn’t the type of woman to make it easy for a man. Some might call me a tease, but I like to think I’m just a fast learner when it comes to everything in life … Except him. Ares and his crazy cousins have these naughty days they celebrate, so when I need his help, I’m almost convinced we can be more. As kids, I was infatuated with him. As young adults, I kind of loathed him. Now we’re grown and I’ve got little room for games, especially his kind.

Ares Hood
Interior designer, Layla Payne. Her last name should have been all the hint I needed. Keeping a complication like her in my life is bad for health … And my rep. Funny thing is, I’ve always enjoyed a good chase, and there was none more elusive than Layla. She thinks she has me pegged, but she can’t handle the real me. As kids, I loved her. As young adults, I sort of hated her. Now we’re grown and I’ve got some confessions to get off of my chest.

Do you like your holidays naughty? The Hoods do! However, they don’t celebrate your average holidays. A kinky holiday is the only season they know. For these cousins, nothing says brotherhood like being part of the mess-up crew others assume will fail. Get ready! Naughty Season is upon us.


Sugar by Celeste Granger

He was captured by her magnetic beauty from the very beginning. She was unaware of just how incredibly beautiful she really was. Chantal LaRue, heir to her family’s business throne acquiesced to a request by Miles Malone, world renowned internal photographer, to take a few pictures. Those still photos changed the trajectory of her life in more ways than Chantal could have ever imagined.


Encore by Té Russ

Ava and Jasper have danced around their attraction to one another for the last two years.

What happens when they finally give in?


Guidance by Danielle Allen

When you’re a mental health professional, your job is to take care of everyone else.

But who takes care of you?


Harmony by Bailey West

Madalee Stevenson lived and breathed music. Excited to accept a prestigious music teacher position at RAW Magnet school, she was devastated to learn she’d been moved from the music teacher position to the kindergarten position. Madalee swore she would never forgive the man who took her job.
Tiberius Vesey didn’t plan on being a teacher, but when his grandmother and mother needed his help, he readily accepted the music teacher position at RAW. He didn’t realize he’d made a lifelong enemy by taking the job.
When the kindergarten teacher and music teacher find themselves in a situation where they must work together, will the hostile teachers work in Harmony?


Battles of Love by Mya Kay

It’s been three years since Ellie and Jeremiah got married. Zoe is now eight and things are going pretty good in the Lewis household, especially since Ellie just signed on for a new movie being filmed in Philadelphia. But the good times don’t last very long when Ellie’s old triggers start to resurface as Jeremiah spends more and more time away from home as a new children’s book author. Ellie is used to both of them traveling, but it seems the more he travels, the more distant he becomes.

Even Ellie’s relationship with her father, Destin, is getting better, while it seems her relationship with the two most important people in her life are getting worse. Then, her father tells her something that could break up her family completely – not to mention the director of the new film giving Ellie the attention she’s been missing from her husband.

What will she do when she finds out that her father’s disturbing announcement is true and could cause more problems in her marriage? Will Ellie be able to run from temptation before she destroys everything she’s built? Will Jeremiah be able to say ‘no’ to his flesh in order to honor the woman who has made him a better man? And will Ellie be able to get Zoe the help she needs before she rejects Ellie completely?

Find out in this long-awaited sequel to Storms of Love.


Love Don’t Change: Legend & Rose Marie by Talena Tillman

When Legend was sent upstate to do a ten-year bid, he lost more than just his freedom. He lost his fiancé, Rose as well. Although Rose was willing to ride out the storm with him, Legend had no choice but to let her go. He knew he could no longer be the man she needed behind bars.
When Legend ended things between them, it devastated Rose, breaking her heart in two.
Years later, he’s back. Rose is an #1 New York Times best-selling author, and a lot has changed in her world since she’s last seen Legend.
After ten lengthy years, is the love still there between the two when they encounter one another again? Can they rekindle an old flame? Most importantly, do their hearts still beat as one?


The Quarterback’s Keeper (Desperados Book 3) by Dandridge Monroe

She’s the bad girl.

He’s the golden boy.

It’s a good thing that opposites attract

On the outside looking in Finesse is a bad girl. The kind you don’t let meet the parents. Her music represents the hard life she lived and isn’t ashamed of. In reality, Lyric Maynard is a homebody and exhausted by the constant need to be on in order to keep her demons at bay. One night has her reverting back to the person she thought she’d left behind, forcing her to take a break from the spotlight.

To the world, he’s got everything in the palm of his hands. Perceived an overnight success, Grant Turner rose from relative obscurity and an embarrassing debacle in his personal life, to being at the precipice of his career with a new team.

