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Tattoo Your Name on My Heart by Tay Mo’Nae




Zavion never knew what love was. His mother abandoned him at two leaving him to deal with situations no child should ever have to face at the hands of his father. Forced to grow up sooner than he should Zavion’s heart becomes cold and his emotions void. Now he’s an owner of a popular tattoo shop and he’s still battling scars from his childhood. Unable to deal with his past trauma or allow himself to open up to anyone, Zavion throws himself headfirst into his work and uses women as objects rather than partners, until he meets Samara.

Samara wears a mask that she has no intentions of lifting until Zavion walks into her life. Moving to Butter Ridge Falls was supposed to be a new beginning. After dealing with the painful memories back home for so long she decides it’s time to get her life together and further her career as a tattoo artist. While working under Zavion, she soon learns the two of them are a lot more alike than she would have suspected. Driven by sex and partying, Samara attempts to hide the hurt she suffered long ago until she’s forced to welcome it on her doorstep.

Two souls struggling with intimacy, trust, and relationships.
Join Zavion and Samara on an emotional rollercoaster, that leads them to face their past traumas and learn that there is no time limit to healing.


Crossroads by Kaige Keira

The moment where life’s choices intersect…

Raven Sawyer finds herself at an emotional crossroads…she’s faced with continuing with an ex
or leaving him behind. Her heart says one thing but the logic maybe pointing her in the
opposite direction.

Kassidy Hall finds herself under new management after the love she thought was mutual
altered its course. Will she rebuild her dreams and allow her aspirations to fuel her or stay
broken in various pieces of herself.

The crossroads can lead to the path less taken. Will either of these ladies take the detour or
continue on the road to ruin?


Sincerely Yours (Love in Seattle Book 2) by Asia Monique

Izekiel Holloway was content with his career, the people in his life, and all that came with it.

Until her… 

One look at the self-assured Jonae Martin and nothing seemed right anymore.

In fact, everything seemed wrong.

What he once thought was a solid foundation now had one too many cracks to ignore.

And ignore it, he would not.


Kiss of Fate: A Kiawah Island Romance (Kiawah Kisses Book 3) by Louise Lennox

The Carolina Lowcountry is sexier, because the beautiful Kiawah Kisses rule the Sea Islands with strength, spice, and sass. This summer, each friend will reconnect with a Gullah hometown hero and learn to love again. This is Nicole’s story…

When two lines appear on a pregnancy test, Hollywood’s top casting agent Nicole Mack knows exactly who’s to blame-Ray Baines! They’ve happily hooked up for two years now, so the positive result is no surprise. But it is a problem! Ray is back home on Kiawah Island; the very place Nicole worked hard to ignore after he broke her heart a decade ago.

Hooking up proves she no longer hates him, but she’s still mad as hell.

Ray Baines has terrible luck. He was NBA rookie of the year, before he got hurt. He was the hometown hero before he became a hermit. And he lost the love of his life, Nicole, to foolish pride and an ill-advised marriage ten years ago.

As a matter of fact, the only good thing in his life is Miracle, his daughter, and he refuses to complicate her life. So, when Nicole arrived in town two years ago to support a friend, he cautiously agreed to hook-up and keep things light. But now she’s pregnant and all bets are off!

Nicole Mack is his… Well, at least, she was. If she stops fighting him long enough; she always will be.

Kiss of Fate, book 3 in the Kiawah Kisses Series, is a steamy, small town, contemporary romance featuring a strong, smart heroine and the compassionate and sexy boy-next-door who recaptures her heart. Download it today and get ready to fall in love with your next favorite book boyfriend.


In The Lonely Hour by B. Love

Based on family tradition, Layla and Carlos married right after high school. They both wanted to live a life of travel, luxury, and independence. Neither wanted children, but when Layla found out she was pregnant, her desires changed. Unfortunately, Carlos’ plans didn’t, and the birth of their daughter, Dior, put a major strain on their marriage.

When Dior decides she wants to make a friend when she starts high school, Layla enlists the help of Andres Martin—a well-known advocate and aide for children and teenagers struggling with Autism on any part of the spectrum. Technically separated, Carlos uses this as an opportunity to permanently remove himself from Layla and Dior’s lives, however, he doesn’t plan on the jealousy he feels watching his family be helped and led by another man.

Andres makes it his mission to not only help provide structure and support for Dior, but he also reminds Layla that she’s not just a mother, she’s a woman too. A woman whose need for love, affection, validation, and security has been unmet. As Layla finally accepts divorce as their only option, Carlos decides he’s ready to fight for her. Will she give her husband a second chance or accept the love Andres provided during her loneliest hour?


Throne of a Pharaoh (Crowne Legacy Book 5) by Sherelle Green

Ever get reacquainted with someone who made you become the hardened person you are?

She walked into the room like she owned it, demanding that I pay attention before she even voiced a word. When faced with the brown beauty, I almost forgot my number one rule: Trust No One. It’s something I remind myself daily. We all have an addiction and if I’m not careful, she’ll become mine. I can’t afford any distractions right now, especially when my latest obsession has secrets that can do more harm than good.

He has every reason to be uncertain about me and yet, I can’t help but be drawn to him in every way. How he speaks. The way he walks. The fact that all eyes are on him when he’s in their presence. I can’t recall a time in my life when I wasn’t running from something, and not always by choice. I don’t want to crave him like plenty of women already do. He’s a Crowne. We’d never work. So why can’t I seem to remember that fact whenever I’m near him?

Please Note: Throne of a Pharaoh contains sex, violence, and profanity. Before reading this story, it is recommended that you check out the first books in the Crowne Legacy series.


The Point of It All (The Love Connection Book 3) by Sean D. Young

Tina Webb had given up her dreams of becoming a primo ballerina that pirouetted in front of an audience of hundreds of people long ago. Having a beau to share her life with was a lost cause too. So, she poured her heart and soul into her dance studio. Instructing young girls who still held onto their dreams, in hopes they could see them realized the way she hadn’t. When she receives notification that she has to move her studio, and potentially lose all she worked hard for, she doesn’t know who else to turn to but attorney Alex Simmons. He’s shrewd, brilliant and more handsome than any man had a right to be. He was also one of the most intolerable people she had ever gotten the pleasure to meet. And yet she needed him.Will sparks fly or will they explode?


Gloves Off by Mel Dau

Sometimes, life hits you with obstacles that cause you to take your gloves off and fight a different kind of fight.

Hemi and Prue have been rocking for a while now, but what happens when fear of true commitment threatens to tear it all apart? A new set of currents have hit their waves, and both will need the strength of many to keep it together… Whether they keep it together separately or as a couple.

Surf on the waves that are the Leota Clan to see where the current takes Hemi and Prue.


Between the Lines: A Friends to Lovers Romance by Riley Baxter

All hell breaks loose around me in a span of two short years. I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. I wanted–no, I needed—something familiar to balance out the crazy that has become my world. I didn’t realize that what I needed, or should I say who I needed, but he comes in a remarkably familiar package. He is my support system. He is my stabilizer. But can he also become my lover? Am I ready to cross that point of no return?

It’s crazy how life can take you on a journey that you didn’t expect or foresee. The back-to-back events that push me deeper into Nefertiti’s world cause me to imagine an eternal placement in her life. She is my best friend. I hold her down through thick and thin. What I didn’t consider are the feelings lying dormant within. It is time to move us to forever if she lets me.

Can best friends become lovers without incident or damage to their bond? Find out if Amaury can convince Nefertiti to blur the lines.


Cougar Summer by Tiye Love

Anya St. John is still single, childless, and about to turn forty. Frustrated with her current status quo, she swears off men with no future. Determined to spend the next six weeks in Costa Rica alone to celebrate her birthday and finish a romance novel, she also plans to engage in much-needed self-reflection. What she doesn’t expect is to be temptingly attracted to her host, the intoxicatingly hot and much younger Zacarias Garcia who can’t possibly offer her a future, or can he?


Irreconcilable: Volume 1 by Deja Elise

In this collection of sensual short stories and novelettes, these ladies are career-driven, live in full color and are flawed AF. They may not be very good at playing the love game, but it doesn’t stop them from trying: 


They say business isn’t personal, but that’s exactly where it went when Dell and Angel fell out over three years ago-and there was no love lost. When a women’s business conference brings them to the same place, Angel finds out forgiveness comes easier when you’re willing to get on your knees.


Hopelessly single and wounded by a string of toxic past relationships, Asha Miller has given up on love. When she finally allows her professional Match-maker friend to hook her up on a blind date, who shows up to dinner is completely unexpected…in more ways than one.  Decisions are made, but they’re not all the right ones.


Dawn and Kelsey are in a sexless marriage on the brink of collapse. As a last-ditch effort to restore their broken relationship, their therapist suggests they go on a marriage retreat hosted in the Bahamas only to find themselves caught in the middle of a bigger storm than the one they brought with them.


Overachiever, ad executive Shanel Sparks is obsessed with the new Art Director at work, too bad the feeling’s not mutual. She’s not used to being outside of the cool crowd, and as things quickly fall apart for her, she learns the hard way that not everyone thinks she’s as hot as she thinks she is.


Morgan is determined to get her anti-monogamy girlfriend to put a ring on it even though she already knows, ‘Tina don’t do monogamy.’ Despite Tina’s contradicting words, she’s taken matters into her own hands. She’s manifested everything else she’s wanted in her life, her career, house, travel, and now love. Marriage is no exception.

Add this collection of novelettes to your ‘In-Between-Reads-List.’ Please read responsibly : )


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up August 30th-September 5th

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