They shouldn’t have anything in common, and they’re both running from love. When they meet, the attraction is too strong to ignore. They’ve seen the damage that allowing someone in can cause and neither wants to repeat their past mistakes. As their pasts continue to disrupt their present, will they be able to ignore the chemistry between them? When he’s able to conquer everything in his life, will love be the one thing this quarterback can’t keep?


Afrodisiac by Tia Love

Sex. Success. No Stress. That’s Morgan Jenkins’ personal life motto. At 32, the owner of the Philly-based bookstore, Afrodisiac is a vixen and used to having her way with men, making it easy for her to detach when ready. And though many have tried, none have ever succeeded in locking her into a monogamous relationship. Until Gillespie.

The ink has dried on his divorce papers and Gillespie Rodriguez is ready for a fresh start, and a better outlook on life. . . and love. Nothing would make him happier than to end his self-induced celibacy and find a woman to call home, and when Morgan hires him as her landscaper, he’s sure he’s found that home.

Gillespie comes with a lot of baggage and secrets that threaten to ruin any real chance he has for something real with the woman he’s sure God made just for him.

Personal beliefs, old insecurities, and heavy sexual chemistry clash between the two as Gillespie tries to win Morgan’s heart while withholding his truth. Morgan, stunned by Gillespie’s stern refusal to give her sex with no strings attached, vows to make him surrender, but she doesn’t know Gillespie can play games, too.

Find out if Gillespie can unravel the thread on everything Morgan thinks she knows about love, sex, and romance in Afrodisiac.

Hook, Line, and Sink: A Collection of Romantic Suspense Shorts by Wynta Tyme

Hooked on You:

Basil & Dash

For Basil, Sundays hold value. Not only can she relax, but the educated heiress also loves that the day is dedicated to her and her new love. Looking forward to a moment of quiet, Basil is taken aback when she runs into old confidant Dash Sprints, the man she was hooked on for years yet could only admire from afar. Unbeknownst to the old acquaintances, their trip down memory lane may be the last they ever take.
Love on the line:

Peach & Gemie

If you look up the term enemies in the dictionary, there’s a huge chance you’ll find a picture of ex-lovers Peach and Gemie. Despising one another, the two nearly lose it when they’re forced to work together to escape a man-made virus that’s consuming the oil rig they work on. In the midst of their last days, Gemie puts aside his resentment and agrees to help Peach find her husband in the chaos on the rig. Neither has a clue that finding her lost loved one may unlock the mystery surrounding their downfall.

Sinking Love:

Kirby & Navy

One hasty decision leaves Kirby alive but heartbroken. With only herself to depend on, the thirty-year-old must sacrifice everything that comes naturally to keep her son, Relahn, safe. Moving into a new home, Kirby believes a fresh start is the first step to peace. Thankfully, meeting ship captain and self-defense teacher, Navy, restores that theory and reminds the broken-hearted lover she has the right to move on. Nonetheless, her optimism swiftly shifts when the dangers from her past resurface. Will Kirby and Relahn sink under malicious intent, or will Navy provide a lifeline?


Summer Sizzle: A Novella by Donna Hill

Mia Gerald is the owner of a swanky boutique event planning coming. A put-her-company on-the-map opportunity has dropped into her lap, but the problem is, the big 4th of July event is only a few weeks away, and she barely has time to make the impossible happen. Learning of a new luxury hotel she conducts a “secret shopper” reconnaissance mission to check out the venue. What she finds is not only the perfect location but the ultra sexy manager Russell Jackson who makes Mia an offer that she can’t refuse.

The vibe between Mia and Russell is as hot as the July heat that sizzles around them, and they tumble into a hot and heavy affair. That is until Mia discovers that Russell is in business with her ex-Lawrence Halsey. The ex that broke her heart and her spirit by getting caught in bed with her ex-best friend. To add fuel to the fire, Lawrence has his own agenda–win Mia back.

With the big event approaching, somebody has to make a move and quickly. This 4th of July has all the ingredients for major fireworks and promises of forever.

Cover Me : A Parisian Love Story by J. Shanee Byers

Kennedi Bales has a quiet life in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. As an ESL instructor at a major college she has more than enough to keep her busy. Persuaded by her best friend, Kennedi applies for a work exchange program that will allow her to teach in the place known for love, Paris, France.

Henri Croix, an independent contractor that oversees the travel and lodging for incoming instructors has the pleasure of arranging Kennedi’s accommodations in Paris. To his surprise, Kennedi is not just brains, she is a breath of fresh air.
Henri’s past catches him off guard leading to an encounter Kennedi wasn’t prepared to handle. Will Kennedi’s last night in Paris be one of heartbreak? Or will Henri show Kennedi how he has her covered?


Kisses From Paris by Amber Ghe

They bonded over wine and sweet words.

Kane Amore is an incredible, down-to-earth woman studying abroad in Paris. She finds herself troubled by the decision to take the Master Sommelier exam and becomes overwhelmed until she meets Seven Smith, a handsome man with a passion for wine.

Seven takes an instant disliking to another student who tries to bully Kane. He springs into action, offering to tutor her.

She finds Seven is generous at heart and falls for him. But, the pressures of family leave Seven blind to Kane’s affections. Will they ever find the tender love they deserve?
**Kane is a spinoff character from The Billionaire Bae series. Standalone, HEA.**

A Taste For Three by Ro Smith

A Taste for Three picks up where the popular quickie, Pandora’s Box, From Ro Smith’s Little Book Of Quickies: Unfulfilled Desires, left off. Married couple Eve and Chloe are faced with a decision to bring another woman into their home, forming a lovable triad among the three. Eve, new to the polyamory lifestyle, accepts. Soon, Renae, a curvaceous beauty, enters their triad, bringing a fire the women never knew they needed. Life is bliss until one evening, Chloe witnesses Eve and Renae engaged in an act that has left her feeling like an outcast and stranger within her own home. In a split-second decision, a choice is made that leaves all three women wondering where they went wrong and whether fixing it will create more pain and resentment than necessary. A triple dose of love can be a fulfillment of the senses, but overindulging can cause irreversible side effects. Ro Smith has answered her readers’ call by delivering her first standalone book that will surely take you on an emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows.

Ro Smith touches on the taboo subject of polyamory and polygamy in a tasteful, realistic way, bringing a sense of awareness and normalization to the lifestyle. A Taste of Three is contemporary fiction told through realistic dialogue and feelings that can be felt and understood by all who desire an excellent story.

RO SMITH is the author of the Little Book Of Quickies Series, which includes three titles. Little Book Of Quickies: Unfulfilled DesiresLittle Book Of Quickies: Hidden Desiresand Little Book Of Quickies: Lustful Desires.


The Contract by Tanon

How far would you go to save someone you love? What would it take for you to break out of character? Or better yet…how much?

Shaina Richardson was raised to find the positive in every situation. It was a mentality that sustained her through trying times and despite teetering on the brink of breaking, her ability to discover the silver lining kept her smile intact.

However, when her mother falls victim to a life-threatening illness, Shaina struggles under the weight of financial obligations and finds herself ready to cave to her reality. Just before everything collapses around her, she is presented with an opportunity that will save her mother and change their lives for the better. Only one thing stands in her way-her moral code.

As her mother’s health gradually declines, will Shaina hold true to her values regardless of who gets hurt? Or will she sell her soul to save the one person who remains in her corner?

The Contract is a tantalizing tale of love, lust, and loyalty.

Differences by Alicia Weathers-Grey

If you had a second chance, would you make the best of it?


Summer Loves (Summer Shorts 2) by Chiquita

Waverly and Sunny have been friends since their freshmen year of college. They’ve always had this beef with each other and as adults, nothing has changed. Arts They’re still friends and excelling in their careers, but something is missing within both of their lives. An annual summer trip is planned, but things take a turn and somebody’s feelings are left on the shore..


A Distinct Type of Love: The King Brothers Series by Sheena E

Bailey Gardner is a young, successful owner of a nonprofit community center in her neighborhood. She has dedicated her time and heart to create a safe place for the people in the neighborhood. When a baby is left by her car, her life takes a drastic change. Bailey must now decide if she is ready to take on the responsibility of being a mother or helping to get this beautiful baby into a loving home, while also navigating an old friend turned new potential lover.

Jaylen King, successful entrepreneur and owner of his barbershop. He is also dedicated to making the community better just like Bailey. He is determined to get her to notice him as a grown man and not the high school kid she used to know. Just when he gains Bailey’s attention, his life is turned upside down. Battling how to handle this newfound secret while navigating his steps to make Bailey his, will he be able to gain control and merge his two worlds together?


Beloved (Arranged Book 6) by Celeste Stewart

Danita and Jonq have found their rhythm and despite what others may think, their arrangement is working for them. When a spontaneous trip opens their eyes to what’s really holding them back from moving forward with their marriage, they waste no time putting a plan in place to work on their forever. However, it doesn’t take long for them to learn that married life comes with it’s own set of challenges that they’re going to have to figure out how to overcome the same way they’ve done everything else: together.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up August 29th-September 4th

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